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Lots of Stuff Happens As Ice Melts on Earth–And None of It Is Good

What happens as the Earth warms? Well, farmland turns to desert, storms worsen, the sea level rises (as 24 cubic miles of ice melts every year in the Antarctic alone), and the oceans lose their capacity to support most animal

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More on Melting Glaciers

In response to my post on the disappearing glaciers in the eponymous national park, family friend Shawn Price (pictured with his adorable daughter Annie) writes: It does seem odd that a glacier that has been around for 10,000 years suddenly

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Renaming Places and Things Is Sometimes Cause for Sadness

In general, renaming places and things on this planet shouldn’t be particularly disturbing to anyone: progress militates that Mt. McKinley, Bombay, Burma, Ceylon, Dahomey, Rhodesia, etc. all lose their names to support our more modern sensibilities.  But certain places require

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Great Video on Ocean Currents

Here’s a short but wonderful video created from images from NASA’s Goddard Space Center called “The Way the Oceans Move.” As you’re watching it, ask yourself: Shouldn’t this be called “The Way The Oceans USED To Move?”  Rising ocean temperatures,

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The New French President Has a Message for U.S. Climate Scientists, and It’s Deeply Humiliating for All Americans

What is the take-away from the Macron landslide victory in France today? Of course, we can all breathe a little more easily that the election result represents a complete rejection of fascist and xenophobic values.  But barely more subtle is

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There Are Only Two Types of Climate Deniers–And You Don’t Want To Be Either One

A skeptic comments on my post re: yesterday’s Climate March in which I mentioned that Pakistan saw temperatures of 122F in April.  He mentions that all this hub-bub is not about science, but about “short-lived publicity.” I wish he were

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Scorching Hot Day for the 2017 Climate March in Washington D.C.

Climate March 2017 took place in Washington D.C. earlier today, and in over 250 “satellite” venues across the country and around the world. A couple of hundred thousand protesters voiced their outrage at President Trump’s planet-killing energy policies in the

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In the Constellation of World Problems, How Important Is Climate Change Mitigation?

2GreenEnergy megasupporter Cameron sent me this piece, explaining why climate change is the most important story in the world today. Before the election of Donald Trump I certainly would have agreed, but now I’m not as certain.

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What Compels Dr. James Hansen to Sound the Climate Change Warming Alarm?

Here’s eminent climate scientist James Hansen’s recent Ted Talk on global warming.  I’m not sure there’s anything new here in terms of the data themselves: the imbalance of the Earth’s heat energy is 0.6 Watts/square meter, 20 times the rate

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ExxonMobil–Climate Change Case Takes a Step in the Right Direction

It appears that the prosecution of ExxonMobil for defrauding investors by lying about climate change has taken a turn for the worse for the oil giant, as their attempts to have the case moved from New York to Texas have

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