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U.S. Ranks First in Some Amazing, If Disturbing, Categories

As far as I can discern, Americans are unique in the world for their capacity to vote against their own interests. This is not some weird speculation; it’s a subject that has been thoroughly explored by people a heck of

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From Guest Blogger Emma Joyce: How to Stay in Trend with an Eco-Friendly Backyard

Having a huge backyard is amazing, but it’s quite useless unless you’re ready to invest time and money into it. Just because most people don’t utilize such a great asset fully doesn’t mean you should do the same as well,

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e.e. cummings Explains What It Means To Be a Complete Human Being

From The Writer’s Almanac: It’s the birthday of poet E.E. Cummings (Edward Estlin Cummings)(books by this author ), born in Cambridge, Massachusetts (1894). He spent most of his life unhappy and irritable in New York, struggling to pay the bills, ostracized by other

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From Guest Blogger James Scott: Five Ways To Make Your Routine More Eco-friendly

Given everything we know about environmental pollution and degradation over the past several years, more and more people opt for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This goes to show how much people actually care about the world they live in, despite

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Check Out This Video: “Ten Human Emotions You Didn’t Know Had Names”

When celebrated actor and humanitarian George Takai shared this wonderful video (below) on Facebook, he wrote that, in his opinion, the main problem in the U.S. right now is that we have too much “anecdoche,” #8 in the sequence, i.e.,

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“Word of the Day” Provides an Occasional Smile

I know I’ve mentioned that my mom and I have a good time joking about the “Word of the Day” on, and kidding each other about our diametrically opposing political views.  Here’s my email to her this morning that

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The Netherlands Has It Goin’ On

Hey, Americans.  If you were going to expatriate, where would you go? As U.S. politics becomes more terrifying and life here becomes more bizarre, an ever-increasing number of us are asking ourselves this precise question.

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From Guest Blogger Amanda Sparks: Five Reasons To Put More Emphasis On Ecology in Education

Ecology has always found its place in education, no matter the country or school at hand. While the academic society reserves ecology for a specialized niche environment, primary and secondary schools all over the world have some kind of eco-education.

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Activists’ Lives Are Actually More Joyous Than They Appear

Here’s a quote from Emerson that I used in one my books in a chapter on environmental activism: “God offers to every mind a choice between repose and truth. Take which you please–you can never have both.”  I.e., living so

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From Guest Blogger Dimitris Papadopoulos: UK Green News Roundup

Britain is an ecologically diverse nation making a concerted effort to move away from fossil fuel use, protect its fauna and flora and create a zero waste economy. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of recent green news stories

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