2GreenEnergy's Latest Webinar: Smart Grids, Smart Cities

Here’s July’s webinar, which I conducted the other day with Jesse Berst, internationally known technology and business analyst, founder and chief analyst of  Smart Grid News.com, and founder and Chairman of the  Smart Cities Council. I hope readers will check this out, and discover what Jesse means when he says that the council’s motto is “Livability, Workability, and Sustainability.”

Not to give anything away, but livability means less congestion, pollution, crime, and expense, with more housing options, more convenient services, and more educational opportunities.  Workability translates into one-stop permitting, cheaper, cleaner energy, reliability and resiliency, state of the art connectivity, public WiFi, fiber to office, school, and home, as well as smart traffic lights, roadways, and parking spaces. Sustainability, according to The Climate Group, means that smart city technologies can save 15% of emissions and $900 billion a year in energy by 2020.


From Smart Grids to Smart Cities

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  1. Thanks Craig, for keeping us all informed in a timely manner.

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