2GreenEnergy.com Bringing Together Clean Energy Investors with the Strongest Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities2017-08-20T22:07:19Z http://www.2greenenergy.com/feed/atom/ http://www.2greenenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/favicon-1.png craigshields <![CDATA[People Love Teslas–For Several Different Reasons]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67921 2017-08-20T22:07:19Z 2017-08-20T22:04:29Z ]]> how-does-the-tesla-model-s-p100dWhen American car-buyers were given 12 different criteria for making their purchase, “performance/speed” ranked a healthy fourth (behind price, fuel economy, and style).

Perhaps this figure may be tailing off slightly as baby boomers age and tend not to care about this a bit less, but it’s still quite important, as evidenced by the enduring appeal and robust sales figures for the classic American muscle cars like the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang, as well as by the strength of the market for the many foreign entrants: Porsche, etc.

This, of course, is good news for Tesla, whose Model S P100D provides 588 horsepower at the wheels and 920 lb-ft of torque.  Here’s a cool video of the speedster nosing out a ($530,000) Lamborghini.

Many people look at the price tag of the Tesla and brush it off as impossibly expensive, overlooking the fact that its performance rivals (if not exceeds) sports cars costing literally five times more.

craigshields <![CDATA[No One Knows Where Trump’s War on Science and the Environment Will End]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67914 2017-08-20T17:39:53Z 2017-08-20T17:33:16Z ]]> 20170422_131200As we have discussed previously, estimating the cost to the environment associated with the Trump administration is an impossible task.  For one, it’s a moving target, in that it never stops–and it will never stop, for a great many years after the president is removed from office and we begin to pick up the pieces and initiate the repairs.  

Per this article in the Washington Post, the federal advisory panel for the National Climate Assessment is disbanded–as of today.  When we get up tomorrow morning, there will no longer be a group within the federal government focused on assisting policymakers and private-sector officials in interpreting key data points in government’s climate analysis and building them into their long-term planning.

Of course, all this is happening in the context of North Korea, Charlottesville, ties to Russia, and utter chaos in the White House; no one expects news on dismantling environmental protections to make the front pages.  In fact, that’s part of makes this whole thing so pernicious: Americans’ attention is being thrown and tumbled around like a tennis shoe in a clothes dryer. No one has any idea what shocking horror we’ll be talking about 48 hours from now.

But let’s keep this in mind: physics doesn’t have an attention span– long or short; it doesn’t give a damn what we think or do.  It just acts in conformity with its well understood principles–unfortunately, to the great detriment of humankind.

craigshields <![CDATA[A Contributed Post: Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Bags]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67908 2017-08-20T16:30:20Z 2017-08-20T16:27:40Z ]]> TurtleThe world of modern convenience has made life easier, but has also taken us away from thinking about our choices in many situations. Everything we do has consequences, but the conveniences brought about by modern technology and advancements have helped us overlook where we might be contributing negatively. In the case of plastic bags, there are many important reasons why people should carefully consider whether they’re the best option for transporting items. In order to shed some light on this problem, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should toss those plastic bags to the wind (metaphorically speaking) and look for a different option instead.

They’re Wasteful

The number of plastic bags used in the United States alone is roughly 100 billion each year. Think about all of the resources that are used to produce these bags, and how – in most cases – these resources cannot be used to produce other items. The main reasoning behind that is because most plastic bags are trashed instead of recycled, making it nearly impossible to recover those raw materials and reuse them. With a planet that contains a finite amount of resources, it’s pretty silly to be wasting those resources on items we simply throw away and cannot ever reuse.

They’re Harmful

Besides the fact that the vast majority of plastic bags are used once and then discarded, the bags themselves are harmful to the environment through each phase of their lifetime. In order to produce the bags, more oil must be extracted from the earth, creating a wave of pollution in its own right. The production of plastic leads to harmful chemicals and tainted water being released into the environment, causing further damage. When the bag is used and subsequently discarded, it takes up to 1,000 years for the bag to fully break down – and during that time, it continues to leech harmful chemicals into the water and soil.

