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Integrating Renewable Energy Resources Requires Some Careful Thought

We can learn a great deal from the European Investment Bank’s recent decision to pump $5 billion to renewables in the Eastern Hemisphere.  Principally, greening up the energy landscape in Europe and Asia is a bit more complicated than dumping

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Feeling Betrayed by Sessions, Trump Taps Soon-to-be-Released, O. J. Simpson To Head DoJ

Ok, that’s fake news. But would anything surprise you at this point?

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Can We Get To 100% Renewables?

This sounds like an important question, doesn’t it?  After all, we know that the consumption of fossil fuels is causing a huge amount of damage to our environment and our physical health.  No one with any sense denies that we

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From Guest Blogger Dimitris Vlachos: Five Reasons We Should Talk About Environmentalism In Classrooms

Do you know the meaning of the word Tao? Don’t worry if you’ve never even heard about it. I first got familiar with the concept when I moved from the US to teach English in China. Tao broadly means ‘a

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Where Trump Is Taking the Country; Where the Country Is Taking Trump

A commenter suggests that Trump may be sincere about a great number of issues, and that he’s willing to be persuaded by new points of view.  He concluded by asking what happened to the 2GE Alerts (newsletters).

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Hemp Is a Sustainable Building Material with Dozens of Incredible Characteristics–But, Of Course, There’s a Catch

Anyway one looks at it, hemp is a wonder substance.  As a building material, it is easily and inexpensively grown with organic farming methods.  Hemp can be formed in blocks, much like concrete that are naturally terrific insulators, and fire-

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The Tragic Consequences of America’s Frittering Away Its Leadership Position in Renewable Energy

Donald Trump’s dwindling support base clings tight to the notion that the president’s policies will bring back jobs into the rust-belt, even though the spokespeople for the dinosaur industries (like coal) have consistently cautioned that this is impossible.  At the

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Science Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

What makes Trump so good at his game is that, like a master magician, he knows how to keep the audience focused precisely where they’ll be unable to see what’s really going on.  Look what’s happened in the past few

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Microgrids in Brooklyn

A colleague in Germany sent me this article in yesterday’s New York Times called, “Solar Experiment Lets Neighbors Trade Energy Among Themselves” and noted that she thought I’d find it interesting. Yes, this is VERY interesting.  In particular, it’s a

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Talkin’ Up Energy at the International Trade Forum

I have to say that I enjoyed the heck out of myself this weekend.  My talk at the International Trade Forum was very well-received, which was a considerable relief considering that about half the attendees were PhDs.

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