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Renewable Energy Saves Lives, Dollars

Doesn’t it always feel good to get a bargain?  Don’t we have greater affinity for the possessions we acquired at some fabulous discount than those for which we feel we might have overpaid? Well, good news: this same good feeling

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In the Energy Industry and Elsewhere, We’re Surrounded by BS

I get a real charge out of obviously disingenuous remarks.  Yesterday we had Donald Trump’s thanking Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 members of the U.S. state department from Russia, on the basis that this will reduce the U.S. federal government’s

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Tip To Entrepreneurs

Would-be entrepreneurs sometimes fall into the trap of being too close to their idea to see it objectively, and wrongly assume that everyone’s as enthusiastic about it as they are themselves.  This seems to be a wonderful case in point:

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Making an Introduction

You’re a cleantech businessperson with a solid, commercially viable concept that, if implemented, could make a transformative difference in our civilization’s ability to deal with its environmental challenges.  But you have a problem.  Maybe it’s lack of capital.  Perhaps you’re

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Note on Writing

A dear friend from my youth (pictured) wrote to me the other day and asked me about my thoughts on writing.  My response: To me, it’s an opportunity to express whatever I’m thinking, with whatever degree of circumspection and perfection

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So Long to Greentech Media’s Eric Wesoff

Greentech Media is one of the most prominent and widely trusted voices in cleantech, which is why the departure of Editor-at-Large Eric Wesoff is such big news. At this point, the magnificently competent Editor-in-Chief Stephen Lacey, long-time colleague and 2GreenEnergy

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Clean Energy Press Releases Provide Opportunities To Teach Grammar

In my position as editor of 2GreenEnergy, I’m on the receiving end of an average of 4 – 5 press releases every day, each explaining some amazing success in clean energy that has happened somewhere on our planet.  Today, for

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Fossil Fuel Projects Mean Stranded Assets and Nervous Investors…But The Source of That Message Matters

Adnan Amin, the director general of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) explains that the market is abandoning fossil fuels, as investors begin to observe that it’s only a matter of time (and no one knows how much) that global financial

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Four Ways to Make Your Contracting Business Leaner and Greener

Contracting businesses, especially smaller ones, often operate on very lean budgets. And things can get even leaner when you are waiting on a client to pay for work that has been completed. That’s why it’s important to do everything you

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A Chapter in the Textbook of Fraudulent Clean Energy Investments—And a Message About Fraud Generally

Insofar as we’ve had some level of success in raising investment capital for clean energy start-ups, a visitor to the 2GreenEnergy Facebook page asked me to try to find an investor or two for this (ludicrous) idea. If you ever think

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