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A Couple of Thoughts on a Scientist’s Birthday

It’s the 59th birthday of American astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson, whose most recent and aptly named book Astrophysics for People in a Hurry was published earlier this year.

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A Peek into the Future

In this short and compelling video, Kip Thorne, American theoretical physicist (picture here with Stephen Hawking), suggests that our descendants 300 years from now will look back on the work we’re doing today and thank us for providing an understanding of

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From Guest Blogger James Daniels: How to Be a Successful Engineer in Today’s Market

Renewable energy is one of the hottest fields on the market today. The increasing demand for new sources of renewable energy has turned this field into a lively one, not just for businesses but for engineers as well. In fact,

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192nd Anniversary of the Steam-Powered Train Provides an Opportunity To Reflect

The first steam-powered passenger railway began service in England on this date in 1825, and thus it’s a good time for us to think about the history of energy as it applies to human culture.  From the time homo Sapiens

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Facts Have Ceased to Matter, and So Has a Whole Bunch of Other Stuff: Critic of Mandatory High School Algebra Defends His Position

Here’s an article in The New Yorker that looked like it must have certainly been a joke; it’s one that describes how Andrew Hacker, who claims that algebra should be cut from the core curriculum in U.S. schools, defended his

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To Evaluate Renewable Energy Concepts, Apply Common Sense First, Engineering Second

Here’s an idea in renewable energy that finds its way onto social media every couple of months.  Called HydroWave, it purports to convert the energy of the ocean waves incident on the sides of a ship into a form that

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Do Wind and Solar Offset the Use of Fossil Fuels?

Nuclear energy proponent Dr. Gene Nelson, whose Ph.D. is in biological radiation physics, takes issue with my statement that wind energy offsets fossil fuels, and he certainly has a point.  He writes:

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Who’s Qualified To Make Statements on Matters of Science?

I received a response to my post in which I quoted the American Institute of Physics, re: Donald Trump’s candidate to lead NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Jim Bridenstine, in which I wrote: Bridenstine, an ardent climate denier, proposes that NASA

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What’s Happening To Education in the U.S. Is No Longer Guesswork

We commonly bemoan the “dumbing down of America,” though we can only speculate as to the exact mechanisms by which this has happened.  Is it underfunded schools and underpaid teachers? The decay of the nuclear family?  A pop culture that

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The Civil War Between Science and Its Enemies

The meme to the left here suggests an interesting and important conversation.  Yes, we live in a bizarre point in time in which American society has become so radically anti-science, yet even our complete idiots accept the legitimacy of things

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