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ExxonMobil Chose Poorly

Here’s an article that combines two elements of 20th Century Americana: news and poetry.  It’s the Pulitzer Prize winning story of ExxonMobil’s decision to bury the truth about climate change and an allusion to our most beloved poet (Robert Frost),

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The War on Climate Science Heats Up

Re: the meme to the left here, Senior Energy Analyst Glenn Doty notes: It hasn’t been 97% for over a decade… it’s now ~99%.  The only “skeptics” left in the denialist camp all receive heavy funding from fossil fuel companies, or

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Arguing the Science of Climate Change

A self-described conservative on Facebook admonishes a fellow conservative who had majored in broadcasting in college and is now telling the world that climate change is a hoax:  I think those of us on the right make a mistake when

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Trump and Climate Change: A Unique Relationship

On yesterday’s post on global warming, frequent commenter MarcoPolo notes: “Climate change has been occurring since the creation of the planet.”   This is true, but irrelevant. Equating a phenomenon that’s occurred over 4.5 billion years to one that’s happened

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Consensus on Climate Disruption: What We Must Do

As mentioned, Cameron Atwood sent a series of political memes he created, including the one below on climate disruption. I wish there were a way to communicate this concept to everyone on Earth; it’s certainly one that I sneak in

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Everything’s Good for Somebody (Something)

  At 2GreenEnergy, we don’t back off from tough topics like runaway climate change and the hundreds of millions of climate refugees that will come as a result—or ocean acidification, or loss of biodiversity, or the decay of human health

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The Truth on Climate Change: Get It While You Can

I never thought it would come to this, but it is with urgency that I ask readers to check out this FAQ section on climate change, presented by NOAA, the (U.S.) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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A Strange Thing Happened Along Our Evolution as a Species….

If you’re looking for the single oddest quirk of humankind,  you can’t throw out the fact that, year after year, as the sea ice melts, and another high temperature record is broken, large swaths of the U.S.population shrug their shoulders

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Climate Change Mitigation Is Going Forward—With or Without the U.S.

Here’s an important, if fairly general, article in Science Magazine written by (or for) U.S. President Barack Obama that offers good news: climate change mitigation is gaining strength and is, at this point, irreversible. The author makes the point that I’ve

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Evidence For and Against Climate Change

In response to my piece called On the Climate Change “Hoax,” a commenter writes:  Not a global warming fan.  I lived in North Dakota for 2 winters. Minus 30F will remove all thoughts that anything is warming up. I’ve heard

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