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Derailing the Energy Discussion with Meaningless Facts

Nuclear power

A well-meaning reader quotes some figures from energy industry author Robert Bryce: Nuclear 300 hp/acre Nat gas 288 hp/acre Solar 36 hp/acre Wind 6.4 hp/acre Corn ethanol 1/4 hp/acre From what I’ve seen, Bryce appears to have made his fortune

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Craig Shields to Speak at Vanguard University's Environmental Sustainability Conference

Vanguard University

I invite readers in Southern California to Vanguard University in Costa Mesa on February 4th for their annual Environmental Sustinability Conference, at which I’ll be speaking.  They’ve given me 20 minutes with another 10 for Q&A; I’m on sometime in

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Global Warming — A Quick Overview

Global warming

When people ask me to explain my position on global warming, I normally assert what I’ve learned from the interviews I’ve conducted, while politely acknowledging that I’m not an expert on the subject.  I also point out that the specifics

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World History, Energy Policy, and Sustainability

Earth from Space

I hope everyone will take five minutes and watch the incredible video linked here, in which the genius Hans Rosling summarizes 200 years of world history. When you get finished picking your chin up off the floor in utter amazement

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[The Vector] Electric Vehicle Watch — Ford's "Focus Electric"

The Vector hopes readers follow Ford Motor Company and note how it is guaranteeing its relevance in the 21st Century. First and most obviously, we like the way it cooly turned down government bailout money, then turned a $2.7 billion

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World Energy — Where Are We Going?

Energy Policy - Where Are We Going?

I think we’re all a bit curious about the ultimate disposition of the energy industry – both here in the US and around the globe.  In the States, 49% of our electricity comes from coal, and the penetration of renewables

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[The Vector] CODA – An Oddity in the Electrical Vehicle Space

One generally considers that people with a lot of money are smart; after all, it was Aesop who told us 2500 years ago: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”  But some of us are having difficulty understanding how

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2GreenEnergy's "Media" Page

Warm thanks to 2GreenEnergy co-founder George Alger and website superstar Adam Battenfield for their work on the new “media” page, which is intended to present my capabilities as a public speaker or TV/radio guest on clean energy.  Wow, guys!  I

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Renewable Energy – "Energias Renovables" in Spanish

Occasionally I check the analytics on the 2GreenEnergy site to see where our traffic is coming from.  I was delighted to see that we got over 100 visitors the other day from a site that doesn’t have a word of

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National Irresponsibility in Energy Policy — It's Contagious

Australia Floods

It’s a frustrating time for those of us who follow the international energy news and try to get the big picture on the slow migration to renewables. The biggest single problem, of course, is that we live on a planet

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