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Rabid Devotee of Fossil Fuels To Lead the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality

If you think Trump’s picks to develop and implement environmental policy couldn’t get worse, looks like you were wrong. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Kathleen Hartnett White will lead the Council on Environmental Quality, which helps create and implement national

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Ruining the Environment Made Easy

Scrapping anything and everything that came from the Obama administration is an obsession for Donald Trump, and hats off,  he’s ferociously good at it. 

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America: Where Are You Headed?

I wrote a post yesterday about the troubling direction U.S. politics is going, suggesting that it could get worse.  In response, frequent commenter Glenn Doty writes: We have still moved forward a tremendous amount in the past 8 years, and

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Insanity in U.S. Government Means Deep Anxiety for Most Americans

Given the bizarre happenings in U.S. government today, many Americans view reminders of our country’s past with a kind of bittersweet nostalgia, and the fear that, absent a miracle, our best days are behind us. On this day in 1888,

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What Does It Mean To Live in “The Calm Before the Storm?”

Have you ever wondered if Donald Trump has the unilateral authority to launch nuclear weapons on behalf of the U.S.?  Do we live in a world without checks and balances that would prohibit this, or any other president, from making

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Those Who Don’t Find Humor in Trump’s Antics Need To Look Harder

Every few days, Trump invents a new way to drive a wedge through America, aggressively alienating everyone but his shrinking support base.  As tragic as this is, however, there most certainly are a few amusing elements to it.

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Response To Trump’s Fiery Rhetoric at the United Nations: A Few Smirks, a Ton of Indifference

What the world noticed about Trump’s childish threats against North Korea and Iran at the UN today was that the stock market didn’t even blink when he made this speech, as insane as it was.

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Technology Can Save Human Civilization from Catastrophe, But Only If We Give It a Chance

Long-time 2GE readers have seen this blog morph over the years to include more posts on politics, a result of my slowly coming to realize how completely impotent clean technology is in the absence of the political will to implement

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Four Centuries Later, John Locke Still Has Us Thinking

It’s the 375th birthday of British philosopher John Locke, known to academics largely for his writings on empiricism, i.e., the doctrine that all knowledge is derived from our senses, that the external world makes an imprint on our minds via

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CleanTech Businesspeople Cannot Ignore Politics at These Watershed Times

Regular readers will remember 2GreenEnergy associate Dan Sturges (pictured) as one of the top minds in the future of transportation.  Dan began his career in transportation 30 years ago as a designer at General Motors, and has evolved to become

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