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From Guest Blogger Ron Robbins: Four Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

With the rise in energy costs year after year, it’s no wonder why homeowners are looking for ways to save on their monthly energy bill. Whether you’re taking these measures to the extremes or just trying to take small, precautionary

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: Environmental HVAC–How to Go Green with Your Home Heating and Cooling

You want to live in a comfortable house, but you also want to reduce your environmental footprint. The key is to go green with your HVAC system. Go Efficient

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From Guest Blogger Diana Smith: The Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is the best power-saving solution when it comes to illumination. Not only does LED light save energy, it’s also the most eco-friendly way of illumination today. Traditional lighting will without a doubt be completely replaced with this amazing

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Why Are We Saying Goodbye To Consumer Choice in Energy Efficiency?

It’s hardly news that the Trump administration is doing its level damnedest to dismantle the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  And it’s easy to guess why, given the president’s chummy relationship with the entrenched energy interests, which have traditionally fought

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From Guest Blogger Bobbi Peterson: How Spring Cleaning Can Mean More Energy Efficiency

It’s finally starting to be warm out on a regular basis. That means spring is almost here, and lots of people are getting the itch to clean up. Since this is the time of year when everyone wants to clean

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Energy Efficiency Solutions Are Attractive to the Heart and Mind, Though Not the Libido

Long-time 2GreenEnergy supporter Brian McGowan sent me this piece on heat exchangers for the home. I responded: I think it’s cool that you’re into stuff like this, unsexy as it may be.

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Can 3D Printing Technology Make Energy Usage More Efficient?

While 3D printers used to only be found in universities and high-tech innovation labs, they can now be found in homes, schools and small businesses. The technology behind these printers offers an energy-efficient solution to many problems. Consider these four

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From Guest Blogger Bobbi Peterson: Energy Efficiency and the Manufacturing Industry

The industrial sector is the subset of the U.S. economy that requires the most energy. U.S. industry uses 30 Quadrillion Btu of energy each year — about a third of all the energy used across the country. That number’s not

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From Guest Blogger Lillian Connors: Energy-Efficient Ways to Use Your TV

A recent survey showed that Australians spend around four hours a day watching TV, which means that one month every year we are glued to the box. When you consider that fact alongside the one that suggests that we are

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: How Companies Can Become More Energy Efficient and Responsible

Increasing your corporate energy efficiency and environmental responsibility shows your commitment to the future. Businesses with an Earth-friendly code of operations are often seen favorably by the public. Keep in mind these four ways of becoming more energy-efficient and environmentally

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