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Top Renewable Energy Author/ Consultant/Investor Evaluates Cleantech Business Concepts Free of Charge

As the old saying goes, “Businesses are like babies: fun to conceive, but hell to deliver.” And in cleantech, there’s an excellent reason this is true, according to best-selling author, business consultant, and investment coordinator, Santa Barbara, CA-based Craig Shields. 

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Environmentalism: Taking It Back To Basics

There are about 8,000 blog posts here and about 19,000 comments on them, some of which get pretty far out into the weeds.  Accordingly, now and then it may be a good idea to discuss the simplest, most basic concepts

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Why Biofuels Are Failing

2GreenEnergy super-supporter Cameron Atwood writes: “As a species, we do a fairly good job of cultivating and harvesting grain energy to distribute as food. In your estimation, what are the core technical factors are that currently prevent the scale up

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Conference on Algal Biofuels Sounds Interesting, But….

If I weren’t so frugal with both my money and my time, I’d probably go to this conference on biofuels.  I’m curious to know how far this subject has come. It’s good that the focus is still on algae; if

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Take a Cool Guess—The Fun Quiz on Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability. Today’s Topic: Carmakers’ Investment in Electric Transportation

Question: How much money in US dollars have the world’s auto OEMs invested in EVs?  What percentage of that comes from Germany alone? Answer: Can be found at Clean Energy Answers.

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All Americans Really Want Is the Next Shiny Object, and There Is No Rule Saying that It Has To Be Ignorance and Hate

Maybe it’s a good time for us Americans to ask ourselves: What are we good at? As suggested by the pic here, basic competence doesn’t seem to be a defensible response to that question.

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Climate Change Mitigation and Negative CO2 Emissions

Here’s an article that discussed devices that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. As we all know, the concentration of CO2 in the air now, 410 PPM, is probably greater than it’s been at any time in the last 3.5 million

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“Never Be a Spectator of Unfairness or Stupidity. The Grave Will Supply Plenty of Time for Silence.”

People who speak up about injustice can count on taking heat for it from mainstream society. Particularly in the U.S., we’re pressured to go along, have a few drinks, root for our hometown’s football team, and for God’s sake: stop

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Renewable Energy Has Won the Battle, But Not the War

Many readers have correctly noted that 2GreenEnergy has taken on a more political tone as the years have gone by. The reason is summed up in my most recent book: Bullish on Renewable Energy, and in this article in Forbes.

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As Solar and Wind Prices Continue To Fall, Markets Become Less Attractive

According to the Energy Society: Renewable energy prices have become competitive around the world:

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