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“Pretended Patriotism” — Choice Words from George Washington

According to Writer’s Almanac, hosted and edited by Garrison Keillor, (February 22 was) the birthday of the first president of the United States, George Washington, born in the Colony of Virginia (1732)… Washington served as president for eight years. In his

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Many Trump Supporters Standing Firm, Theories Abound

Here’s a subject on which a great deal has been written over the last few months: how do we explain the fact that Trump’s actions that most U.S. voters deem as patently deceitful and un-American have caused such a relatively

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David Brooks: “What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like”

We use the term “unsustainable” a great deal here, referring to processes that lack the potential to continue indefinitely into the future. Normally, we mean processes that have some bearing on environmental justice; things like consumption of fossil fuels or

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This Surreal Point in U.S. History

Before I introduce this video, let me state the obvious: IMO, we’re living a national nightmare with Trump in the White House, and it grows more intense with each passing day.  Now, if it were just I who had that

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Maintaining Democratic Principles Is Important

A commenter notes on the U.S. government leak that cost National Security Adviser Michael Flynn his job: It’s interesting to see the left cheering on the intelligence community, thus abandoning its principles when doing so helps them achieve their agenda. 

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Is Trump’s Presidency Unraveling Before Our Eyes?

I know I’ll take some heat for this, but here’s an article in, part of the USA Today network, in which Mark P. Painter, a retired judge (pictured), a Republican who served on the bench for 30 years, discusses the

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U.S. Presidents Weren’t Always Like This One

For those too young to remember, The Smothers Brothers had a popular television comedy show in the 1960s, noteworthy among other things as the first bit of mainstream media that openly poked fun at the U.S. president.  Here’s a letter

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More on Anti-Trump Rhetoric

A friend writes: I don’t “believe that all this anti-Trump rhetoric is actually vital to the needs of America.” On the contrary, history shows that America must have its people united to prosper. This anti-Trump stuff, promulgated by the far-left,

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Resistance to Trump: Doesn’t Everyone Have a Boiling Point? (Maybe Not)

A reader notes on a Facebook post on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education: (Your) kind of anti-Trump rhetoric is painfully damaging to America. I believe that it’s not nearly as “painfully damaging” as Trump himself, but

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Insights on Energy from 2GreenEnergy Colleague Fritz Maffry

Here’s an interesting article on the future of energy from Kansas City-based Fritz Maffry.  I agree with every word, FWIW. My associates and I take extreme exception to the KCPL (Kansas City Power and Light Company, an electric utility company

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