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LED Product Is Great, But Let’s Understand the Science

Here’s a fantastic product that is quickly replacing the kerosene lamps that denizens of third-world countries are using for reading lights.  It’s an LED lamp that’s powered the same way as a grandfather clock, i.e., with the chemical energy in the

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Environmentalists Don’t Know When To Cheer

Obviously, our country and the world as a whole would be better off if honest and well qualified people were appointed to key cabinet posts.  But the converse isn’t always true, i.e., it seems that there are occasions in which

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Skeptical About New Energy Technology

Here’s an article that begins: A new type of ultra-efficient engine has been attracting the attention of several big-name investors. 

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Is “Mother Nature” a Real Thing?

One commenter here ridicules another: “Does ‘Mother Nature’ have an email address? I’ve Googled but can’t seem to find her.” Here’s my personal take on this, FWIW. The scientist in me understands the fallacy of assigning human characteristics to non-human

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Americans’ Perverse Attitudes Toward Immigration

News flash, Dr. Tyson: Tragically, we simply don’t care.  Our xenophobia and love of scapegoating is far more powerful than your logic.

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A Contributed Post: A Guide To Better Understanding Renewable Energy Sources

In addition to the simple ways you can cut your energy usage at home, by taking advantage of hacks like swapping to bulbs that use less energy and having additional installation installed, there are also other steps you can take.

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Is “Science” Used To Deceive the Public?

Here’s a piece making its way around Facebook, suggesting that a great deal of what passes for science is BS, created to deceive the public. The very kindest think I can say about this is that it’s extremely irresponsible.

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Science Marginalized By Intense Political Pressure, Lab-Coated PhDs Fight Back with Equal Ferocity

It seems a good time to look at the year 2017 in review, and to take us there, here’s the Public Broadcasting System’s “News Hour” reporting on the subject.

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Access To Electricity Is a Huge Humanitarian Priority

“The Energy Year In Review, 2017” is Energy Matters’ annual recap on the subject. From this edition: Universal access to electricity remained elusive – about 675 million people – 90% in sub-Saharan Africa – do not have access to electricity;

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CleanTech Business Concepts: A Rich Mixture of Fraud, Stupidity, and Occasional Genius

I must come across as the Ebeneezer Scrooge when it comes to reviewing cleantech business concepts on behalf of the investor community, insofar as I almost uniformly scoff at them (or worse).  But here’s what’s actually going on: • For every

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