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E-bikes Are Happening

I’ve been asked to head-up the marketing role in an international group that will further popularize the role that electric bicycles play in our rapidly advancing world of low-carbon transportation. Getting this done effectively will require some research, thought, and

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Solar Powered Ambulance

2GreenEnergy associate Gary Tulie sent me this piece on a light, three-wheeled solar PV-powered ambulance, largely for use in third-world countries like Bangladesh.  It’s a cool idea, and the writing is incredible. I love the first paragraph, comparing high-end Teslas

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Electric Bikes: An Important Tool in Reducing Transportation’s Carbon Footprint

Writing for, Libby MacCarthy begins her article on electric bikes: Government-led initiatives designed to cut carbon emissions and reduce air pollution in cities, though well-intentioned, often come under fire from those who stand the most to gain from them

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VW’s Plans for the Future Include Electric Vehicles—Whether They Wanted To Go in that Direction Or Not

In a few weeks, I have an appointment to meet with a representative of VW USA to turn in my car, a Jetta TDI (diesel), one of 11 million vehicles in the emissions scandal, and receive a check for its

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Battery Prices Going the Same Way as All Other Aspects of Clean Energy: DOWN.

Here’s a graph for those who said that battery prices could never fall far enough to make electric transportation effective.

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EVs and Inductive Charging

2GreenEnergy supporter and clean energy DIYer extraordinaire Brian McGowan sent me this piece on a company that proposes wireless (inductive) charging of electric vehicles as they’re driven across our major roadways. My comments: 

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From Guest Blogger Devin Morrissey: Ford Prepares for a Greener Future with the New F-150

If recent announcements from Ford are an indication of the direction that the automotive industry is headed, vehicles will soon be smarter and greener than ever before. America’s most iconic pickup truck will become a tech-lover’s hybrid by 2020. According

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What Exactly Is the Attraction of Fuel Cell-Based Transportation?

From the current edition of Green Auto Market, published by my colleague Jon LeSage: Will fuel cell vehicles be able to thrive and surpass plug-in vehicle sales? The question of which clean technology will prevail in the car of the future

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Transportation: EVs and Autonomous Leading the Discussions—Insights from 2GreenEnergy Contributor Fritz Maffry

A few more observations on the exploding advancements of technology in transportation from our colleague Fritz Maffry. – ed This year, the CES (formerly “Consumer Electronics Show”) in Vegas might as well have been called the Electric and Autonomous Vehicle

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Perspective on the Transportation Industry from 2GreenEnergy Supporter Fritz Maffry

Continued thanks to my colleague Fritz Maffry for his regular contributions, including some terrific insights.  Here’s another installment. -ed — Ford is now readying a spend plan of $5 billion for electric vehicle development. That is a great sum, and

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