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U.S. Participation in the Paris Accord on Climate Change Mitigation Will Survive Donald Trump

In many cases, my rants on the damage being wreaked by the Trump administration are met with these reassuring words from friends and colleagues: Calm down, Craig. Trump’s power to destroy our civilization is far more limited than you think.

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Live from Hartford, CT

Craig Shields, reporting from Hartford, CT, the home of Trinity College, where the class of 1977 is celebrating its 40th reunion.  Thrilled to be here.  The attendance at events like this is self-selecting; those who aren’t able to have a

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Climate Change Is Measurable

Here’s a great video on how scientists actually measure climate change (as opposed to merely running computer-based models). I suppose the ideal audience for this is climate deniers who have an open mind and are receptive to ideas that challenge

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Rand Paul Vs. Climate Science

A reader sent me this piece in which U.S. Senator and 2016 presidential GOP hopeful Rand Paul rips into a scientist who warns of possible mass extinctions if we continue along our current course re: gloabl warming.  Rand said: “The

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More on Trump and the Climate Accord

A reader asks: Craig, have you read the entire Paris Climate Accord document? I did! …..  It’s incredibly vague…. Why not step away from just spending money and maybe just maybe renegotiate the terms?   

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With its Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, the U.S. Parts Company with the Civilized World

As we learned to our horror yesterday, the U.S. has again elected to make itself the pariah of the world, this time with its decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. But is there any reason to be surprised? 

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The Implications of the U.S.’s Dropping out of the Paris Accord

It comes as no surprise that those living outside the U.S. do not view our nation and its people with the same reverence as we Americans do ourselves. And this is by no means a new phenomenon. From Wikipedia:

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Worried About Climate Change? Relax.

If you’re concerned about the ultimate impact of climate change on the Earth and its people, there’s no longer any reason to worry.  A member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Tim Walberg (R-Mich.) told a constituent last week that

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Climate Change Poses a Threat To Our Civilization’s Protection Against Climate Change

I’m sure most readers are aware of the stronghold called the Global Seed Vault, built about a decade ago and maintained with international cooperation in the arctic permafrost to enable humankind to regrow about one million species and cultivars of

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Lots of Stuff Happens As Ice Melts on Earth–And None of It Is Good

What happens as the Earth warms? Well, farmland turns to desert, storms worsen, the sea level rises (as 24 cubic miles of ice melts every year in the Antarctic alone), and the oceans lose their capacity to support most animal

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