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Solar-Powered Motor

Someone on Facebook writes:  This (see video) is probably the Best Solar Powered Motor! We can look forward to using this technology in the Automobile Industry as well.  What’s your say? There are a few things you need to understand:

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Data Is Playing a Big Role in Driving Clean Energy 

As we’ve often discussed here, information and communications technology (ICT) is one of the main drivers of the rapid migration to renewable energy.  There are hundreds of different reasons for this, but here’s one that you’ll find the moment you

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Solar Roads May Not Have a Future, But This Is an Example of Fake News

A colleague asked me for my take on solar roadways, and this article in particular.  I respond: Well, this is pretty clearly fake news. The solar panels in the entire roadway would have only powered a water fountain?

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Renewable Energy Is Prevailing Despite Political Pressure Favoring Fossil Fuels

In 2012, I interviewed Dr. Tom Konrad, owner of, for my second book (Is Renewable Really Doable?). It would be hard to imagine someone more deeply immersed in the business/investment side of clean energy. Tom (pictured above) was on

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Building-Integrated PV Coming Into Fashion

Here’s a good demonstration of the power of marketing.  Building-integrated PV has been around for decades, and now there are hundreds of different variations on the theme on display at the large shows like Solar Power International and Intersolar. Yet,

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Is the Solar Sunflower Blossoming?

Here’s a video touting the benefits of the “SmartFlower,” a unique design in solar PV.  Note that it didn’t happen to mention the MSRP of the product, from which one could deduce the cost per kWh of electricity it generates.

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Breakthrough in Solar PV?

Here’s a video on a new approach to solar PV that claims to double the efficiency from about 18% to 36%.  But I can’t see how anything these people say could possibly be true (beginning with the current efficiencies, which

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Portable Solar

I just got off the phone with a manager of construction projects who has used a portable array of solar panels and a small wind turbine with battery storage to power his sites before grid electricity can be brought in,

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From Guest Blogger Hannah Whittenly: Sun Sensations–Four Ways to Go Green with Solar Energy at Home

Going green can seem a bit daunting, especially if you don’t know how to apply these principles at home. At first, it might seem like everything is trying to destroy the planet. However, these four tips will help you make

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: Top Four Reasons Why Solar Is Truly a Power Source for the Future

Every year, more and more people make the switch to renewable energy sources like solar power. In the past few years, solar power has seen so much success that most climate scientists believe it’s the best option when thinking about

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