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Climate Change Mitigation and Negative CO2 Emissions

Here’s an article that discussed devices that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. As we all know, the concentration of CO2 in the air now, 410 PPM, is probably greater than it’s been at any time in the last 3.5 million

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From Guest Blogger Devin Morrissey: Facing the Realities of Rising Air Pollution

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking about environmental concerns in abstract terms.

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Trump’s Position on Climate Change

We’ve all seen Donald Trump’s tweets that use the snap of cold weather in the Eastern U.S. to ridicule the idea of global warming, and we’ve seen how this is immediately attacked as “ignorant.” 

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Top 10 Modes of Dealing with Climate Change

Who  doesn’t love a good “Top 10” list? Here’s a video that presents the 10 best ways to deal with climate change and other forms of environmental degradation. 

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The Birth of a Trillion-Ton Iceberg Isn’t Celebrated

In most cases in our human experiences, births are regarded as blessed events, as a bouncing baby boy or girl is brought into the world.

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New Paper on Climate Change, Published This Month in “Nature”

A friend sent me this piece on a paper published in Nature suggesting that the effects of climate change could be far worse than most scientists predict. I respond:

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The Melting of Greenland’s Ice Sheet Is a Complicated Matter

As we’ve discussed frequently here, the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet is an extremely important, though infinitely complex and dynamic component in the environmental destruction caused by global warming.

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Climate Change and the Battle To Control Your Mind

Here’s a wonderful article that lays out the history of climate change denial, while discussing the current state of affairs, i.e., how huge economic and political forces seek to obfuscate the truth.

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When It Comes To Climate Change, What Do You Believe?

Here’s a video on climate change, featuring EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s remarks that it’s inappropriate to talk about the connection between climate change and natural disasters like hurricanes.  Pruitt, of course, is a climate denier.  The video concludes, “What do

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Trump’s War on the Environment Is a Yawn

Donald Trump is dropping climate change from the list of threats to U.S. national security, a move bound to please his dwindling base of a) the rich and b) hateful people/morons. (Note to Trump supporters: If you’re not sure which

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