They’re Inferior

The great thing about ditching plastic bags is that there are so many other great choices and alternatives available. Take for instance the use of insulated cooler bags: these items can help protect frozen and refrigerated foods from spoiling in short amounts of time, meaning that you don’t have to rush home from the grocery store. Another great choice for shopping are custom tote bags that include everything from built-in pockets to zippers. You’ll never have to worry about the bag ripping, tearing or crushing fragile items again.

They’re Politically Influential

The mere presence of plastic bags in our society creates a variety of weird political relationships and behaviors that are just bad for democracy in general. First of all, the politics surrounding oil and petroleum products means that sovereign nations must bow to oil-producing states due to the need for their products; by kicking your addiction to plastic bags, you’re helping to minimize that effect. Additionally, there are entire lobbying groups that focus solely on the propagation of plastic bags and the continued use of oil – and they’re spending big money to convince your elected officials to continue supporting them! Ultimately, no business or industry should be able to buy influence over the voters.

Plastic bags aren’t just ugly: they’re dangerous, politically influential, wasteful and inferior to other choices on the market. By kicking the habit, you’ll be doing yourself, your environment and your democracy a huge favor.

Lauren Williamson <![CDATA[From Guest Blogger Lauren Williamson: Five Important Scrap Metal Recycling Tips]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67831 2017-08-18T17:17:23Z 2017-08-19T17:12:08Z ]]> scrap-metal-recycling-20rimsLet’s face it – in today’s day and age, you can be sure of the fact that there are more than enough scrap metal yards around. Well, that saves you the unnecessary hassle of having to take matters into your hands for a start. It could be the case of you making an inquiry about the scrap batteries price or any other scrap material price, it does not matter. The underlying point is that there are enough number of services to take care of all kinds of scrap materials across the board.

All across the world, scrap metal recycling is a big business that is only going to get bigger. Apart from there being literally millions and millions of tons to recycling every year, there are enough people who also make a living recycling all kinds of metals.

That having been said, how about the people who really have little to no clue about the required knowledge concerning various metals? In order to ensure that all scrap metal is disposed of well, one must know where the scrap yards are as well as pick up a few tips. Here are those tips:-

  • Locating the scrap: You need to understand and realize the fact that scrap metal could be pretty much anything from used appliances to even old metal piping, old metal tools and generally anything that has outlived its usefulness in particular. Hence the first step is always the location of the concerned scrap materials.
  • Storage: Now once the scrap metals are located, there needs to be a proper place to keep them. As simple as that. Not only do they ensure that all the material stays in one plays, but also cut down on the number of trips that you will need to make to the specific recycling facility.
  • Valuable pieces: With scrap, there are also specific valuable pieces that one needs to keep in mind. For example, a toaster or oven will have several smaller parts that you will be able to salvage to a certain degree. So make sure that you collect those pieces separately.
  • Industrial magnets: Investing in an industrial magnet is your best bet. This is mainly in order to determine whether the scrap metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. Ferrous metals will not stick to the magnet and are hence, worth more to the scrap yard.
  • Maintaining a good rapport with scrap yards: Once you research the best scrap yard in your particular area, then you will need to work towards establishing a good relationship with them. If you happen to be a regular client, this aspect will not be much of a problem.Additionally, once you have gotten to know a multitude of them, you will be knowledgeable about the differing prices as well as the restrictions and regulations concerning various metals.

It would be worthwhile noting that recycling metals, not only end up helping the environment in every way, but they also happen to counteract the depletion of natural resources as well. Both of these aspects are more than enough to make you want to do your part in preserving the environment as much as possible.

