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Why Biofuels Are Failing

2GreenEnergy super-supporter Cameron Atwood writes: “As a species, we do a fairly good job of cultivating and harvesting grain energy to distribute as food. In your estimation, what are the core technical factors are that currently prevent the scale up

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Conference on Algal Biofuels Sounds Interesting, But….

If I weren’t so frugal with both my money and my time, I’d probably go to this conference on biofuels.  I’m curious to know how far this subject has come. It’s good that the focus is still on algae; if

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GTL (Gas To Liquids) Technology

Here’s a note specifically meant for chemist/senior energy analyst Glenn Doty, my go-to guy for questions of this nature.  I thought I’d post it here, since other readers might be interested. Glenn:  Do you mind looking at this for a

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Green Energy Digest Reports on Waste to Energy

From today’s Green Energy Digest: During the LA Auto show, Toyota announced that it will using animal waste from the state’s Central Valley to power clean cars and trucks such as the Toyota Mirai and hydrogen-powered semi trucks currently being piloted at

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Synthetic Fuels in the News

2GreenEnergy has had a long-running interest in helping a company called Doty WindFuels enter the synthetic fuel market; in fact, they’re on our “clean energy investment opportunities” page.  The company, based in Columbia, SC, has a proprietary multi-step approach that

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Government Investment in Algae as Fuel

ARPA-E (The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Administration – Energy) is investing an average of about $600K into each of 18 projects associated with algae as fuel.  They write: Today, nearly all domestic biomass produced for electricity generation

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Transportation Fuel: The Last 120 Years

From my colleague Fred Roeschke: Very little-known fact about Henry Ford:

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: How Modern Technology is Making Automobiles More Green and Clean Than Ever

Some people might see a car as simply a mode of transportation that gets you from one place to another, but the truth is that a car is an expression of the driver. At the moment, more people are looking

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Despite Opposition, the U.S. Military Is Flying High with Biofuels 

Here’s an article that reminds us of an important aspect of the U.S. military: these people take energy security very seriously.  They refuse to allow the availability of oil to be a necessary condition to safeguarding our country. Their main

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Biofuels Made from Bacteria

Here’s a good article on the production of propane using E. coli bacteria. The thing to keep in mind here is the conservation of energy. 

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