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Articles on Tidal Energy

We’ve all had the experience of flipping through an in-flight magazine and finding ourselves utterly incapable of generating even the vaguest interest in any of the articles they contain. We can almost hear the editor ordering the staff journalists to

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Like All Flavors of Renewable Energy, Geothermal Keeps Improving

There is no doubt that geothermal energy occupies an important place in the pantheon of renewable resources.  Perhaps the post child of success in this endeavor is Iceland, a place where fossil fuels are hard to come by, and one

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Ocean Hydrokinetics: Wave, Tidal, and Current

Here’s a cool little video that I post largely because it serves as a microcosm of human ingenuity.  How many different ways can you invent to solve the same problem (in this case, extracting the kinetic energy out of moving

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When It Comes To Renewable Energy, Everything’s Good for Somebody

It seems sure that virtually every form of renewable energy will eventually wind up playing a role–somewhere.  Just like the U.S. has wind in the Great Plains, solar in the Southwest and biomass in the Deep South, each part of

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Ocean Wave Hydrokinetics May Be Drying Up

Here’s an idea for converting ocean wave energy to electricity that a fellow in New York sent me this morning. This is near the bottom of the scale of the ideas I receive, as it: 1) Invokes a technology that

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Is Hydrokinetics Coming to Myanmar?  Probably Not

We’ve all seen the plummeting prices of solar, wind, energy efficiency solutions, energy storage and the rest. And while all that’s good, it creates huge stressors on other areas of clean energy technology: hydrokinetics, biomass and geothermal. Having said that,

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Interesting Approach to Hydrokinetics

A reader asked for my comment on this technology: turbines installed inside of municipal water pipes that converts some of that hydrokinetic energy into electricity. First, let’s start with the most obvious: this doesn’t apply to water that is flowing

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Impressive Pace of Development in Hydrokinetics

I’m rooting hard for my friends at hydrokinetic start-up Littoral Power Solutions to develop their product quickly and get into the game while there is still time. There is never a good time for dawdling in the renewable energy industry,

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Wave Energy Continues To Make Progress, But….

I’m on the receiving end of a constant barrage of press releases that boast breakthroughs in every conceivable flavor of renewable energy. And, as much as I hate to be cynical, I have to believe that most of this stuff

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Hydro and Solar PV Have Different Levels of Visceral Appeal

I’m having discussions with a start-up in the New England section of the U.S. that offers a unique approach and capability to hydrokinetics; they’re interested in having my team and me deliver a set of “biz dev” actions aimed at

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