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Germany Blows Us Away with Its Commitment to Onshore and Offshore Wind

As shown at left and discussed in this article from Bloomberg, Germany’s massive installation of wind (on top of its solar) has, for the first time, pushed its electricity generation from renewable sources above that of coal and nuclear. As

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Adding Energy Storage To Solar and Wind

It goes without saying that integrating storage to wind and solar energy adds value.  Not only does it provide dispatchable power from sources that would have otherwise been intermittent, but it also allows the owner to sell “ancillary services” such

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An Optimistic Look At Our Energy Future

We’d all like to know: What does the future of energy look like? In large measure, it’s a function of what happens with nuclear. 

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How Would-be Inventors Lose Credibility

Here’s an email I just received from a Greek citizen now living in China, who writes: After 15 years of scientific research I completed the construction of a wind turbine model with an extremely high efficiency and operation at very low

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How Much Do Solar and Wind Require Natural Gas Backup? 

As I’m mentioned, I’m a part of a pro-nuke online community that has a strange antipathy toward renewables.  One might think that proponents of one low-carbon energy solution would respect those of another, but not in this case.  They offer

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Lots To Like About OffShore Wind, But….

Here’s an article suggesting: “We could power the whole of human civilization with wind turbines in the open sea.” Perhaps we need to define what we mean by “could.”

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When You’re Carrying a BIG Wind Turbine Blade, There’s No Such Thing as a LITTLE Problem

To get a sense for what it’s like trucking a 189-foot-long wind turbine blade onto a remote site with non-optimum road conditions, I offer you the video below.  It made me smile, and I hope it does the same for

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Next-Gen Concepts in Offshore Wind

When it comes to offshore wind, there are a number of important ideas afloat, if you’ll pardon the pun.  Most of the concepts that will be implemented in the near-term are based on seabed mounting, and likely, most of them

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A Renewable Energy Product Whose Total Available Market Is …. Nonexistent

Here’s a wind energy product that literally nobody could possibly need, which, as far as I am aware makes this unique. First, we need to eliminate anyone with access to the grid.  Then let’s get rid of anyone anywhere near

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Renewable Energy Products that Cause Embarrassment To the Industry

One of the challenges facing solar and wind energy is capacity factor, i.e. the ratio of the total energy generated by a device to the total energy that it’s potentially capable of generating (multiplied by 100, to make a percentage).

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