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No One Knows Where Trump’s War on Science and the Environment Will End

As we have discussed previously, estimating the cost to the environment associated with the Trump administration is an impossible task.  For one, it’s a moving target, in that it never stops–and it will never stop, for a great many years

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Thought You’d Seen Every Conceivable Position on Climate Change and its Mitigation?  Nope.

Here’s a radio interview that aired yesterday with British MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who appears likely to take over control of the Conservative Party from PM Theresa May.  There are lots of wild things to be learned about this gentleman, but

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The Prospect of Mass Death from Global Warming Forces Us To Ask Important Questions About Who We Are

The 3500 deaths of heat that occurred in Pakistan and India in the summer of 2015 are a terrifying harbinger of what our world will be like by the end of the century if our civilization fails to take effective

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Looking Critically at Al Gore’s “Hypocrisy”

Apparently, Al Gore lives large, and lugs with him a huge personal carbon footprint wherever he goes; we’ve been hearing about this more or less constantly since his 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” became a considerable box-office success.  In fact,

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The Anti-Science Mindset and Climate Denial

Here’s an article that speculates on the psychology of climate denial, i.e., the mental processes that enable people to disbelieve the science on this subject.  A few thoughts as  you read through this: 

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IBM Means Business, Addresses Climate Change with a Wealth of Technologies

Here’s a cool advertisement from IBM (former client of mine) that leads with the existential threat of climate change and closes with the corporate icon’s set of solutions–some of which date back decades. The Fortune 50 really understand what climate

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Studying the Rate of Ice Loss in Antarctica

For all you geologists who study the macro-effects of climate change, here’s a recent article from Science Magazine on the loss of ice in Western Antarctica.

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From Guest Blogger Ian Craft: Could Water Pumps “Refreeze” The Arctic?

Whether you keep abreast of global issues or not, chances are you will be aware of global warming and the threat that it poses to our planet.  Polar ice caps are rapidly melting due to steadily increasing global temperatures, and

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How Much Do We Care About the Costs of Climate Change?

Here’s a scholarly article published a few days ago in Science Magazine on the cost of climate change, whose authors, from the Stanford School of Public Policy and the Nicholas Institute at Duke University, have taken into account a great

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From Guest Blogger Bobbi Peterson: The Relationship Between Climate Change and Natural Disasters

No question or debate exists about whether the planet’s global climate is warming, it simply is. Meteorological data shows that quite clearly. Some people may argue the cause of it, but no matter who or what is causing climate change,

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