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Is the Solar Sunflower Blossoming?

Here’s a video touting the benefits of the “SmartFlower,” a unique design in solar PV.  Note that it didn’t happen to mention the MSRP of the product, from which one could deduce the cost per kWh of electricity it generates.

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Breakthrough in Solar PV?

Here’s a video on a new approach to solar PV that claims to double the efficiency from about 18% to 36%.  But I can’t see how anything these people say could possibly be true (beginning with the current efficiencies, which

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Portable Solar

I just got off the phone with a manager of construction projects who has used a portable array of solar panels and a small wind turbine with battery storage to power his sites before grid electricity can be brought in,

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From Guest Blogger Hannah Whittenly: Sun Sensations–Four Ways to Go Green with Solar Energy at Home

Going green can seem a bit daunting, especially if you don’t know how to apply these principles at home. At first, it might seem like everything is trying to destroy the planet. However, these four tips will help you make

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: Top Four Reasons Why Solar Is Truly a Power Source for the Future

Every year, more and more people make the switch to renewable energy sources like solar power. In the past few years, solar power has seen so much success that most climate scientists believe it’s the best option when thinking about

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Some Investors May Be Skeptical of Solar—But Not For Long

I had a meeting in New York City last year with a fellow alumnus of Trinity College (pictured).  The guy had just sold his real estate development company for a mere $5.4 billion (with a “b”), so I thought that

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Tesla and Panasonic Team Up–And the Results Are Staggering

Here’s a reminder of how quickly things can change in today’s world of rapidly developing technology.  Tesla has made a wholesale replacement of energy sources on American Samoa,  from diesel generators that previously burned 109K gallons of dirty fuel per

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The Solar Road: Apparently a Path To Nowhere

Hate to say I told you so, but it looks like solar roads (i.e., roads paved with solar PV), are not going to get off the ground (pun intended).  Of course, the experiment described in this article in Northwestern France,

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From Guest Blogger Akaahan Terungwa: Five Important Questions (And Answers) You Should Tackle Before Transitioning To Solar

Like it or not, the renewable energy revolution is right here upon us and solar is clearly leading the game. For cynics (and doubting Thomases), the singular fact that Tesla made more money in the last quarter than the entire

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From Guest Blogger Lillian Connors: Making Optimal Use of Solar Power in Business Premises

With a rapid rise in business costs and the unstable price of oil on the global market, numerous businesses are looking for alternative energy sources. Choosing sustainable power is also triggered by people’s growing concern for the environment, and the

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