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Lots of Good Stuff Happening in Nuclear

Nuclear energy enthusiasts should be happy to see so much research and development going into this space.  There are several different directions nuclear seems to be headed, one of which is smaller, modular reactors that can be deployed to provide

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Nuclear Energy Really IS Getting Treated Unfairly

Nuclear energy advocate Rudy Stefenel writes: Craig, Nuclear reactors are getting sabotaged by the distribution of subsidies.  According to an EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) report for 2013, solar farms got nearly three times as much subsidies as nuclear and that wind farms

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Nuclear Energy and Renewables Need To Cooperate. Isn’t That Obvious?

As noted yesterday, some of these pro-nuke people have a very dim view of renewables; some of the more extreme among them accuse the entire renewable energy enterprise of being a corrupt/criminal attempt to suck down government subsidies, while knowing

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Pro-Nuke People Can Get Nasty with Advocates of Renewables

Alex Cannara, the leader of the pro-nuke group of which I am a part, wrote a rebuttal letter to a paper that had claimed (correctly) that wind energy is less expensive than nuclear.  He notified the group (about 150 people):

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Is Nuclear Energy a Necessary Component of an Environmentally Responsible Energy Platform?

I came across an article this morning (though I can’t find it now) that referenced a recent conversation that someone supposedly had with legendary environmental activist Bill McKibben, in which the question was posed: “Where do you stand on nuclear,

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A Few Notes on Nuclear, Fossil Fuels and the Future of Energy

Here are a few remarks I made to a friend about the future of energy—nuclear in particular: In response to your question on safety issues, interesting, nuclear has the lowest death rate per KWh of ALL sources.

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How Close Are We To Harnessing Nuclear Fusion?

Here’s an article that states that nuclear fusion is “on the horizon.”  Hmmm.  Hasn’t it been on the horizon for as long as any of us can remember?

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Pro-Nuclear People Have Interesting Ideas

It’s been some time since I’ve mentioned the pro-nuclear online group of which I’m a member.  I find these people interesting because of their strange enmity towards renewable energy; most of them harbor the mistaken belief that the entire renewables

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Living in a World That’s Anything But Ideal

The German mathematician and rationalist philosopher Gottfried Leibniz speculated that although this world is clearly not perfect, that it may be the “best of all possible worlds.”  Under this theory, God created the very best world He could; any other

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Westinghouse Bankruptcy Shakes The Nuclear World – Forbes

My old friend from high school, Bruce Wilson, now a practitioner of LEED certified building construction, sent me this piece on the Westinghouse bankruptcy and what it means to the nuclear industry.  I respond: I have to think the author is

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