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In the Constellation of World Problems, How Important Is Climate Change Mitigation?

2GreenEnergy megasupporter Cameron sent me this piece, explaining why climate change is the most important story in the world today. Before the election of Donald Trump I certainly would have agreed, but now I’m not as certain.

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What Compels Dr. James Hansen to Sound the Climate Change Warming Alarm?

Here’s eminent climate scientist James Hansen’s recent Ted Talk on global warming.  I’m not sure there’s anything new here in terms of the data themselves: the imbalance of the Earth’s heat energy is 0.6 Watts/square meter, 20 times the rate

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ExxonMobil–Climate Change Case Takes a Step in the Right Direction

It appears that the prosecution of ExxonMobil for defrauding investors by lying about climate change has taken a turn for the worse for the oil giant, as their attempts to have the case moved from New York to Texas have

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Science Is Indifferent To Our Beliefs

We’ve all heard the aphorism: “Physics doesn’t care what you believe.”  Here’s a wonderful case in point: the U.S. Department of Energy has banned the use of the term “climate change.” It can’t get any more asinine than this, can

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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gets the Facts Wrong. Wow!

Those looking for an early clue as to the nature and purpose of Scott Pruitt’s role as Administrator of the EPA should check out this piece from FactCheck.Org, analyzing what he said recently on ABC’s “This Week,” in explanation of

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Trump Administration Systematically Destroying Scientific Proof of Anthropogenic Climate Change: Orwell Only Missed It By 33 Years

If this doesn’t scream “1984” into your mind, it’s hard to know what will.  We’re talking about the systematic deletion of government data that supports the theory of human-caused climate change. Ask yourself: How much longer until we hear that

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Be Inconvenient; Speak Power to Truth

I hope you’ll check out the trailer (below) to the upcoming movie on climate change mitigation and environmental stewardship more generally. If nothing else, Gore’s right that this is an incredibly exciting and important time to be alive. Think about

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England Wants To Know What’s Up with Americans

2GreenEnergy super-supporter Gary Tulie writes from his office in Buckinghamshire (near London–pictured), England:  Hi Craig.  I hope you and your family are in good health. I can see you are busy writing about renewable energy, and against the current extremes

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U.S. Meeting Paris Accord Targets–This Week Anyway

Good news.  Ironically, the U.S. is currently on track to meet its targets associated with the Paris Accord on climate.  Note the emphasis on “currently”; based on what’s happening in the EPA, the U.S. clearly has no intention on staying

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Bill McKibben and the Bioneers Know What It Takes To Win Humankind’s Most Important Battle

Though this portrait might suggest otherwise, Bill McKibben may be the least militaristic person you’ll ever meet.  He’s dedicated his entire adult life to establishing a sustainable way of life for everyone here on Earth, both now and into the

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