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An Exercise in Alternative Science

There seems to be some sort of detente between religion and science at this point in Western Civilization, largely brought on by the arrival of Pope Francis on the scene, with his high-impact humanism, one that borders on the secular.

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We Don’t Have “Opinions” About Science

Nikita writes: Just read your blog; you are writing about things I never thought about. What is your opinion about this invention? It’s a scam.  It violates the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics. Think about it: this produces energy out of nothing?  That doesn’t make sense to you, does it?

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Good Reason To Remember Johns Hopkins on His 222nd Birthday

When I learned that today was the birthday of Johns Hopkins and began to peruse his biography, I thought I’d be reading about the life of a man extraordinarily devoted to medicine.  As it turns out, he was a businessman,

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Quantum Physics Makes a Real Difference

I’ll be the first to admit that the cartoon isn’t for everyone, but it does have a couple of virtues: 1) It has nothing to do with the imploding U.S. presidency, and I figured readers could use a break from

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The Truth Will Set You Free

Here’s an illustration of why it’s impossible for the Trump administration to suppress facts that stand in the way of their aims.  The City of Chicago has posted on its website all the climate data that was deleted by the

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From Guest Blogger Eileen O’Shanassy: Where Are Environmental Science Degrees Needed the Most?

For many people, their passion is the environment and natural world around them. If you love the outdoors and nature and want to do your part to help conserve the environment for future generations, getting a degree in environmental science,

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Analyzing the Resistance/Protest Movement

It’s always interesting to look at the ever-expanding number of disciplines in which the scientific community has created specialties. 

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Que Pasa Con La Environmental Protection Agency?

What are we to make of what’s going on in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?  Is it coincidence that we’ve seen the appointment of Scott Pruitt, career-long EPA enemy as its administrator, the removal/burying of references to climate change

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Happy Birthday to the Integrated Circuit

It’s hard to know what our lives would be like without the integrated circuit, the basis for all the electronic gadgetry on which we have become to depend so intensely.  In addition to all our goodies like cell phones and

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The New Yorker Takes Aim At Trump

There are so many unprecedented aspects of life today that it’s hard to count them all.  At the core of most of them, however, is the fact that the most powerful person on Earth is a sociopath, and that a

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