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Why the Energy Storage Industry Isn’t Taking Off

Here’s an article discuss the perils of the energy storage industry, which, in my mind, misses the central issues: The main issue facing the energy storage industry is an ironic one: so many people benefit from it that it’s hard to

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High-Level Discussion of Energy Storage

As our civilization attempts to integrate more solar and wind into its grid-mix, the subject of energy storage becomes increasingly important.  This article in GreenTechMedia offers a cursory look at the three technologies that are competing with batteries: pumped hydro, compressed

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Energy Storage North America

I try not to miss the annual Energy Storage North America conference in San Diego each year…and that’s where I’ll be late this afternoon and all day tomorrow.  To anyone in the area: please feel free to join me. The trip

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Morgan Stanley Likes the Energy Storage Market

There are those who claim, if it is happening at all, that the migration to energy storage and renewables is largely a wish of the political left, that it’s inextricably rooted in subsidies, and that true capitalists are uninterested in

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Renewable Energy: How Much Storage Will It Take To Get There?

It’s both important and fun to look down the road and see where the migration to renewable energy is taking us.  What will it take to get to 80% penetration of wind and solar?  How much storage is necessary?  What

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Energy Storage Is Happening in a Big Way

2GreenEnergy super-supporter Gary Tulie writes from beautiful Buckinghamshire, England (pictured):

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A Contributed Post: Five Advantages of Using Solar Battery Maintainer

We’re getting much better at harnessing the power of solar energy. Technology has advanced to the point where solar power isn’t something clunky but accessible for all sorts of users. One of the best devices you can get if you

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Coal Mines May Have Extended Utility

Frequent commenter Brian McGowan sent me this delightful little article, for those of you who, like me, thought that coal mines could serve no useful purpose in the context of 21st Century energy.    

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Battery Prices Falling Through the Floor

If you’re wondering what will push battery prices down to previously unforeseeable levels, look no further. Up until recently, sushi has had far better storage technology than electricity, but that’s clearly no longer the case.  As described in the article

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Thermal Energy Storage

Yes, we’re continuing to make great progress in all aspects of energy storage via batteries,  most importantly, in terms of cost-effectiveness.  Yet it’s hard to conceive of a time at which batteries can compete with the storage of heat energy. 

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