Maintaining Democratic Principles Is Important

Maintaining Democratic Principles Is Important A commenter notes on the U.S. government leak that cost National Security Adviser Michael Flynn his job: It’s interesting to see the left cheering on the intelligence community, thus abandoning its principles when doing so helps them achieve their agenda. 

I have to admit that he’s right about many people in the anti-Trump camp abandoning their principles in order to push him out of office.  Brilliant and highly-decorated journalist Bill Kristol tweeted: Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.

As much as I loathe Trump, the fact is that he was duly elected, and I don’t condone removing him with dark and patently illegal means. Trump is catastrophic for the American democracy, but this stuff has the potential to be far worse.

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7 comments on “Maintaining Democratic Principles Is Important
  1. Breath on the Wind says:

    Here is an on point interview that expands on the dangers of empowering the “deep state:”

  2. Glenn Doty says:

    What “principle” is being abandoned by trying to maintain sovereignty? No foreign government should have undo influence in the governing officials of this country. It’s part of the definition of a sovereign country.

    Seeking to ensure this isn’t abandoning democratic principles. It’s just respecting one’s own country.

    • craigshields says:

      If the “deep state” is conducting itself outside the law, perhaps violating 4th Amendment to the Constitution, I don’t think that’s a valid means to the (very good) end of getting Trump out of office.

  3. Devin Morrissey says:

    There are plenty of valid reasons to critique Trump. However, I think a bad case of confirmation bias is preventing critics from behaving rationally. Petty scattershot complaints are less effective than consistently calling him out for truly dangerous policies. Trump is aware of this. This is why he paints himself as an easy target on Twitter. Every time he tweets something slightly inflammatory, the media gets distracted with less significant issues for several days. He knows how to play the media.

  4. Breath on the Wind says:

    It is the nature of the “deep state” intelligence communities to operate outside of the law. If not the law of the US then the law of other sovereign nations. Political campaigns and corporations have similar operatives. In society we find an additional corollary in various “mafia” organizations.

    There is a whole suite of names that describe the various tactics employed by such media savvy organizations. To some extent we can trace back their history to the OSS in WWII but the origins are likely ancient and deep seated in the human consciousness.

    It is their purpose to “win” at all costs even giving up valid and externally honorable means. They are the cheaters of society and we have been giving them increasingly more power.

    We employ them because it seems like a short cut. We employ them for the same reason that it is hard to resist lying or someone providing the answers to the next test in school. It is because we are focused on the results and don’t appreciate the intrinsic benefit of getting there.

    But complete rule by such organizations would be anarchy. Civilization by definition is organization. People and organizations need a framework of rules. Too much of the rules, too much organization stifles freedom. Too much anarchy destroys civilization.

    Using the “deep state” involves a risk and a sacrifice. The object must be worth the risk. Some feel as though that is presently the case. Chuck Schumer and Joe Scarborough seem to be close to this perspective, perhaps for different reasons.

    An argument could be made that if what you are seeking is a more stable government then perhaps it is best to avoid inherently unstable means. A lot can be cast aside if you are only concerned about a specific usually near term goal.

  5. Silent Running says:

    That was a good explanation for this situation and its different possibilities Breath on wind.

    Trump is doing his best to play the different forces off against each other it is Style . Lots of Deflection and Distraction and Denial .

    We are being played its just a matter of how many are playing us.

    it is not lowering our standards to recognize that the Dark Deep state may be employed to correct this growing problem of a dysfunctional leader. Just understanding that they know more than we are allowed to know right now.

    I think it is more a matter of wanting what is good for the entire country as the End Game. Not kow towing to the Deep state or turning our Principles aside it is just wanting decisive measures that may need to be employed to Preserve Order . protect the Integrity of our system.
    Now the national guard talk is subsiding-some trump spokesman says they will not be needed for the roundup action planned.

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