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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to  Environmental Catastrophe

Even with all the ignorance and indifference to human suffering that are the hallmarks of the current administration here in the U.S., economics appears to be winning the day, ushering in massive amounts of wind energy at the expense of

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True Patriots Should Heed the Call of Renewable Energy

By now, a few important things have been established about the U.S. economy: • Due to falling demand, jobs in coal mining are not coming back, regardless of the completeness with which environmental regulations are gutted. • Jobs in solar

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Bloomberg and Moody’s: Corporate Buyers Snatching Up Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements

It appears that the opponents of renewable energy, e.g., the Koch Brothers, have won the battle but lost the war.  Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPSs), the mechanism that many people thought would win the day for solar and wind, have been

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Renewable Energy Getting Fabulously Inexpensive

Up until yesterday, there has been some level of lingering doubt as to the cost-effectiveness of electricity from renewables in a direct comparison to coal and natural gas.  That debate is essentially gone at this point, given Solar Reserve’s bid

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Holland Is So Cool….

  As suggested in this short video, The Netherlands is really kicking butt in the world, in terms of nearly everything that matters.  Perhaps the U.S. could take some direction from people who are getting it right. 

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Energy Investment Non-Starters

Most of the clean energy “investment opportunities” I turn down are marred by huge technology risk,  requirement for additional development capital,  lack of “skin in the game” on the part of developers, an exec team clearly comprised of yahoos, or

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Market Forces Driving the Adoption of Renewables

Here’s another installment of my colleague Jon LeSage’s Green Auto Digest, which I happily republish–even when his viewpoints diverge from my own. Here, Jon makes the point that market forces are driving the energy industry increasingly in the direction of

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How Well Has Government Investment in Clean Energy Worked?

A commenter notes: The U.S. Department of Energy and other government funding institutions have invested vast sums in failed projects. This is true (depending on how one defines “vast”), but grossly misleading.  Overall, 80% of all businesses fail within the

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About the Renewable Energy “Boom”

A commenter notes about the green energy “boom,” The kind of reckless, overly optimistic, excessive spending that typifies a “boom” has largely dissipated, as new (sic) technologies mature. No one ever knowing participates in “reckless, overly optimistic, excessive spending.”

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Disruptive Technological Innovation Can’t Happen Too Soon

I met Bruce Wilson when we were in kindergarten together 57 years ago at a Quaker school (Penn Charter) in Philadelphia.  In the course of the 13 years that followed our initial introduction, culminating in our graduation in 1973, he

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