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Take a Cool Guess—The Fun Quiz on Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability. Today’s Topic: Carmakers’ Investment in Electric Transportation

Question: How much money in US dollars have the world’s auto OEMs invested in EVs?  What percentage of that comes from Germany alone? Answer: Can be found at Clean Energy Answers.

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Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo

The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo has morphed considerably as it’s grown over the years. 

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World’s Largest Oil Fields and U.S. Involvement in International Hostility: A Coincidence?

According to the American Energy Society, below is a list of the five “most important” oil fields in the world. Notice anything about them? Hint: look at geographic location.

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China Gets Tough on Auto Emissions, Ceases Production of 500+ Car Models

I know there are people who doubt China’s sincerity when it comes to environmental issues. Why the huge investment in renewable energy? Why the abrupt elimination of more than 500 models of cars that have poor emissions profiles from their

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From Guest Blogger Bobbi Peterson: Transportation Harms the Environment in Many Indirect Ways

The world seems to get smaller with every generation as we find faster ways to get from one place to another. Our ancestors traveled on crowded ships and spent weeks at sea to get to a different country. We can

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: Pollution Solutions–Why You Should Choose a Green Vehicle

The transportation industry is the fastest growing emitter of greenhouse gases. When buying a new car, most people only focus the car’s price against its performance, reliability, comfort, and safety. However, a vehicle costs are more than just its price

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Fuel Efficiency Rating for EVs Make No Sense, But That Doesn’t Stop Us from Assigning Them

In this edition of Green Auto Digest, my colleague Jon LeSage (pictured) gets at an issue that struck me when I first got interested in electric transportation: the EPA’s mile-per-gallon ratings.  We seem married to assigning MPG equivalents to EVs, even

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From Guest Blogger Meghan Belnap: Why Energy-Efficient Vehicles are the Way to Go

Much of our lives are shaped around our vehicles. They bring us to work, home, and around the country easily. Advancements in vehicular technology since the days of Henry Ford have been monumental and are continuing. With rising concerns about

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How Much Longer Will Toyota Be Pursuing Fuel Cell Vehicles?

From this edition of Green Auto Digest: While Toyota and a few other global automakers are taking hydrogen fuel cell vehicles quite seriously, the clean technology’s chances of reaching mass adoption are still far away.

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Examining the Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles

As is apparent from this article, we’re still not grasping the main issue associated with the eco-impact of EVs, which is “what energy source is used to address incremental but predictable loads on the grid when EV are charged?” If the

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