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A Look At Fossil Fuels

Here’s a letter, written by a member of the pro-nuke group of which I’m a part, published recently in Physics Today. Though these folks seem to have an unnatural enmity towards renewable energy,  they make many excellent points about the

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Fueling Our Transportation: Eventually We Need To Make a Choice

2GreenEnergy super-supporter comments on my post “What Exactly Is the Attraction of Fuel Cell-Based Transportation?” There is work going on to develop low cost robust fuel cells capable of running directly on liquified / compressed natural gas. Vehicles using this

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The Plight of Coal

Effective February 17, 2017, The Forest Service, part of the US Department of Agriculture, has reversed its initial ruling and will permit, once again, coal mining in the North Fork region of approximately 4.2 million acres of land located within the

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Peak Oil Is a Defunct Idea–But Does It Really Matter? 

As shown in the graphic below, the concept of peak oil is pretty much dead and buried.  In fact, there are supplies of all three fossil fuels to last indefinitely, as our technologies for extraction become more sophisticated.

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Coal Is On Its Way Out

According to this article, soon-to-end 2016 will mark the third consecutive year that the international demand for coal has fallen.  This is particularly good news, in that the development of carbon capture and sequestration technology has stalled (as if that’s

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Things Looking Good for ExxonMobil, Russia

Those who object to strident, bold and straightforward language are very likely not to groove on this piece from Dr. Joe Romm, Founding Editor of Climate Progress (“the indispensable blog,” as NY Times columnist Tom Friedman describes it).  It’s called

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Yes, The Oil Companies Actually Do Have a Corruptive Influence in Washington

Frequent commenter MarcoPolo takes exception to my claim the oil companies have a corrupting influence on the U.S. law-making process. I respond: Either you’re not paying attention or you’re willfully ignoring the evidence.

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: Four Ways We Can Move Our Energy Systems Away from Coal Dependency

The use of coal, as an energy source, not only dominates the world’s industrial culture, but it is also among the most detrimental to the environment. It is a leading cause of acid rain and creates more than 300,000 tons

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Peak Oil

Frequent commenter Frank Eggers pushes back on my theory that the peak oil theory is wrong. He writes, Rather, the time table is much longer than originally thought. Instead of being 20 years or so, it may be 200 years

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Factors Governing Coal Consumption in the U.S.

From today’s Energy News: Despite some evidence of a reviving coal market, it is a sector too tough to read:

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