Video: Unique Approach To Hydrokinetics

Here’s a video in which I speak to a unique approach and capability to hydrokinetics that applies in particular to large, predictable ocean currents like the Gulf Stream and the Mozambique Current off the coast of Eastern Africa. As I freely admit, there is no such thing as a free lunch, by which I mean all attempts at renewable energy come at an ecological cost — and ocean current is no exception.  Having said that, and having studied more hydro-related ideas than I can count, I believe these guys have come across something extremely promising.

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One comment on “Video: Unique Approach To Hydrokinetics
  1. Frank Eggers says:

    Hydrokinetics could turn out to be practical, but it is too soon to tell. The mechanism could become fouled by marine growths, including barnacles, that would be exceedingly difficult to remove and make the system impractical. There may be solutions for that.

    Probably there would be an ecological cost, but all energy systems have an ecological cost.

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