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Precious Few Scientists at Work in the Trump Administration, But They Didn’t Just Vanish

As suggested in the graphic below, there sure is a conspicuous absence of scientists in Trump’s government, but the community of climate scientists is not willing to sit around and silently watch the U.S. turn the planet into a cesspool. 

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From Guest Blogger Dixie Green Machine: Five Surprising Things that Can Be Recycled

You try hard but you may not be recycling everything that can be recycled. Have you looked into the options lately? From dental scrap to dirty diapers, enterprising recycling companies can handle more than you might have thought. While you

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Does Science Have an Endpoint?

Put differently, can human consciousness ever understand the universe in its entirety? The incredibly quotable Albert Einstein once said, “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.”  He died in 1955 (the year I was born),

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What Does the Discovery of Seven Exoplanets Mean?

Most of us here on the planet we call home are excited about NASA’s discovery of seven Earth-like planets, about 39 light-years from where you’re sitting right now.  That seems almost close enough to reach out and touch.  It appears

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Will We Achieve Sustainability?  Brain Chemistry Plays a Role 

A colleague from England, Gary Tulie, sent me something yesterday that he knew you and I would find interesting, given that it has a direct relationship to achieving sustainability on this planet.  He writes:  

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Migration to Renewables Happening at an Ever-Accelerating Pace

Commenter “Mark” writes: Craig, here is a link to the work of IBM. Heat, cooling, desalination and electricity in one machine. Yes, this is another take on Concentrated Solar PV, and apparently holds great potential.  It’s another example of a

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The Plummeting Cost of Light

2GreenEnergy super-supporter Gary Tulie sent me this incredible article on the falling cost of light over the millennia. My first thought when I saw it was that I would skim through it, since the subject matter may seem fairly obvious.

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Dealing with the Sheer Enormity of Human Suffering

For those who haven’t seen the incredibly thought-provoking video below, I recommend it highly. Here are a few comments:

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A Contributed Post: Geospatial Intelligence Is Helping the Green Energy Movement

Technology has always been the driving force behind green energy developments. We’ve reached an amazing level of efficiency in terms of how renewable, natural energy sources are harvested. We also have newer technologies designed to make green energy consumer-friendly and

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The Black Swan Effect: Why Predictions of the Future Are Hard to Make

A friend sent me this piece predicting a spike in worldwide political violence in the 2020s. Craig: I don’t put any credence in this at all, for a few reasons, primarily the so-called Black Swan effect, i.e., we tend to

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