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A Different Way To Deal with the World’s Scummiest People

Here’s my first-ever attempt at a meme.  Now, it’s not lost on me that good memes don’t need explanations, but I have to set the context for this. It’s a conversation with a friend in which I advocate ignoring the

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Testing Rule of Law in American Democracy, Given the Coming “Fire and Fury”

Per yesterday’s Writer’s Almanac: On this day in 1974, Richard Nixon officially resigned from the presidency.

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The Perils of Being a “Leftist”

Here’s an article written by a very bright woman who offers 10 reasons she’s no longer a leftist. There are a few good and interesting ideas here.  In particular, there is no doubt that people on the left can be

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the “Triumph of Myth over Truth”

Here’s an article from ThinkProgress.Org outlining why Elizabeth Southerland, 30-year EPA vet, most recently Director of the Office of Science and Technology for the agency’s Water Office, has resigned from her post.  The reason shouldn’t come as a shock: the Trump

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In Terms of Environmentalism, For Every Action There Is an Equal and Opposite Reaction

I met a guy at the farmers’ market just now who asked me what I was doing with my life.  In the course of my explanation, I mentioned that renewables and cleantech generally are facing a stiff headwind associated with

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Alexis de Tocqueville Would Have Written: “Oligarchy in America”

It’s the birthday of French aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville who came to the U.S. about half a century after it was formed to observe and critique its fledgling democracy.  Amazed with what he saw, he wrote in his book Democracy in America (1835): “There

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Surprise: GOP Cuts Spending for Renewable Energy, Invests in Fossil Fuel Research.  For More on This…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here’s something of such little note, I won’t blame you for skipping it altogether: The Republican-dominated House of Representatives has voted to cut funding for wind and efficiency in half, while expanding research into fossil fuels. 

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Trump Is the Symptom, Not the Disease

Here’s a note to the commenters who say that I seem to write an awful lot of “anti-Trump rants” lately. Yes, a lot of my recent pieces have been “anti-Trump,” but it’s important to point out that they’re really about

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Coming Next Week: Trump’s War on Mennonites and Sri Lankans. But Wait a Second….How Gullible Are We?

As Trump’s antics whipsaw the nation’s attention with the violence of a cat 5 hurricane between transgenders in the military (today), insulting the Boy Scouts (yesterday), Kushner’s bogus testimony on Russia (the day before), and the ceaseless march of daily

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Russia, Tillerson and Amazing Coincidence

We live in a world full of bizarre coincidence.  Here’s a great example.

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