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Keeping One’s Mouth Shut About Trump Is Wrong

A commenter writes: President Trump isn’t the anti-Christ; he’s simply a president you dislike. No, he’s not simply a president I dislike; he stands and acts in direct opposition to the principles held by decent people everywhere.  If he were

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Trump’s Press Secretary Shawn Spicer’s in Trouble.  But Why, Since He’s Perfect for the Job?

Here’s a conversation on Facebook that presents my viewpoint. Liz McCleney He (Spicer) misspoke (about Hitler’s not using chemical weapons), he apologized; move on.

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U.S. Public Needs and Wants Mean Essentially Nothing in Congress

If you’re looking for more evidence that public opinion and law-making have identically zero to do with one other, here’s a case in point: Bernie Sanders is the most popular senator in the U.S. Congress, and Mitch McConnell is the

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Stephen Hawking’s Harrowing View of Human Civilization

If you want to hear that this is the most frightening time in U.S. history, you can simply Google it, and read any of the 5.6 million articles posted on the subject.  But if you want to hear it from

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We’re Writing and Calling our Representatives in Congress, Right?

Like most of the people reading this post, I write and call my congresspeople frequently, requesting/demanding one thing or another. Here’s the letter I got back from the newly elected U.S. representative from my district in California, Salud Carbajal (for whom

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Retired General: Trump’s Plan to Eliminate PBS Weakens America

It may not come as news that educated people make better decisions in the voting booth on all matters, including national security.  That’s certainly the viewpoint of retired four-star U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal (currently a professor at Yale). In

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A Pair of Notes on Trump

A reader notes: Trump is not the entire problem. Oh, I totally admit that Trump isn’t the entire problem; in fact, I view him as a symptom of the problem that started here when the neoliberal movement began about 40

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Typos Sometimes Tell Us Something About the Author

I constantly find typos in stuff I’ve written, even after I’ve reread the piece three times, and sometimes, after my proofreader has gone over it.  I’m totally embarrassed whenever I publish something with some glaring error in it, and so

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What If Trump Were Just Playing a Joke on Us?

It’s been five years since I interviewed my colleague Dr. Tom Konrad of AltEnergyStocks for my book Is Renewable Really Doable?  Now I come to learn that he has even more talent than I actually suspected.  Check out this satire

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Trump Administration Brings Both Winners and Losers

As Donald Trump promised it would, his presidency has been a considerable boon to Big Oil; in fact, the entire fossil fuel industry has enjoyed a huge reprieve from its slow but steady path towards obsolescence as a result of

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