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Renewable Energy: How Much Storage Will It Take To Get There?

It’s both important and fun to look down the road and see where the migration to renewable energy is taking us.  What will it take to get to 80% penetration of wind and solar?  How much storage is necessary?  What

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Our Civilization’s Impact on the Environment

Through a magnificent coincidence, I found this fabulous video cartoon summarizing humankind’s impact on planet Earth just a few days after we celebrated Edvard Grieg’s 174th birthday earlier this week. You’ll immediately recognize the ominous crescendo in the theme (“In

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Hydrogen-based Transportation

The video linked here is a promotion for the hydrogen-based Toyota Miria.  Here are a few comments on its claims: It’s for the philosopher; it’s an ode to living.  

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The Politics of Coal: Here’s an Interesting and Entertaining–Yet Factual–Source

The top American comedians whose fodder is U.S. politics include household names like Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, and John Oliver.  Now, I’ve heard these people themselves warn audiences: this is not a valid way to find and ingest news; this

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Human Existence: It’s Icy Cold Out There, But That’s OK

If the 109th birthday of French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre isn’t a good time to discuss the meaning of life, it’s hard to imagine what would be. I agree with Sartre that we live in a universe that is completely indifferent

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Can We Get To 100% Renewables?

This sounds like an important question, doesn’t it?  After all, we know that the consumption of fossil fuels is causing a huge amount of damage to our environment and our physical health.  No one with any sense denies that we

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Understanding the Merits of Renewable Energy as Civilization Edges Closer to a Precipice

Senior energy analyst Glenn Doty wrote the following to a commenter who challenged the validity of renewable energy from a financial perspective and referred to those of us who are concerned about climate change as “alarmists.” It’s so solid and

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U.S. Participation in the Paris Accord on Climate Change Mitigation Will Survive Donald Trump

In many cases, my rants on the damage being wreaked by the Trump administration are met with these reassuring words from friends and colleagues: Calm down, Craig. Trump’s power to destroy our civilization is far more limited than you think.

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Pro-Nuclear People Have Interesting Ideas

It’s been some time since I’ve mentioned the pro-nuclear online group of which I’m a member.  I find these people interesting because of their strange enmity towards renewable energy; most of them harbor the mistaken belief that the entire renewables

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With This Level of Impact, Is It Still Correct to Refer to Renewables as “Alternative” Energy?

March of 2017 saw solar and wind contribute more than 10% to the U.S. electricity grid mix for the first time in history (up from 8.6% in March 2016). In a very short period of time, renewable energy has gone

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