Ultimately, it would be wise of you to keep all of the tips in mind, if you happen to be generating scrap metal on a fairly regular basis. This is mainly because, not only does heaps of scrap metal lying around on your plot prove to be unsightly, but also the fact that you need to do your bit to keep the surroundings as clean as possible.

craigshields <![CDATA[Should We Tolerate Intolerance?]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67894 2017-08-19T19:15:05Z 2017-08-19T16:51:33Z ]]> 4782e91df08027afba10288be3dd3072It’s said that man is basically good, i.e., that most people are kind, helpful, productive, and sane individuals, perfectly capable of living harmoniously in society.  Those who hold this belief, however, are forced to adopt some theory that explains things like the rise of entire regimes of fascism, hate, intolerance, and persecution of different races and religions.  To simplify this, take the world as it exists today.  Yes, we have Nazis wishing to exterminate Jews, white supremacists wishing to lynch blacks, Boko Haram kidnapping young girls, and ISIS beheading Christians and committing horrific acts of terror in countries around the globe.  Now, estimate the total number of adherents there are to these abhorrent ideals, as compared to the total world population.  Let’s overshoot and that say that it’s 1%, which would be 73 million people. If that’s true, for every one of these terrible people, there are 99 others simply trying to live in peace.

Then ask yourself, to pick a hate group at random, how is it possible that Nazis are “a thing” again here in the U.S., when their ideology is so broadly opposed? Obviously, one could suggest that they are emboldened by the actions of the U.S. president, and sadly, there’s little doubt of that.  But we need something larger and more comprehensive than just the behavior of a single man.

Here’s my theory: good people, by definition, don’t fight dirty.  We don’t really want to fight at all.  Yes, Nazis exterminate Jews.  I don’t even exterminate spiders; I capture them and release them outside.  Don’t get me wrong, I think any decent person would happily blow someone’s head off if we saw someone trying to drive a car into a crowd of innocent people, but it would require an opportunity as rare as that to force us to kill.

This whole discussion of tolerating intolerance is presented very nicely in the graphic here, in which Karl Popper, generally regarded as the 20th Century’s greatest philosopher of science, comes back to life and carries on a conversation on this very point.  Enjoy.

craigshields <![CDATA[Saluting Two of the World’s Great Movements]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67872 2017-08-18T16:46:57Z 2017-08-18T16:42:08Z ]]> bioneers_paul-hawken_1920x1080On this date in 1920, American women won the right to vote, as the congress ratified the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  This is a wonderful example of our civilization’s progress driven by scores of of dedicated people, working in concert over a period of several generations, who refused to give up until their aim was reached. 

This, of course, draws comparisons to the environmental movement whose purpose is to morph our society into one that satisfies its own needs without impeding future denizens of planet Earth from satisfying theirs.

We are fortunate enough to live in a world inhabited by an enormous number of people whose life’s work is making this happen.  The sustainability movement is unique, however, in many interesting ways.  As legendary entrepreneur, author and environmental activist Paul Hawken has pointed out, the movement, though the largest in the world today, has “no name, no leader, and no location.  It’s a formless interweaving of the over 1 million nonprofits and 100 million people who daily work for the preservation and restoration of life on earth.”

A little bit of poetry to brighten your day.

craigshields <![CDATA[Thought You’d Seen Every Conceivable Position on Climate Change and its Mitigation?  Nope.]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67870 2017-08-18T16:22:22Z 2017-08-18T16:22:22Z ]]> fli-food-production-climate-changeHere’s a radio interview that aired yesterday with British MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who appears likely to take over control of the Conservative Party from PM Theresa May.  There are lots of wild things to be learned about this gentleman, but here’s something you won’t find elsewhere: a unique approach to climate change. 

Rees-Mogg is a believer in the AGW (anthropogenic global warming) theory, and he advocates spending resources to deal with it.  But it’s where and how those pounds should be invested that make this is one-of-a-kind proposal.  He wants to use engineering to adapt to rising sea levels.

No changes in energy consumption, or other contributors to the problem. No attempt to deal with desertification, shortages of food and potable water, wildfires, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, or rising mortality rates from airborne toxins. Just seawalls (or whatever) put in place to address the world’s (1.8 million mile) coastlines.

