Ah, Come On — Can’t the Earth Be an “After Planet?”

Ah, Come On -- Can’t the Earth Be an “After Planet?”Today is the anniversary of the first well-known UFO sighting in 1947, a good time to ask readers to ponder the most obvious question related to this phenomenon: Are we alone in the universe?

Dr. Michio Kaku, the ubiquitous physics professor and author, thinks that we aren’t; in fact, he classifies extraterrestrial civilizations according to the source they use to generate the energy they need.  A Class I civilization derives its energy from its local star, where a Class II civilization (as I recall) somehow pulls energy out of its entire galaxy.  While this way sounds a bit wild for some people to take seriously, considering our current lack of any experience with beings from other worlds, it carries with it an important implication, i.e., we’re still a “Class O society.”

Having said that, we’re tantalizingly close to a big, fat promotion.  The U.S. grid mix is about 5% solar PV and wind (both of which come from the sun), and this figure is growing every day.  While 5% isn’t huge, it’s certainly worth talking about.  Note that almost all of it has come online over the very recent past, and, further, that it’s poised for exponential growth.

Think for a moment of the ads we see for weight loss, hair restoration, and home improvement that feature “before” and “after” photos.  I offer the following two camera shots to show the appeal of becoming an “after planet,” i.e., a Class I civilization.

We’re knocking on the door; let’s get it done.



 photo Cleantech-rocks-1_zpsbb40d893.png


 photo SF_Japanese_Garden_zps4a57c745.jpg

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5 comments on “Ah, Come On — Can’t the Earth Be an “After Planet?”
  1. Rico Reed says:

    Living in the most solar state (Hawaii) it is still a wonder that we are the only ones that require at least solar hot water on every new residence and we are among the very few that give a 35% solar tax credit. A big slow down here is the private utility that claims their run down grid can’t handle interconnected solar and they’d rather pay their CEO nearly 4 million dollars a year than invest some of that in infrastructure. There is a movement towards a Public Utility district take over but I expect as slow as things change, better batteries will result in stand alone systems for the rich and higher bills for the poor instead.

  2. Read as far as Michio Kaku’s name then decided I must be wasting my time.

  3. James Beyor, CFO for Vortex SeaDrive.US says: We need energy efficiency now. in as much as we ponder our rather questionable future, we might be encouraged to undertake a new vision as Craig had defined in his new book of SAVING this planet from greed based failures. If we as living breathing creatures have evolved, will evolve, is in bio-fact, through a chemical-biological threads based in and of a serious balance of which we as symbolic replicants are seriously trapped in a demeaning process for endemic iconic systemic modeling. Are we not a fabricated all or nothing player-blame based dissemination that is actually set up for human failure and the processing of all human beings on earth.

    Are we a test planet for the universe? Most certainly……as our proof is in the bio-fact we can EVOLVE at will. We are a dimensional creature [five to the fifth power creative wisdom from a learning, central voice, a FEELING center NOT enslaved to a binary disorder raised in 3000 year of fear based legalism, called the KINGS edict of OR-ELSE empowered player rights. How many UN-holy political tyrants Inquisitions must we face before we are merely a product of term based modeling, our agreement process and the sins of the world embedded in our empowered Tierney. Are we given to a commercial implied slavery realm world wide? The will to to failure is as yet greater than our inner creature feeling direct knowing to capitulate. time is come to awaken form our binary icon state and get human real.

    Craig sees this clearly as well as others who venture wisely upon this concerned and very insightful panel..

    A physiological madness, coupled with new courageous Avatars is coming our way; and that has to come to head off what will be seen as a biblical proportion curse set long ago. we are reliving a deep psychological iconic black sleep daily. We must addressed and confront the EMPOWERED FEW who rule by pretense of made up INTENT, the curse of mankind for over 2500 years and the source of all sins of and in this artefactual symbolic world. NOW is Time lock down. The point of no return is being set upon us. We need to wake up NOW. Our hard and fast binary numb-down attitudes of…”let some one one else worry about it.” is passed. We are not so arrogant that nature can easily slap us down.

    We, at SeaDrive Systems Corp, are doing our part to make water-way travel lest costly, marine creature friendly, lower carbon emissions and believe it or not, a virtually wake free propulsion system. we have our third test postings which show this very unique feature. Our new patent pending Vortex SeaDrive will certainly impact on the much needed fuel savings fishing industry and the family boating circuit. We need your help and support just as Craig does to bring our world back for a very necessary healing process. We not alone, ever…..Want to actually know WHO the feeling direct knowing/integrated you really is? Make fear your friend, question, ask WHY, and do not allow into you head, as a source enemy based blame, when in biological fact we are facing a serious neural decrepitude from our latent binary-psychological design …..lol, james

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