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From Guest Blogger Steve Clark: Going Green–Renovating a Home on a Budget

If you want to help preserve the nature and reduce the negative effects we have on it, there are plenty of ways. The finances can be an issue until you scratch the surface a bit and find an abundance of

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From Guest Blogger Lauren Williamson: Six Common Factors People Don’t Realise Before Or After Buying Their Dream Car

Do you want to own your dream car? Do you have a model in your head? Do you know what to consider and what to plan before making the purchase?

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How Notions of Virtue Apply In Today’s World (Or Fail To)

From “The Daily Stoic“: U.S. General Fox Connor would tell his young protege Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Always take your job seriously, never yourself.” It’s a paradoxical truth: The responsibilities thrust upon you are important and your duty to those you

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What Would We Do Without Humor In Our Lives?

I just came across this dollar bill, and got a chuckle out of the fact that some prankster somewhere saw fit to make an alteration in our U.S. currency.  Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing, since defacing currency is a crime,

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Some Think Coal Workers Deserved What They Got, Others Offer Them Our Profound Sympathy

One of the great ironies of the “life with Trump” is that, in general, those calling for his removal are harmed by him the least, while those who support him are in the process of having their lives further torn

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From Guest Blogger Diana Smith: Five Green Investment Suggestions for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

One of the greatest misconceptions lies in the idea that true capitalism can’t be eco-friendly, seeing as how it relies so heavily on exploitation. However, in the present state of the global market, nothing could be further from the truth.

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Four Technologically-Advanced Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted every day as a result of human beings’ activities. Emission of carbon dioxide pollutes the environment. Driving, cooking, manufacturing of various products, and heating are some of the common activities

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Next-Gen Concepts in Offshore Wind

When it comes to offshore wind, there are a number of important ideas afloat, if you’ll pardon the pun.  Most of the concepts that will be implemented in the near-term are based on seabed mounting, and likely, most of them

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Free Speech Issues Offer Real-World Challenges

Since the free-speech movement that began at Berkeley in 1967, academia has been beset by the complexities of free expression, namely, the limits past which free speech has no place in a civilization society.  This topic, of course, has come

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Integrating Renewable Energy Resources Requires Some Careful Thought

We can learn a great deal from the European Investment Bank’s recent decision to pump $5 billion to renewables in the Eastern Hemisphere.  Principally, greening up the energy landscape in Europe and Asia is a bit more complicated than dumping

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