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People Love Teslas–For Several Different Reasons

When American car-buyers were given 12 different criteria for making their purchase, “performance/speed” ranked a healthy fourth (behind price, fuel economy, and style). Perhaps this figure may be tailing off slightly as baby boomers age and tend not to care

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No One Knows Where Trump’s War on Science and the Environment Will End

As we have discussed previously, estimating the cost to the environment associated with the Trump administration is an impossible task.  For one, it’s a moving target, in that it never stops–and it will never stop, for a great many years

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A Contributed Post: Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Bags

The world of modern convenience has made life easier, but has also taken us away from thinking about our choices in many situations. Everything we do has consequences, but the conveniences brought about by modern technology and advancements have helped

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Should We Tolerate Intolerance?

It’s said that man is basically good, i.e., that most people are kind, helpful, productive, and sane individuals, perfectly capable of living harmoniously in society.  Those who hold this belief, however, are forced to adopt some theory that explains things

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Saluting Two of the World’s Great Movements

On this date in 1920, American women won the right to vote, as the congress ratified the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  This is a wonderful example of our civilization’s progress driven by scores of of dedicated people, working

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Thought You’d Seen Every Conceivable Position on Climate Change and its Mitigation?  Nope.

Here’s a radio interview that aired yesterday with British MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who appears likely to take over control of the Conservative Party from PM Theresa May.  There are lots of wild things to be learned about this gentleman, but

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Renewable Energy Saves Lives, Dollars

Doesn’t it always feel good to get a bargain?  Don’t we have greater affinity for the possessions we acquired at some fabulous discount than those for which we feel we might have overpaid? Well, good news: this same good feeling

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Neo-Nazis: Are We Overthinking This?

We all struggle to understand the neo-Nazis.  Is this some form of mental illness, exacerbated by mob rule?  How do these people consider themselves a “master race?” Is this a genetic mutation gone horribly wrong?  The result of bad parenting

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What’s New at the EPA? Actually, It’s Impossible To Know.

What do we know about what’s happening in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the leadership of Scott Pruitt?  Well, the whole thing started when Pruitt was appointed to the position purely because of his tenacious and lifelong opposition to

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Costa Rica Takes the Purest Joy in Setting Records for Environmental Stewardship

Who doesn’t love Costa Rica?  With an educational system ranked 20th in the “Global Competitiveness Report 2013–14,” described as of “high quality,” a literacy rate of 94.9%, and a healthcare system that ranks essentially the same, the country’s natural beauty is hardly the

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