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How Well Has Government Investment in Clean Energy Worked?

A commenter notes: The U.S. Department of Energy and other government funding institutions have invested vast sums in failed projects. This is true (depending on how one defines “vast”), but grossly misleading.  Overall, 80% of all businesses fail within the

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About the Renewable Energy “Boom”

A commenter notes about the green energy “boom,” The kind of reckless, overly optimistic, excessive spending that typifies a “boom” has largely dissipated, as new (sic) technologies mature. No one ever knowing participates in “reckless, overly optimistic, excessive spending.”

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Disruptive Technological Innovation Can’t Happen Too Soon

I met Bruce Wilson when we were in kindergarten together 57 years ago at a Quaker school (Penn Charter) in Philadelphia.  In the course of the 13 years that followed our initial introduction, culminating in our graduation in 1973, he

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India: Taking Important Steps Towards Clean Energy

Here’s some good news from my colleague Jon LeSage and his Green Auto Digest, albeit a bit tentative, regarding India and the challenges it faces to provide clean energy and transportation to its huge population–one which is expected to overtake

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Trump Is Powerless To Inflict Damage Everywhere

When I was a little boy my mother told me, “One of the reasons it’s important to get a good education is that it’s the one thing no one can take away from you.” Fifty years later, we have a

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Why Aren’t We Paying Attention at this Horrific Period in U.S. History?

Caption to the cartoon (if it’s too small to read): “My God, we’ve run out of gin!” I attended a cocktail reception last evening hosted by my old school, William Penn Charter, a small 325-year-old Quaker school in Philadelphia.  I

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A Fresh, Fun Look at Environmentalism and the Economy

For some reason, environmental issues tend to be controversial, perhaps because of the (deliberately misguided) notion that regulations in this arena stifle economic growth. For those interested in a few facts on the matter, I give you this snappy video

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2GreenEnergy’s Ever-growing Breadth of Services

As previously mentioned,  2GreenEnergy takes considerable pride in helping young people get on the right track and stay there.  Examples include: • Through the years, we’ve had about a dozen interns, each of whom has spent a couple of months

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Germany Continues To Wrestle with Heavy Push to Clean Energy

Here’s the last of a five-part series on the migration from fossil fuels to renewable energy, discussing what’s happening in Germany as these folks, not normally known for taking risks, continue to drive huge integration of solar and wind into

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News and Views from Tech Maven Fritz Maffry

My Kansas City-based colleague Fritz Maffry writes: The race is on for who is going to win the battle in autonomous vehicles, smart assistants, and artificial intelligence. Right now, Tesla, Microsoft, and Amazon seem to be out-executing Google, Apple, and

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