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From Guest Blogger Kyle Pennell: What Goes in to the Cost of Solar?

Solar power has gotten a lot of attention from government and businesses in recent years. The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) touts the solar industry as “helping to pave the way to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.”

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Three Ways to Keep Your Roof and Solar Panels Safe in Snow

Having solar panels on your roof can allow you to sit back and enjoy decreased energy costs while being more environmentally-friendly. However, when the cold winter months roll around, it can be a time of worry as you’re unsure what

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Solar Energy: A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever

Here’s a reminder that it’s only a matter of a short period of time before this civilization derives the power it needs from its nearest star. Solar PV, which is only one of the means of harnessing the sun’s energy,

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From Guest Blogger Derek Lotts: How to Choose the Perfect Solar System for Your Home

The situation with climate change, increased pollution and uncontrollable resource exploitation is getting out of hand, so more and more people are turning to renewable energy sources such as solar power. However, in order to get the most out of

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From Guest Blogger Simon Stevens: What You Should Think About When Installing Solar Panels

When considering to generate your own energy, solar panels are a popular choice due to the ease of installation, maintenance and you save money whilst reducing your carbon footprint (you can check your carbon footprint here). But before installation, there’s

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Breakthrough in Solar Energy?

I had a pleasant call with a woman from Chicago just now, who sent me this document, outlining an invention in solar energy ostensibly made by a gentleman in South Korea.  Upon reviewing it, I wrote: Thanks, but this is

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Good and Bad News in Solar PV

2GreenEnergy super-supporter Gary Tulie sent me this article on U.S. solar installations and notes: “Good, but not good enough.” He’s right, of course.

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: How Improved Solar is Making a Huge Impact on the Green Movement

The green movement continues to grow, spurred by innovations in a variety of industries. Continued developments in the automobile, energy and recycling industries lead the way in influencing people to adopt a greener way of life. Many of these developments,

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China Tearing the Roof Off Solar Energy Installations

We’re rightfully skeptical of anyone who claims to understand the inner workings and true motivations of the Chinese government.  Sure, they’re investing big in renewable energy, but why? Positive PR on the world stage?  Appeasing the people who are dropping

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From Guest Blogger Solar Energy World: Are Solar Shingles Ready for Prime Time?

Recently, Tesla announced that orders would begin to be accepted for the long anticipated solar roof shingles Elon Musk has been promising. Despite the hype, our analysts have concluded that solar shingles are not presently an efficient or cost-effective way

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