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You may have noticed that I sometimes take controversial points of view in what I write here at 2GreenEnergy. And when I take on an issue like the morality of the oil companies, the validity of cold fusion, or the corruption that Big Money perpetrates on our government, you’ve probably seen that I get comments that range from “brilliant/right on!” to “you’re a fool/get lost.”

I’m perfectly cool on all feedback, positive and negative.  There are some super bright people hanging out here – far smarter than I know I’ll ever be – and I’m the better for their corrections and confrontations. It would be quite an uninspiring place if we all agreed on everything, and I’d be learning very little.

If you happen to be someone who loves dealing with the issues in a well-reasoned way, regardless of where you stand on the politics, economics, and the science that surround the world of energy and sustainability, you may want to consider contributing an occasional article. Now that we have the new site up and running smoothly, please take a moment and note the guest-blogging link at the bottom of every page. If you have opinions, observations, rants, or simple matters of fact you wish to contribute, I urge you to take the opportunity to do so.

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One comment on “Contributing Articles on Clean Energy
  1. Jim Milller says:


    EVs have had a place in our economy for years, despite the battery issues, only the Radcons who control the auto and oil oligopolies are just now beginning to figure out how to profit from EVs. Just think, if you as a “one-bottom-line for-profit only” company were to consider the real problem, you would fight EVs as long as you could.

    The real problem is obsolescence of assets and technology dedicated to the infernal combustion engine. The auto and oil industries have trillions of dollars invested in thermal engines and they don’t want to “waste” those assets by taking them out of production or selling them for developing countries to use.

    Also, the time-money-consumer acceptance issues slow all progress. As an example, the Ricardo engine, still under development, runs on any liquid fuel from kerosene, gas, diesel to cooking oil.

    We have millions of pumps to accommodate gas and diesel. Propane, which is much cleaner burning, is usually only found in government and utility vehicles. Only a small percentage of consumers are “early-adopters” willing to spend the extra money for an EV — a typical example of the auto industry “creaming the market” before lowering the price for us masses.

    So that explains the extreme resistance of auto/oil oligopolies to improve our air, water and land and to prevent the huge environmental costs from negatively impacting their one-and-only bottom line.

    Jim Miller

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