Webinar: Aeroponics and Locally Grown Food

In April’s webinar we delved into the subject of aeroponics, a cutting-edge technology for growing produce in a carefully orchestrated mixture of air, water, and minerals.

The relevance to renewable energy? As energy becomes scarcer and as our climate changes as a result of our use of fossil fuels, the possibility of growing shortages of both potable water and food looms in the not-too-distant future. Aeroponics offers the capability of growing large quantities of nutritious, organic produce with a minimum of resources.

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One comment on “Webinar: Aeroponics and Locally Grown Food
  1. Frank Eggers says:

    Aeroponics looks as though it has potential, but there are some things which perhaps require more research.

    The plants are fed nutrients from an aqueous solution. There has been concern over the nutritional value of food plants grown in soil which is kept fertile only by artificial fertilizers. Should the same concern apply to aeroponics? Can we be sure that the nutrient solutions contain everything necessary to maximize the nutritional value of the plants grown?

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