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People Love Teslas–For Several Different Reasons

When American car-buyers were given 12 different criteria for making their purchase, “performance/speed” ranked a healthy fourth (behind price, fuel economy, and style). Perhaps this figure may be tailing off slightly as baby boomers age and tend not to care

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From Guest Blogger Jake M: Affordable Vehicles with Good Fuel Consumption

Balancing the budget can seem difficult for a lot of us. When a big purchase such as a new vehicle comes along, there’s likely to be a lot on your mind. But to find a vehicle that will really fit

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This Auto Wreck Won’t Happen

Here’s one you can file under “Business as Usual.” Automakers want to review (read: “repeal and replace”) the Obama-era gas-mileage standards, citing that such an aggressive approach would cripple the U.S. economy and destroy jobs. It seems to me that

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The Migration to Electric Transportation Has Many Faces

Well, at least three that I can think of. We’re all aware of steady development of better and lower-cost batteries, which seems to be the putative victor here. Once affordable batteries provide a range of 350 miles, and we’re fairly

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Royal Dutch Shell Sees Electric Transportation Coming, Won’t Be Caught Flatfooted

As we’ve noted a few times over the years here, Royal Dutch Shell seems to be by far the most progressive of the world’s major oil companies.  Here’s an article discussing Shell’s CEO Ben van Beurden (who recently traded in

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Public and Private Sectors Working Together To Encourage Electric Transportation

Here’s an article that suggests the forces of pure market economics are all that are necessary to replace gas and diesel powered cars and trucks with electric vehicles. Of course, this is the thesis of most of what I’ve written

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From Guest Blogger Christopher Austin: Check Out Five Luxury Green Cars that Mean a Better World Around You

The long-awaited winners for this year’s Green Car Awards have been announced. It’s been a long journey; and at this point it shouldn’t surprise you that people know what they want. The Washington Auto Show held the conference announcing the

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EV Start-Ups: Not for the Faint-of-Heart

I have a great deal of respect for Greentech Media and its reporters’ capacity to get into finely nuanced areas.  Yet here’s one that’s anything but subtle: Yep, It’s Still Incredibly Hard to Build an Electric Car Start-Up.  As Bob

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Automakers Morph Into Mobility Suppliers

My colleague Jon LeSage writes in his Green Auto Digest on the future of shared mobility services and carsharing services that will be offered by automakers and car rental companies:  Carsharing services are presenting a business model for automakers to

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From Guest Blogger Eileen O’Shanassy: Are Electric Cars Safe? How Features are Changing

Overall, electric cars are a green and very safe option for modern drivers. They are even getting safer as more models arrive. Most bring a number of extra benefits to the table and most people who choose to drive electric

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