About Rona Fried, Contributor to “Renewable Energy Facts and Fantasies” – Activism and the Media in Clean Energy

For 14 years, Rona Fried has worked hard to tell an important story: there are numerous, potentially profitable businesses and investment opportunities built around sustainable living practices. Her website, SustainableBusiness.com boasts over 100,000 unique visitors per month – each coming to learn more about this exciting subject. The interview here was the book’s chapter called “Activism and the Media in Clean Energy.”

Sustainable Business started in 1996, as one of the first websites at the dawn of the Internet. At that time, the state of the industry was completely different than it is now; it was fairly small, fragmented community of people spread around the world that were interested in this. What was most useful about using the Internet at that time was its ability to find people all over the planet who were not connecting with each other and bringing them together.

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