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Wondering Why the U.S. Government Subsidizes Oil, While Pushing for Renewable Energy Remains Controversial?

As suggested in the graphic here, the answer is, in a word: corruption. In addition to universal healthcare, the same case could be made for anything else that people generally want that doesn’t directly serve corporate interests: renewable energy, quality

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Solar Highways Are Sexy, But Are They Practical?

An old friend, a recently retired aerospace engineer, asked me to comment on the concept of a solar highway, in particular, the famed Route 66 that traverses 2500 miles of the U.S. I responded: It’s cool to think about; it’s

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Another Day, Another Wrecking Ball

The only nice thing to be said about the Trump administration is that, despite the way it’s often portrayed in the media, there really are no surprises.  We have seen that the president micro-manages the entirety of the federal government,

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Voice Dissenting Views At Your Peril

It’s entirely rational for political dissidents, even here in the good ol’ USA with its First Amendment protections, to watch their backs, staying alert to threats to their physical and financial well-being.  If you think this is all paranoia, ask

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American Energy Society Calls Out U.S. Department of Energy’s Horrific Lack of Integrity

Here’s an interesting note I came across in the newsletter “Energy Matters,” a publication of the American Energy Society, describing the process through which the Trump administration, through the Energy Department, has started withholding money for grants already approved by

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The Dialectic: Activism Blossoms Under the Trump Presidency

This isn’t an original thought, but it’s a good one.  It was expressed yesterday by the Governor of Vermont, who said something like, “The only good thing about the Trump presidency  is that it has turned tens of millions of

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Keeping One’s Mouth Shut About Trump Is Wrong

A commenter writes: President Trump isn’t the anti-Christ; he’s simply a president you dislike. No, he’s not simply a president I dislike; he stands and acts in direct opposition to the principles held by decent people everywhere.  If he were

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Trump’s Press Secretary Shawn Spicer’s in Trouble.  But Why, Since He’s Perfect for the Job?

Here’s a conversation on Facebook that presents my viewpoint. Liz McCleney He (Spicer) misspoke (about Hitler’s not using chemical weapons), he apologized; move on.

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U.S. Public Needs and Wants Mean Essentially Nothing in Congress

If you’re looking for more evidence that public opinion and law-making have identically zero to do with one other, here’s a case in point: Bernie Sanders is the most popular senator in the U.S. Congress, and Mitch McConnell is the

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Stephen Hawking’s Harrowing View of Human Civilization

If you want to hear that this is the most frightening time in U.S. history, you can simply Google it, and read any of the 5.6 million articles posted on the subject.  But if you want to hear it from

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