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When It Comes To the Environment, China Is BIG

China sits atop the world in most important environmental categories. 

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EVs and the Grid Conference

Whenever I attend an energy conference, I introduce myself to dozens of strangers, never knowing what experience I’m about to encounter.  Though very few of these handshakes turn into relationships that last longer than a short one-time conversation, virtually every

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Unique Concept in EV Charging?

Someday, will drones be launched with lots of stored electrical energy onboard, attach to your electric vehicle, and charge it en route, as suggested in this article in GreenTechMedia? Uh….no. Of at least 50 ideas I’ve seen for EV charging,

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Shell Oil Gets It

Of the nearly 8000 posts here, there are at least a couple of dozen in which I’ve acknowledged that Royal Dutch Shell is the least obnoxious of the major oil companies.  They are fully onboard with anthropogenic climate change, they

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After the Emissions Scandal, Volkswagen Wants Us Back

My ill-fated idea to trade in my eight-cylinder 4.0 liter BMW for a high-mileage (43 MPG) car led me to the VW Jetta TDI, which I traded back to them the moment the Department of Justice ordered them to make

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Vehicle to Grid: The Time Is Coming

We’re approaching the reality of vehicle to grid, aka “V2G,” the two-way flow of power between electric vehicles and the utilities. This means that EV drivers can be paid to allow the power companies to use the energy in their

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EV Start-Up Ventures Are No Picnic

Here’s my comment pursuant to a conversation in the comments section of my recent post on electric vehicles.  Apparently, a British billionaire who made his money in vacuum cleaners thinks he’ll plow $2 billion a business to build a hot

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Vacuum Cleaner Billionaire May Soon Launch Nebulous EV Product.  Be Very Afraid. 

My fourth grade teacher (RIP, Ruth Tindall) told our class in 1964 that good writers “hook” their readers with a snappy opening statement.  How about this:  Here’s a story of dubious value. Sorry, Mrs. Tindall, but I have to be honest. British

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“EVs and the Grid” Conference Coming Up Soon

From Jon LeSage’s Green Auto Digest: Vehicle-grid integration summit coming up:  Special thanks to 2GreenEnergy editor Craig Shields for recommending attending the “EVs and the Grid” conference next month. 

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Electric Transportation Is Racing Your Way

From Green Auto Market: California may ban fossil-fuel vehicles:  California may join up with China, the UK, France, and Norway in banning fossil-fuel powered vehicles. Mary Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board, told Bloomberg Friday that Gov. Jerry Brown is interested in exploring

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