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Advocates of Clean Energy Innovation

We see the tough realities that innovators face – the political, economic, and technology trends that, when fully understood, influence clean energy business strategies. We know a good idea when we see one, and do what we can to move it forward. To learn more, start with these resources:

Experts in Business Strategy for New Technology

We help innovators find the right industry positioning, avoid hyper-competitive, low-margin business scenarios, and launch clean energy businesses for maximum impact and profit. This often means developing strategies regarding IP protection, market research, public relations, business partners, manufacturing, technology licensing, and distribution – followed by a marketing strategy to generate demand and revenue. To learn more, start with these resources:

Specialists in Matching Clean Energy Start-ups with Sources of Investment Capital

We prepare and connect entrepreneurs and investors. We help entrepreneurs prepare their business plan and investor presentation. We help investors review clean energy technology and opportunities. When we see a fit, we make the introduction. To learn more, start with these resources:

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