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Experts in Business Strategy for New Technology

Experts in Business Strategy for New Technology

Craig Shields, Editor 2GreenEnergyMany clients have needs that extend outside Craig’s areas of personal expertise, e.g., IP protection, grant requests, and advanced engineering. In order to enable 2GreenEnergy to address these requirements, Craig has assembled a team of professionals whose strength covers a broad spectrum.

Kathryn Alexander: Corporate Sustainability

Kathryn-A-029_smlKathryn Alexander offers 2GreenEnergy clients a variety of sustainability training and consulting services. She and her team at Ethical Impact L3C, who collective have over 150 years’ experience in the industry, bring the advantage of strategic sustainability to companies through collaborative strategic planning, backcasting to create a strategic environmental plan, and leadership development to ensure a committed and robust culture. The team helps companies achieve the rich rewards gained by mimicking the Earth’s elegant approach to effective business practices.

Doc Barham: Executive Coaching

Doc BarhamDoc Barham is a cutting-edge “change expert” and coach for many of the world’s most exceptional individuals and organizations; his list of clientele includes Fortune 500 CEOs, professional athletes, entertainment celebrities, Oprah Winfrey Network, Oprah.com, Zappos.com, NASA, and many more. Doc adds a new and critically important capability to the ever-growing set of 2GreenEnergy Associates; we’re pleased to have him here.

Sara Biddle: Renewable Energy Grant Writer

Sara Biddle writes grants for 2GreenEnergy clients in small business and agricultural production who may be looking for funding from government entities, utilities, or private foundations. Sara’s background makes her a perfect fit for this position; she earned her Master’s in Environmental Law and Policy from the Vermont Law School, then began working in the solar industry, where she focused on residential sales, grant writing and some renewable policy work. Sara continues to work in solar, now in commercial sales.

Vicki Brace: Renewable Energy Grant Writer

Vicki Brace has been actively involved in alternative energy and green technology for the better part of 30 years. Along with her passion for the environment, she brings over 25 years of experience in grant writing, proposals and submissions. She holds a BS in Political Science from Linfield College (Oregon), a Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Northern Kentucky University and she is currently working towards her Ph.D. Her husband Mike (a senior R&D engineer) proves to be a very valuable resource in the area of technical proposals. Vicki writes EPA grants, DoE and EERE/APRA-E grants, as well as grants from private foundations.

Ken Chan: Establishing Cleantech Companies in China

IMAG0066_2Ken Chan helps 2GreenEnergy clients develop and build successful cleantech and renewable energy companies in China. Ken has worked in businesses in Australia and Asia for more than 35 years, and is quite well connected with China’s NDRC’s Department of Climate Change and other Environment Protection Agencies. Ken establishes companies, sets up joint ventures with strategic partners and investors, and trains management teams to operate successfully for local and export markets, often taking companies to markets they never knew existed. Trained in Germany, Ken had worked successfully with US, UK, German companies in his early years

Jana Collins: Publicity for Green Products

jana collinsJana Collins provides our clients a unique approach to public relations, with campaigns that fit any budget. During the past 30 years, Jana has worked for numerous A-List celebrities, and, more to the point, green technologies companies. Jana has placed her clients and their products in almost every nationally distributed publication, every major television network and every top-rated cable station, including; ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Discovery, Nat Geo, “E”, HGTV, DIY Network and many others, with shows as diverse as The Today Show, Nancy Grace, Doctor Phil, Dateline, Good Morning America, This Morning, 60 Minutes, Entertainment Tonight, CSI, Law & Order, 20/20, Ghost Adventures, as well as a number of big-budget motion pictures. Always professional and personable, Jana Collins is a publicist with a firm finger on the pulse of today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Kevin Cullina: Applying the Principles of Corporate Sustainability to Industrial and Commercial Real Estate

Kevin CullinaFor more than 27 years, Kevin has been providing advisory services and strategic expertise, including brownfield redevelopment (mitigating the devaluation of impaired property), as well as portfolio realignment across international markets. Kevin’s clients include Adobe, eBay, Shell Oil, Comcast-NBC Universal, Bank of America, Symantec, the FAA and Los Angeles County. His work for Crate and Barrel in Tracy, CA resulted in a LEED-Gold certification for its adherence to best-in-class building strategies and practices.

Agostinho Miguel Garcia – Renewable Energy Project Consultancy

Agostinho Miguel GarciaFor 2GreenEnergy clients in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Mr. Garcia and his partners at Sun Business Development provide a wide rage of business and technical services, including feasibility studies, EPC project support, field layout optimization, cost-reduction and power output maximization, evaluation and selection of suppliers, project life-cycle analysis, as well as maintenance and service.

