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Survey Shows People Don’t Trust Fossil Fuel Giants

One of the world’s top accounting and consulting firms, Ernst and Young is a venerated name if there ever were one.  And, as is typical for large business consulting concerns, they seem to do an awful lot of market research

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The Politics of Coal: Here’s an Interesting and Entertaining–Yet Factual–Source

The top American comedians whose fodder is U.S. politics include household names like Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, and John Oliver.  Now, I’ve heard these people themselves warn audiences: this is not a valid way to find and ingest news; this

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Quandary: The Oil Industry Is Both Important and Destructive

Re: my post on the subsidies for and taxation of the oil industry the other day, frequent commenter and 2GreenEnergy opposionist writes: The oil industry is already America’s largest taxpayer and most valuable taxpayer…..Attempting to build into the tax system

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Subsidizing Oil Exploration/Extraction

In response to my recent piece calling for an end to subsidies for the oil companies, senior energy analyst Glenn Doty writes:  Actually, while the oil subsidies – like the renewable subsidies – are terribly structured, they are defensible.  Right

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Burning Coal Is Choking Our Planet and Its People, But Strangely, That’s OK

Here’s something that will put a smile on a few faces, i.e., those investors whose meager integrity and broken moral compass enables them to support coal as an energy source.  According to Energy Matters: Nearly all publicly traded US coal

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Coal Is Going Away, and It’s Not Coming Back

Here’s an article (with great graphics) that helps us understand the limits to the power of the Trump administration in the outcome of our civilization.  Can he slow down the integration of renewables into the grid-mix?  Yes, at a certain

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From Guest Blogger Jayde Ferguson: Diesel Generators Proving Key to Managing Australia’s Energy Crisis

Australia is experiencing a major energy crisis. Supply limitations and skyrocketing wholesale energy costs mean Federal and State governments are shelling out millions of dollars to keep ailing energy supply networks operating, while implementing emergency measures to sustain critical power

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We’re Saying Goodbye To Fossil Fuels, But Not As Soon As We’d Like

Jeff Merkley, a progressive senator from Oregon (a progressive state) is introducing legislation that provides a plan by which the country can wean itself off fossil fuels by 2050.  Though the details of the plan aren’t available, they include the

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The Rapid Migration from Fossil Fuels: Check Out Ireland

Just another day on an absurd planet.  Ireland is in the process of removing fossil fuels from its country, joining several European/Scandinavian countries that are moving swiftly in the same direction.  Meanwhile, back in the good ol’ U.S., we’re moving

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Yes, It’s True, Fossil Fuels Are Nearing the End of the Trail

When I say that the fossil fuel industry is approaching the end of its days, my words, understandably, are taken cum grano salis.   But what about when those same words are delivered by the CEO of Shell Oil? Shell

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