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Regarding the Shuttering of Coal-Fired power Plants, We’re Playing the Back Nine

With closing of two more coal plants in Texas, the U.S. has crossed the half-way threshold (262 of the original 543 plants closed, 261 remaining open). As is always the case, there were multiple “causes of death” in the two

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Was Obama Terrified of Coal?

Frequent commenter MarcoPolo writes: How much difference a mere nine months can make! One of President Obama’s few real accomplishments was his irrational hatred of the US coal industry. In a mere eight years, President Obama contributed to massive job

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The End of the “War on Coal”

Commenting on the wholesale environmental deregulation that the Trump administration has so successfully hurried along, an op-ed contributor to the Wall Street Journal notes, “Apparently, coal can be marketable, if regulators let it be.” Wow, that’s astute.

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Four Ways the Manufacturing Industry Can Cut Down on Carbon Emissions

Report from an Intergovernmental panel on climate change has shown that climate system of the earth is getting warmer and warmer due to human contributions. As the level carbon dioxide increases, more heat is generated in the surface thus raising

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Which Way with the Coal Industry?

A commenter asked for my viewpoints on the coal industry, while claiming, incorrectly, that it’s supported by everyone except environmentalists who are “extremist and idealist.” Here goes: The first thing to understand about the coal industry is that it’s small

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The Environmental Protection Agency’s War on the Environment

As I suggested the other day, it’s useful to look at the nauseating, minute-by-minute drama happening in the White House as an artful distraction, much like a magician’s misdirecting his audience. We need to ask ourselves: What’s happened quietly, behind

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Discussions of Fracking Need To Be Fair

Below is a video that does a good job at explaining how fracking works.  It’s all true, but the presentation is imbalanced and unfair, as it doesn’t present how completely screwed we’d be in the absence of fracking, which would

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Banning Gasoline and Diesel: It’s Happening

As part of a movement that appears to be sweeping the developed world, France has announced that it will ban the sale of all automobiles that run on gasoline and diesel by 2040.  Two remarks: 

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Clean Coal Is a Myth, But Don’t Take It from Me

There are a couple of commenters here who routinely call into question my personal credibility as a reporter on renewable energy and sustainability more generally.  It is for them that I write this: 

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Recipe for Clean Coal Success: Lose the Coal

Here’s an article in “Think Progress” called “Mississippi realizes how to make a clean coal plant work: Run it on natural gas”  in which the organization’s founder and editor, Joe Romm, writes, “After wasting $7.5 billion, the state realizes its coal-to-gas plant

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