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All Americans Really Want Is the Next Shiny Object, and There Is No Rule Saying that It Has To Be Ignorance and Hate

Maybe it’s a good time for us Americans to ask ourselves: What are we good at? As suggested by the pic here, basic competence doesn’t seem to be a defensible response to that question.

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Last Word of Trump’s “Shithole” Comments

Here’s  a bit of banter between frequent commenter MarcoPolo and me on Trump’s astonishing “shithole” comments this week:

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Trump Degrades the U.S. with Such Astonishing Regularity that It’s Not Really News

Readers who expect a rant on Trump’s referring to developing nations inhabited by people of color as “shithole countries,” while welcoming immigrants from pure-white Norway will be disappointed.  Trump’s embarrassing and degrading the U.S. on the world stage (and Fox News’

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What (If Any) Role Does Government Playing in Leading Us to Environmental Sustainability?

In a recent comment, frequent contributor MarcoPolo makes a couple of interesting points to which I’d like to respond:

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Erosion of Environmental Regulations in a World that Has Ceased to Make Sense

Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the new anti-regulatory environment in Washington is that it’s so amazingly arbitrary and capricious.  Life in America today more closely resembles being asleep than awake; it’s as if we’re making our way through a

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All Air Travelers Need to Thank Trump

Is there some reason for alarm here, i.e., that the POTUS is taking credit for airline safety? Aren’t you aware that Trump’s grandfather invented the airplane? Let’s give credit where credit is due. Seriously,

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A Few Trump Supporters Are Jumping Ship

It’s only natural to wonder how it’s possible that Trump’s approval rating isn’t dipping into the 20s, but is still holding in the low 30s.  Some speculate that the answer lies in what got him elected in the first place,

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When Trump Loses Support of Fox News Viewers

There are a lot of things to abhor about Fox News based on the effect it has on its viewers, and thus our society.  A few weeks ago I mentioned a study from a major university that found that those

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What Do You Call a Form of Government that Consistently Frustrates the Will of the People? Well, Here’s What You CAN’T Call It.

How does one make sense of the fact that net neutrality is going away, even though its supporters outnumber its opponents by more than three to one?

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Take a Cool Guess—The Fun Quiz on Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability. Today’s Topic: Net Neutrality and American Democracy

Question: It’s almost certain that the FCC will repeal the net neutrality regulations, as Republican nominees dominate its leadership, but what percentage of Americans–of all political stripes–say they are against the move? Answer: Can be found at Clean Energy Answers. Relevance:

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