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U.S. Ranks First in Some Amazing, If Disturbing, Categories

As far as I can discern, Americans are unique in the world for their capacity to vote against their own interests. This is not some weird speculation; it’s a subject that has been thoroughly explored by people a heck of

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Examining the Paradigm Shift To Renewable Energy

When I look at photos of U.S. cities taken in the early 20th Century, I like to guess the year before I look at the caption–and I’m almost always correct within a few years.  How?  The ratio of cars to

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Rabid Devotee of Fossil Fuels To Lead the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality

If you think Trump’s picks to develop and implement environmental policy couldn’t get worse, looks like you were wrong. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Kathleen Hartnett White will lead the Council on Environmental Quality, which helps create and implement national

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Love the Outdoors, But Need To Charge Your Phone?

Going camping or canoeing and want to make sure you can get the 0.005 kWhs required to charge your cell phone?  Well, you have a few choices: a) Pack in this device I just came across, the Waterlily, a two-pound

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When It Comes To the Environment, China Is BIG

China sits atop the world in most important environmental categories. 

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Lots of Good Stuff Happening in Nuclear

Nuclear energy enthusiasts should be happy to see so much research and development going into this space.  There are several different directions nuclear seems to be headed, one of which is smaller, modular reactors that can be deployed to provide

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Gutting the Environmental Protection Agency

In response to my post yesterday on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s purge of scientists who refuse to toe the line of the fossil fuel industry, frequent commenter MarcoPolo writes: (EPA Administrator) Scott Pruitt, like everyone else in the U.S.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Undergoes Purge

The concept of a “purge” implies the removal all elements that may act to impede the progress of a ruling authority. The most famous examples in recent history have been the USSR’s Joseph Stalin, who imprisoned and executed citizens accused of

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EVs and the Grid Conference

Whenever I attend an energy conference, I introduce myself to dozens of strangers, never knowing what experience I’m about to encounter.  Though very few of these handshakes turn into relationships that last longer than a short one-time conversation, virtually every

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How Would-be Inventors Lose Credibility

Here’s an email I just received from a Greek citizen now living in China, who writes: After 15 years of scientific research I completed the construction of a wind turbine model with an extremely high efficiency and operation at very low

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