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Hawaii Wants an OTEC Plant, But How Thrilled Should We Be?

When I did some marketing consulting work for the Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTECorp) a few years ago, they paid me with an equal mixture of cash and common stock, so I have an incentive to root for this technology

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Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation Going Public

Long-term readers will recall my frequent posts a few years ago about the marketing work I was doing for my client Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, for which I got paid an equal balance of cash and stock.  Looks like a

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Articles on CleanTech Hang Around for Quite a While

One of the beauties of writing stuff in the Internet age is the longevity the pieces enjoy; it’s possible that as many people are reading articles I wrote a couple of years ago as are following my daily blog. Here’s

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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Is Bound To Have Unintended Consequences

2GreenEnergy Supporter Cameron Atwood sent me this piece on OTEC, and writes: Interesting. Yes, that IS interesting. There definitely will be unintended consequences (assuming that OTEC ever comes along). Some of these, however, will be good, or at least have

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OTECorp Gets Coverage at Forbes

Here’s an article by a contributing author to Forbes who writes about OTECorp, the leader in ocean thermal energy conversion.   This technology has been around a century, but has only recent become of interest.  As CEO Jeremy Feakins says, “(We)

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Mourning the Loss of a Friend of Mine — Who Was Also a Friend of Yours

Last month, Jim Greenberg, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, lost a short but intense battle to a particularly aggressive form of cancer.  Jim was a long-time client, a fine friend, and a consummate gentleman.  He will be profoundly

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From 2GreenEnergy Mega-Contributor Gary Tulie:  Do We Need a Coral Ark?

(Note:  I’m always happy to see my colleague Gary Tulie involve himself in our discussions, and I hope readers will find his words here on the subject of coral reefs to be valuable. – Ed.) In this recent post, we

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Ocean Energy Conference Moving Back to Maine

I’m still a bit aghast that the entire two-day Ocean Energy conference is conducted annually without a single mention of OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion). There are speakers promoting technologies in hydrokinetics and offshore wind, who, when pressed, admit that

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How Much Oil Company Stock Do You Want To Be Holding When Snow and Ice Fall?

My colleague Jim Greenberg from Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation published something today that I wanted to pass along.  Here’s a pithy excerpt. The observation that investing in fossil fuels is getting riskier is shared by some major players in the

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Financing of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Projects

A reader offers this comment on my belief that ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) can represent a cost-effective way to deliver clean energy to the equatorial regions of the world.  He writes:  (OTEC) will require an investor with deep pockets

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