Andrew Grant – Senior Biomass Engineer

Andrew GrantAndrew has vast experience in building, developing, and operating biomass plants that produce both power and chemicals. He helps 2GreenEnergy clients write specifications and contracts for both major equipment and complete facilities. Specialties include performance guarantees, trouble-shooting, and optimization of operating facilities.

Dr. Peter Lilienthal: Hybrid Power Optimization Analyst

Peter LilienthalDr. Peter Lilienthal is arguably the world’s foremost expert in hybrid power optimization, and stands ready to help 2GreenEnergy clients who wish to design and implement such systems. The software that he and his team created – initially at NREL — has been used by over 36,000 energy practitioners in 193 countries.
Dr. Lilienthal was the Senior Economist with the International Programs Office at NREL from 1990 – 2007. He has a Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and has been active in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency since 1978. His work has included designing and teaching courses at the university level, project development of independent power projects, and consulting to industry and regulators.

Rory Maddocks: Executive Placement: Renewable Energy/CleanTech

bmarshRory Maddocks is Vice President for the Americas of top-end executive recruitment firm GQR Global Markets, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney. 2GreenEnergy clients appreciate Rory’s unique approach and capability in filling C-level and engineering management/staff positions within their companies. Rory and his team have a profound understanding of renewable energy in all its various forms, and share an abiding passion for its importance in our world today.

Brent Marsh: Doing Business With China

bmarshBrent is a 27-year veteran of manufacturing, marketing and implementation of clean tech, currently working on his sixth energy-related start up. He began making wind turbines in Taiwan in 1984, and, during the 10 years he lived there, gained fluency in Mandarin. Currently, Brent helps 2GreenEnergy clients navigate the challenging but promising waters of dealing effectively with China: selling products, raising capital from Chinese public sector agencies and private investors, developing relationships with manufacturers, and establishing sales channels in China.

Jim Martin: Behavioral Marketing

Jim Martin Jim is keen on helping 2GreenEnergy clients grow to their fullest potential with the expertise he has developed in behavioral marketing — the art and science of getting people to take action favorable to a product or service. Areas of specialty include Advertising, Promotional Marketing, Event Marketing, Sponsorships and Partnerships, Interactive Marketing, Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, and Lead Follow up and Sales Conversion. During his distinguished 25+ year career, Jim has held senior management roles at some of America’s leading product development, design, and marketing communications organizations, including Ogilvy Action, The Interpublic Group, and Young & Rubicam – each NYSE-listed corporations.

Todd McDonald – Online Marketing, SEO and Social Media

todd_mcdonaldTodd writes, “When the old mixes with the new, something happens. When business practices of old, built as they were around respect, loyalty, and integrity in relationships combine with the latest in digital marketing savvy and technological know-how, you find yourself in a place the business world has never seen before.” Todd helps 2GreenEnergy clients arrive at this terrific new world — and he’s intensely good at it.

Lindsay Oliver: Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures

loliverLindsay Oliver advises 2GreenEnergy clients on the structuring and implementation of business partnerships and joint ventures. If you’re interested in expanding your business to global markets, while reducing your costs and increasing your production capacity and profit margins, please let us know. Mr. Oliver’s expertise lies in finding suitable partners, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, negotiating, and structuring international joint ventures. Lindsay maintains an impressive network of global associates that provide intimate knowledge of market conditions and practices, as well as regulatory requirements.

Annemarie Osborne: Public Relations

2GreenEnergy’s senior writer, producer and publicist, Annemarie brings over 25 years of experience working with visionaries and thought-leaders in multiple disciplines to launch new business models and develop new markets. She develops innovative communications strategies, which expand far beyond traditional public relations to include original content and program development, multimedia production, and global content distribution.

Terry Ribb: Customer-Centered Strategic Marketing

Terry Ribb Green technologies are adopted first by those who aspire to protect the environment. By developing a profound understanding of customers’ eco-centered lifestyles, we are able to fashion a marketing strategy that parallels the true unmet needs of each segment, and communicates how your technology makes a real and practical difference in the individual’s daily life. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you identify early-adopter segments, and design marketing strategies to attract and retain target customers.

Mary Jo Shaub: Renewable Energy Grants for Agricultural Businesses

2ge90Mary Jo Shaub helps 2GreenEnergy clients in agricultural businesses who are interested in exploring their renewable energy potential: solar, utilization of farm waste, and energy efficiency. 20 years in the business has proven that reducing a farm’s reliance on power from the grid creates significant savings. Since the financial aspects of these projects can be intimidating, Mary Jo writes grant proposals and assists with loan applications.

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