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The Tragic Consequences of America’s Frittering Away Its Leadership Position in Renewable Energy

Donald Trump’s dwindling support base clings tight to the notion that the president’s policies will bring back jobs into the rust-belt, even though the spokespeople for the dinosaur industries (like coal) have consistently cautioned that this is impossible.  At the

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Science Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

What makes Trump so good at his game is that, like a master magician, he knows how to keep the audience focused precisely where they’ll be unable to see what’s really going on.  Look what’s happened in the past few

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Microgrids in Brooklyn

A colleague in Germany sent me this article in yesterday’s New York Times called, “Solar Experiment Lets Neighbors Trade Energy Among Themselves” and noted that she thought I’d find it interesting. Yes, this is VERY interesting.  In particular, it’s a

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Talkin’ Up Energy at the International Trade Forum

I have to say that I enjoyed the heck out of myself this weekend.  My talk at the International Trade Forum was very well-received, which was a considerable relief considering that about half the attendees were PhDs.

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Insights Into the Exploding World of Technology

Here, my colleague Fritz Maffry offers further evidence that the technology sector of the economy can be expected to become even more dominant with each passing year. He writes:

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Star Trek Taught Us Plenty About Ourselves

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek, a good time to remind ourselves of how truly remarkable this iconic television show is, and, in particular, how it continues to serve as a statement of how noble

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What’s a Rational Course Toward Environmental Sustainability?

Frequent commenter MarcoPolo writes about the urgency with which I propose to tackle our environmental problems: There are two methods of addressing any crisis: 1) Cry doom, despair, calamitous disaster! Rush out and fling yourself upon your horse and ride

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The Times They're a Changin' for the Better

Here’s something that will simultaneously amuse and inspire; it’s a reminder of how quickly our society is evolving towards civility, equality and decency. From the standpoint of energy and environment, remember that a mere 10 years ago, there was virtually

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COP 21 Meetings: A Success By Any Reasonable Measure

There are plenty of people and groups disappointed by the outcome of the Paris COP 21 meetings, in particular, those who stand to suffer most immediately and intensely as a result of climate change, or of the abusive processes related

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Population Control, Energy, and Sustainability

A close friend offers an astute comment based on an observation he and his team made at a certain philanthropic organization: 1.       Let the Gates Foundation concentrate their resources on keeping more people in Africa alive. 2.       We should concentrate on making

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