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Learning from George Orwell on His Birthday

My mom and I read The Writer’s Almanac every morning, and I’m sure that, when she sat down at her computer this morning and found that it’s the birthday of George Orwell, she must have thought: “Oh boy.  I wonder

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Doing a Little Doublethinking on a Sunday Morning

Those of you hip people who subscribe to the “Word of the Day” on saw that today’s word is “doublethink,” meaning the acceptance of two contradictory ideas or beliefs at the same time.  This, of course, is reminiscent of what F.

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Understanding the Merits of Renewable Energy as Civilization Edges Closer to a Precipice

Senior energy analyst Glenn Doty wrote the following to a commenter who challenged the validity of renewable energy from a financial perspective and referred to those of us who are concerned about climate change as “alarmists.” It’s so solid and

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Are Environmentalists Arrogant? Fanatical?

Frequent commenter MarcoPolo writes: People should be entitled to express their opinions (humbly or otherwise), without being afraid of ridicule and abuse from arrogant eco-fanatics. Well, first, you may want to rethink your position that environmentalists are “arrogant eco-fanatics.” What’s

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From Guest Blogger Dixie Somers: How Scientists Are Reducing Environmental Waste

Scientists and the public have come a long way in terms of protecting the environment, and scientists continue to search for ways to make our existence on this planet more green every day. But what exactly are they doing? What

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An Exercise in Alternative Science

There seems to be some sort of detente between religion and science at this point in Western Civilization, largely brought on by the arrival of Pope Francis on the scene, with his high-impact humanism, one that borders on the secular.

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We Don’t Have “Opinions” About Science

Nikita writes: Just read your blog; you are writing about things I never thought about. What is your opinion about this invention? It’s a scam.  It violates the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics. Think about it: this produces energy out of nothing?  That doesn’t make sense to you, does it?

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Good Reason To Remember Johns Hopkins on His 222nd Birthday

When I learned that today was the birthday of Johns Hopkins and began to peruse his biography, I thought I’d be reading about the life of a man extraordinarily devoted to medicine.  As it turns out, he was a businessman,

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Quantum Physics Makes a Real Difference

I’ll be the first to admit that the cartoon isn’t for everyone, but it does have a couple of virtues: 1) It has nothing to do with the imploding U.S. presidency, and I figured readers could use a break from

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The Truth Will Set You Free

Here’s an illustration of why it’s impossible for the Trump administration to suppress facts that stand in the way of their aims.  The City of Chicago has posted on its website all the climate data that was deleted by the

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