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“We Believe We Are in the Middle of an Energy Transition that is Unstoppable” – Ben van Beurden, Shell CEO

A “SWOT” analysis is a common tool in business; the acronym represents a survey of one’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. As one can imagine, an objective and comprehensive SWOT analysis is something potential investors demand to have in place

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We Live in Orwellian Times

In the event that the new U.S. President’s use of “alternative facts” in his inauguration speech isn’t sufficiently reminiscent of George Orwell for you, let me refer you to this little beauty: Wyoming’s attempt to make the sale of solar

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Small Wind Has No Future

I thought I would reproduce a conversation I’m having with an entrepreneur in small wind in the UK: Entrepreneur: (My company is) based in the UK and UAE has designed an onshore wind turbine (15kW and 50kW) that has a

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Off-Shore Wind May Get Blown Away

The pros and cons of offshore wind are discussed in my most recent book, Bullish on Renewable Energy.  A great deal of this section was contributed by my colleague Gary Tulie, and I’m very grateful for his excellent work and

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Surprise: Wind Power Reported Effective

It’s easy to laugh at reports whose titles state the obvious, like “Unprotected Teen Sex Linked to Unplanned Pregnancies,” or “Research Suggests Obese Ingest Excess Calories.” But apparently, some people need to be presented with data that others may find

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Wind Energy: Rapidly Expanding in Scope “As We Speak”

As noted in this article, the largest wind farm in the world will soon come on line, rated at 2 GW, sufficient to power 800,000 homes. I mention this because of all the comments, especially from the pro-nuke people, that

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Dong Energy CEO Bullish on Offshore Wind

Uh-oh, my pro-nuke, anti-renewables are not going to like this one.  Henrik Poulson, the CEO of Denmark’s Dong Energy says that offshore wind can power the UK without the help of new nuclear plants. The idea that renewables can scale

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Unfortunately, Many Pro-Nuke People Are Anti-Renewables

One of the members of the pro-nuke group at which I hang out writes:  In an amazing admission, environmentalists are now acknowledging that they were wrong to have promoted biofuels! This came about due to the overwhelming evidence that biofuels

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Bucking the Tide in Small Wind

Although I’m bearish on small wind generally, I have to say that I’m impressed with the work that my friend Dan Bates, CEO of WindStream Technologies, has done in this space; I hope you’ll check out the video linked below. 

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No Surprise Here, Wind Turbine Cost-Effectiveness Continues to Improve

2GreenEnergy mega-supporter Gary Tulie provided a major contribution to my last book (Bullish on Renewable Energy – 14 Reasons that Clean Energy Investors Can’t Lose), where he wrote several terrific pages on the optimization of wind turbines, i.e., how big

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