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From Guest Blogger Lana Hawkins: Five Key Trends That Will Shape the Future of Water 

Water is the crucial component of our society’s, but also ecosystem’s survival. It is used in our homes and in sectors such as agriculture, energy production, and manufacturing. The pressures on water resources are raising and problems will become even

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Happy Earth Day

I can’t make it to Washington D.C. for Earth Day this year, but I’m looking forward to participating in one of the hundreds of satellite marches…this one in my home town of Santa Barbara. This is a good opportunity for

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The Challenge Trump Presents to Environmentalists, and, by Extension, To All Humankind

Some people comment, “Why so vitriolic about Trump?  If you don’t like him, fire him in 2020.” I understand that.  It’s true that most of the horrific positions that the federal government will have taken by the time we get

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From Guest Blogger Diane Smith: How to Remove Rust with Sustainable Processes

Rust is an iron-oxide which means that it’s created when iron (or a compound containing it) is exposed to oxygen. This process is accelerated by the presence of water or moisture in general. Rust patches on your pans, bikes, garden

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True Dedication To Environmental Stewardship

It’s always pleasing to know that most companies that put on an eco-friendly face actually do walk the walk.  Tesla, e.g., pays its employees to bike to work, resulting in even fewer vehicle miles driven than these people would be

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: How to Make Sure Your Home is Receiving Healthy, Drinkable Water

Your home’s water will have a major impact on your family’s comfort and well-being. Tainted water can create a wide variety of health problems including nausea, bacterial infections, and rashes. For those who are unsure how safe their water currently

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From Guest Blogger Ash: Sustainable Travel Tips

Green travel is often misunderstood, with people thinking that they have to sleep in tents, or never use cars to get around. Most people forego even trying to plan an eco-friendly trip because they are under the misconception that traveling

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Eco-Threats To Our Civilization’s Food Supplies

According to The Writer’s Almanac, it’s the anniversary of “Black Sunday” in 1935, the day on which the Great Plains region experienced one of the largest dust storms in American history.  It’s an important reminder of what happens when farm

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From Guest Blogger Katica Maric: We are Running Out of Fresh Water and This is What We Have To Do About It

The data is in and it’s definitely not good. Our planet is running out of fresh water at an alarming rate, because our reserves are being depleted before they’ve had time to replenish themselves. This information is coming directly from

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: Four Ways Innovative Community Designs Can Assist Sustainability Efforts

As designers, architects and engineers continue to learn of the many benefits to the environment related to sustainable communities, the desire for such sociable and workable communities continues to increase. In fact, in the sustainable communities that exist, most of

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