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George Will on Climate Change

A friend writes: Back on July 31, 2015 you posted about “Even the Elites Can’t Escape the Global Community, Living As It Does on One Small Planet.” You mentioned going to your next college reunion in June 2017.

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Identifies Strange Coincidence

From Energy Matters: “Natural disaster” Noun, def:  A “weather or climate effect that causes at least $1 billion in damages” (on a relative scale).

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The World Governments Confront Sea-Level Rise

A colleague from the Bay Area writes:  Craig, Few people noticed the approval process for the San Francisco Giants project to build housing on ocean-front property they own near AT&T Park.  They have added this: “Another change is that the

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Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Provides Some Interesting Options

Here’s an article suggesting that microgrids, powered by renewable energy and energy storage, are a good idea for the rebuilding Puerto Rico’s grid after Hurricane Maria.  There are certainly some points to like about the idea.

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From Guest Blogger Devin Morrissey: Maintaining Parks and Wildlife Preserves After a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have caused billions of dollars of damage to the infrastructures of both Texas and Florida. An unfortunate casualty in the aftermath of these natural disasters is the destruction of parks and wildlife refuges that are intended

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Climate Change Will Eventually Cause a Horrible Epiphany: Certain Parts of the World Will Soon Be No Longer Habitable

I just Googled “caribbean uninhabitable,” wondering if I could be the only person on Earth who believes that climate change will eventually render that part of the world unable to support human civilization.  We’re now learning that it could take

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One of Many Reasons It’s Not a Good Time To Be an Oil Company

What’s going to happen as the Earth warms, the sea-levels rise, and storms batter the East Coast of the U.S. with ever-increasing ferocity?  Well, for one, damages, measured in the tens or hundreds of billions of dollars per storm, are

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From Guest Blogger Devin Morrissey: The Need for Social Reform in the Face of Climate Change

Technology alone isn’t going to save humanity from the effects of climate change. Headlines claiming otherwise might make for great slices of clickbait, but they aren’t being entirely truthful. While new technological innovations this year like increasingly affordable solar panels

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Are There Areas In Which Scientists Simply Can’t Be Trusted?

Astronomers have discovered over 2000 exoplanets, some of which have a startling resemblance to our Earth.  Cancer patients are twice as likely to survive for a decade or more than they were 40 years ago. Today, your cell phone has more computing power in

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Today’s Climate Deniers Come in Exactly Two Forms

My post, “Most Congressional Climate Skeptics Simply Haven’t Come Out of the Closet,” offered some harsh words on the integrity of congressional climate skeptics, including: I seriously doubt there are more than a handful of true climate deniers in Congress; I think most

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