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Supporting Science Is Hardly Controversial

A friend marvels at the enormous participation in the March for Science, wondering why this is so popular.  My belief: Science is a pretty noncontroversial issue.  I know there are hard-line religious zealots who don’t like the contradiction to various

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How To Embarrass Yourself: Argue Science with Scientists

Here’s a typical story, given the March for Science last weekend.  It’s an example of how our society has come to accept totally illogical garbage, as long as it fits in with what we’d like to believe.

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Earth Day and March for Science: Notes and Pics

2GreenEnergy super-supporter Cameron Atwood sent me this a few days ago, in advance of Earth Day: Cameron:  Craig, here’s a letter written to students by Senator Gaylord Nelson for the silver-anniversary Earth Day in 1995:

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Science Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

What makes Trump so good at his game is that, like a master magician, he knows how to keep the audience focused precisely where they’ll be unable to see what’s really going on.  Look what’s happened in the past few

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Comprehending the Universe Would Be Nice, But It Could Be Impossible–Or Of No Real Value

As we learned in the early 20th Century, depending on the circumstance, light can behave either as a particle or a wave. Want to see the wave nature of light?  Set up a double slit experiment (see photo on left)

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Take a Cool Guess—The Fun Quiz on Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability. Today’s Topic: U.S. Renewable Energy Resources

Question: What clean energy resources is the largest contributor to the U.S. grid-mix.  Hint: the correct answer just took the lead in 2016. Answer: Can be found at Clean Energy Answers. Relevance: Hydro will be back on top in 2017, though

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Electromagnetic Drive – New Free Energy Technology?

A dear old Facebook friend asked my opinion on this “technology.” Well, let’s take a peek.  

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Sweden Joins Elite List: Headed Quickly to 100% Clean Energy

There are a few requirements that need to be in place for a country to commit to 100% renewable energy in the near future (25 years in this case), and lands like Sweden meet them all. Obviously, physical resources per

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New England Journal of Medicine: The Trump Administration and the Environment

Here’s a short, readable article with terrific graphics in the New England Journal of Medicine that makes a number of important points, all centering around a single idea: building public policy around actual science is a really good idea.  Case

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Saying Goodbye to Government-Sponsored Science

Some people believe that cuts in public spending benefit our country by decreasing the national debt, and, of course, this notion is not entirely false.  But what about cutting tiny areas of the budget that have extremely important long-term contributions,

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