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CleanTech Companies Face Tough Marketing Decisions: Here’s a Tip on How To Make Them Properly

Do you have a cleantech product or service that you’d like to promote vigorously?  If so, you could be in the process of making some tough and critically important marketing-related decisions:

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The World’s Most Successful People Will Not Fiddle While Rome Burns

A friend sent me this piece describing the role that Bill Gates and some other prominent people are playing vis-a-vis the development of “new” energy.  I responded:

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From Guest Blogger Emie-Claude Lamoureux: Three Clean Energy Projects in Europe

Learn how municipalities can speed up clean energy projects by thinking outside the box. With sustainable initiatives sprouting around the globe, municipalities are looking for crowdlending platforms to engage their communities while achieving environmental outcomes. Here are three sustainable development

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CleanTech Investment Opportunities Abound

A friend asks, “If you’re looking to add cleantech stock to your portfolio, is there anything to buy beyond Tesla Inc. (TESLA)? Are there any other decent cleantech investment opportunities?”   I would simply refer you to 2GreenEnergy colleague Dr.

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How Much Power Does Trump Wield To Create Environmental Damage?

  As reported by Green Tech Media: President Trump issued an executive order today to dismantle the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan — a policy designed to curb carbon emissions from new and existing power plants by accelerating the adoption

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From Guest Blogger Ronald McCarthy: Tech Companies Amongst the First on the Green Energy Path

The green movement is not new; it started in the 19th century right after the industrial revolution and its related environmental degradation. It was a time when growth and innovation went hand in hand with chemical waste and pollution. The

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Market Euphoria Overshadowed By Concern

The stock market has responded quite well to Trump’s removal of environmental regulations.  But it appears that the initial glee may be replaced with grave concern, and many economists warn of a serious correction. What’s the issue?  

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Take a Cool Guess—The Fun Quiz on Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability. Today’s Topic:  Marketing Excellence—What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Question:  Here are the first two slides from an investor deck seeking investment capital for a diesel fuel additive that claims to create better fuel mileage and fewer emissions.  While I don’t doubt the claims, I offer these slides and

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Justification for the War on the Environment Overlooks the Obvious

Perhaps the single saddest aspect of the Trump Administration’s war on the environment is that, though it’s premised on growing the economy, it comes at enormous hard costs in terms of human health alone.

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The Federal Government’s War on the Environment Can Have Only Limited Effect

It’s no surprise that Trump’s presidency is in the process of reversing the progress that the U.S. has made over the last half century vis-a-vis environmental protection and climate change mitigation; after all, that was one of his campaign promises,

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