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From Guest Blogger Matt: Rooftop Wind Turbines

There is a lot of talk about green living nowadays, about energy efficient, sustainable homes, about reducing the consumption of energy by using and reusing natural resources and materials. This is all with the purpose of reducing pollution, waste, and

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Wind Power: No Hoopla, Just Jobs, and an Approach to Energy that Isn’t Ruining the Planet

With all the banter about arctic drilling, tar sands, shale oil, the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, returning jobs in coal, and Exxon’s (coincidental?) request of the lifting of sanctions on Russia, it’s good to keep

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Oklahoma’s Winds May Come Sweeping Down the Plains, But the State Whacks Production Tax Credit (PTC) for Wind Energy

Those who may be fixated on kleptocracy that the U.S. federal government has become should be aware that certain of the states are excelling at lying and conducting corrupt business practices as well.  Take Oklahoma, for instance, with its dogged

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Airborne Wind

Even since the advent of large-scale commercial wind energy in the 1990s, there has been a certain interest in airborne wind, as illustrated here. In principle, it offers all the benefits of offshore wind, on steroids.  It’s less visible than

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Big Oil Embracing Clean Energy….In Some Cases

Soon after the inception of 2GreenEnergy in 2009, my brother asked me why Big Oil doesn’t diversify into renewables.  I replied that it was a matter of core competencies; there are few if any synergies between oil exploration and the

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Setting Stratospheric Records in Wind Power

The main reason to be “Bullish on Renewable Energy“ (as the saying goes) is that to a large degree, its expansion is independent of politics.  According to Reuters, for a brief period last Sunday, the U.S. powered a full 50% of its

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What’s Not Rotten in Denmark: On This Day, Every Kilowatt-Hour of Their Electricity Was Generated By Wind

Yes, Denmark used not a single gram of fossil fuel (or anything else besides wind) to generate its electricity today. Naysayers will point out that Denmark is atypical in its vast wind resources, its small population,  and its proximity to

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“We Believe We Are in the Middle of an Energy Transition that is Unstoppable” – Ben van Beurden, Shell CEO

A “SWOT” analysis is a common tool in business; the acronym represents a survey of one’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. As one can imagine, an objective and comprehensive SWOT analysis is something potential investors demand to have in place

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We Live in Orwellian Times

In the event that the new U.S. President’s use of “alternative facts” in his inauguration speech isn’t sufficiently reminiscent of George Orwell for you, let me refer you to this little beauty: Wyoming’s attempt to make the sale of solar

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Small Wind Has No Future

I thought I would reproduce a conversation I’m having with an entrepreneur in small wind in the UK: Entrepreneur: (My company is) based in the UK and UAE has designed an onshore wind turbine (15kW and 50kW) that has a

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