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Our Civilization’s Impact on the Environment

Through a magnificent coincidence, I found this fabulous video cartoon summarizing humankind’s impact on planet Earth just a few days after we celebrated Edvard Grieg’s 174th birthday earlier this week. You’ll immediately recognize the ominous crescendo in the theme (“In

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Human Existence: It’s Icy Cold Out There, But That’s OK

If the 109th birthday of French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre isn’t a good time to discuss the meaning of life, it’s hard to imagine what would be. I agree with Sartre that we live in a universe that is completely indifferent

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From Guest Blogger Emma Joyce: How to Start an Organic Farm Business

We all have a special connection with our planet, so it’s no wonder that many people feel most comfortable and most peaceful when they are in nature. And in today’s industry, where everything is mass-produced, over-sprayed by pesticides and not

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From Guest Blogger Lillian Connors: The Essentials of Organic Garden Protection

Having a garden of your own is a wonderful way to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, but it can bring numerous difficulties in terms of upkeep, maintenance, and security. There is probably no healthier solution for your family than

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From Guest Blogger Diana Smith: New Technological Advancements and Their Effect on the Ecosystem

Technology may have made our lives much easier but it’s safe to say that it comes at a cost. Some of the technologies used every single day by millions of people harm the environment and tend to damage the ecosystem.

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From Guest Blogger Eileen O’Shanassy: Five Smart Technologies for Your Yard

Are you tech savvy and have a love for gardening? Do you just want to have the best lawn in the neighborhood and win that secret competition with your neighbor for best yard? Well look no further than the following

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: Redesigning the Future–How You Can Help Create a More Sustainable World

Sustainability is a concern that many people share. Our world is mobile and consumes abundant amounts of resources every day. Fortunately, there are careers in which finding solutions to the problems we face as a society are front and center.

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From Guest Blogger Diana Smith: Four Ways to Green Your Pet

Research has shown that positive interactions with animals can raise levels of the hormone oxytocin, which helps encourage healing and new cell growth. Therefore, having a pet isn’t good just because you can cuddle and play with them all day

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The Power of Celebrating What We All Share in Common

A friend on Facebook requested that everyone share a photo of the U.S. flag, as a sign of respect. I complied, and added: Citizens of Earth (like me) respect this flag, and the other 195–all at the same time. We

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All of Trump’s Policies Are Good for Somebody. Maybe You’re Among Them.

Jerry Schiano, a fellow I met through 2GreenEnergy from Rhode Island, comments on a post I wrote criticizing president Trump’s policies on the environment, healthcare and public education writes:  I can take eight years of this, can you?

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