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More Good News for Those of Us with Lungs

Earlier today, the mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio made two huge announcements: The City’s pension funds will divest from the big oil and gas companies, and The Big Apple is suing the biggest of these corporations for the

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Coal Dies Slowly, But Dies Nonetheless

Many people speculate as to the future of energy generation and consumption on a global basis, and here’s what seems most probable: a smooth downward curve–nothing radical or abrupt.

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The Movement To Phase Out Fossil Fuels Is Huge, and Supported By More People Every Day

Frequent commenter Marco Polo writes: Transportation of oil will always be a difficult and risky task. It seems everyone wants the benefits of oil products, but the “not in my backyard” syndrome seems to obsess a small, but very loudly

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Comedians Struggle To Cover Environmental Disasters, Mass Shootings, with Sensitivity and Decorum

When the Keystone XL pipeline experienced its 200,000-gallon leak a few weeks ago, polluting Native Americans’ land (as so many predicted it would), the writers on the America’s comedy shows had their work cut out for them. Here’s the way

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France: No More Oil and Gas Exploration

We Americans are so wrapped up in resisting the Trump administration’s relentless attack on the environment and social/economic justice that it’s easy for us to forget that, elsewhere around the globe, many good things are happening.  

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News from the World Bank Is Good for Everyone But the Oil Companies

The World Bank (New York headquarters shown at left) was formed at the end of World War II for the purpose of reducing poverty around the globe.  Currently, it has 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over

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Trump’s Aggressive War on the Environment

Although this is funny, the environmental policies of the current Administration are far more malicious than suggested here.  In fact, by subsidizing fossil fuels, removing tax credits for solar and wind, opening up federal lands to oil and gas exploration, eviscerating

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Getting Rid of Coal: It’s Easy To Oversimplify The Process

Those of us who are concerned about the ongoing capacity of our planet to support life are looking forward to the day on which our civilization extracts and burns its last lump of coal. But is this a simple matter?

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Is Divestment from Fossil Fuels Popular? You Bet Your Stranded Assets It Is.

In 2011, clean energy author and consultant Craig Shields made international news by divesting his 401(k) of fossil fuels and all other extractive industries.  OK, that was a joke.  I actually did that, but, I can assure you, no one noticed

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There’s Nothing Controversial About Coal-Fired Power Plants

True to form, frequent commenter MarcoPolo stands up for the coal industry in response to my recent post “What’s Happening in the U.S. Coal Industry Is Most Certainly Not Helping the Miners”, in which he begins: I’m astounded by your ill-informed and deliberately

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