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Government Investment in Algae as Fuel

ARPA-E (The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Administration – Energy) is investing an average of about $600K into each of 18 projects associated with algae as fuel.  They write: Today, nearly all domestic biomass produced for electricity generation

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Transportation Fuel: The Last 120 Years

From my colleague Fred Roeschke: Very little-known fact about Henry Ford:

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: How Modern Technology is Making Automobiles More Green and Clean Than Ever

Some people might see a car as simply a mode of transportation that gets you from one place to another, but the truth is that a car is an expression of the driver. At the moment, more people are looking

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Despite Opposition, the U.S. Military Is Flying High with Biofuels 

Here’s an article that reminds us of an important aspect of the U.S. military: these people take energy security very seriously.  They refuse to allow the availability of oil to be a necessary condition to safeguarding our country. Their main

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Biofuels Made from Bacteria

Here’s a good article on the production of propane using E. coli bacteria. The thing to keep in mind here is the conservation of energy. 

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Car Bumper-Stickers Provide Insight Into the Political Make-Up of the Community

A few times a week, I take a run on a beach here in Santa Barbara, and I’m always amused by the bumper-stickers on the cars in the parking lot.  To get the joke of the first one, you need

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California Carbon and Low Carbon Fuel Standard Summit

Each year, I attend somewhere between 10 and 15 conferences on energy and the environment, sometimes as a speaker, but always as an active participant in meeting people and encountering new ideas and cleantech business plans. It’s also important to

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Note on Algal Biofuels

Here’s the latest installment of my colleague Jon LeSage’s Green Auto Digest, which includes a fairly full treatment on algae biofuels.  He believes they’re at a critical juncture as a viable clean transportation fuel, and writes: A few years ago, algae

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Does Biodiesel Have a Future?

Victoria Marugg writes:  Hello, Craig. I have a burning question for you that flared up again with today’s NY Times article which is off-handedly praising a new bio-diesel plant in Hawaii.  Please clarify for me and others… Doesn’t the burning

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Adventures in Biofuels

A colleague asked for my two cents’ worth on Joule Unlimited, a biofuels company that taps into the strength of cyanobacteria. I spent some time on their website and have the following to report: There’s nothing theoretically impossible about this,

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