I was driving when I heard this and I laughed so hard I had to steady the car to keep from veering into another lane of traffic.

If it’s possible for a man with this position to be taken seriously, it makes one wonder: What will we have next?  A world leader who maintains control of his government and the popular support of one-third of its people after publicly defending the Nazis and the KKK?  Could something like this really happen?  Oh, wait….

craigshields <![CDATA[Renewable Energy Saves Lives, Dollars]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67866 2017-08-18T23:13:34Z 2017-08-18T00:11:21Z ]]> Agucadoura_WindFloat_Prototype-696x522Doesn’t it always feel good to get a bargain?  Don’t we have greater affinity for the possessions we acquired at some fabulous discount than those for which we feel we might have overpaid? Well, good news: this same good feeling carries through to renewable energy.

According to Dr. Dev Millstein of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the monetary value of the air quality and climate benefits associated with solar and wind are equal or more than state and federal financial support these industries. That means renewable energy pays for itself–in hard-dollar cost reductions themselves.

Here’s more from Dr. Millstein on the monetary value of the 10-fold increase in wind and solar generation from 2007 to 2015: “The cumulative wind and solar air quality benefits were $29.7bn to $112.8bn–mostly from 3,000 to 12,700 avoided premature mortalities that would have stemmed from fossil-fuel generation” that was spewing vast amounts of dangerous pollutants, including particulates.

Again we see at work here the overarching principle by which renewables will achieve dominance in today’s energy market: pure economics.  As discussed in “Bullish on Renewable Energy,” people will always take action to save money, and thus renewable energy, the bargain of the century, will soon win the day–regardless of our concern for the environment (or lack thereof).


craigshields <![CDATA[Neo-Nazis: Are We Overthinking This?]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67849 2017-08-17T23:37:14Z 2017-08-17T19:10:55Z ]]> Cantwell1We all struggle to understand the neo-Nazis.  Is this some form of mental illness, exacerbated by mob rule?  How do these people consider themselves a “master race?” Is this a genetic mutation gone horribly wrong?  The result of bad parenting or a failed educational system?

Maybe we’re all working too hard at this.  It could be that there’s no real answer, but that understanding the problem isn’t required to solving it. Can’t we simply use our legal system to lock up these lawbreakers as we would prosecute any other form of violent criminal activity?

Second degree murder with a motor vehicle? 30 years – life.  See you in 2040 if you’re lucky. Be sure to write your momma.  Next!

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon? You’ll have 10 – 15 years to learn how to fight off people whose race offends you, some of whom may think you look pretty fetching in your little orange jumpsuit.  Of course, you won’t have that baseball bat you used to smash people’s bones in the riot, so good luck with that.  So long.  Next!

With all the irrefutable video evidence of assault and battery, rioting, vandalism, hate crimes, terrorism, etc., a great many of the white supremacist morons in Charlottesville should be sent away for a long time.  Maybe the prison psychologists can figure out what deep-seated motivations drove them to violence. Maybe not. Who cares? I sure don’t.  Just get them out of here.

Doing this accomplishes two important things simultaneously:

 It’s a demonstration to people of all ages and all races that equal protection under the law (14th Amendment) actually means something in the U.S.  Native Americans in North Dakota won’t be wondering why they got pepper-sprayed for protecting their water, when the police stood around watching white people drive their cars into those with differing ideas in an effort to “take their country back.”  Law-abiding black people in Baltimore will experience a renewed belief in their country when they see white policemen hauling off violent white felons by the busload.

 It’s a message to Klansmen everywhere: commit a crime and you’ll be in prison for a very long time.  We already lock up 2.3 million people here, so Lord knows that another couple thousand sick freaks isn’t going to put any real additional strain on the system.

No one, even the subhumans under discussion, likes getting locked up.  Look at this neo-Nazi crying when he realizes there’s a warrant out for his arrest.

Btw, can someone explain how waving a Nazi flag is protected by the First Amendment right to free expression, given that it’s tantamount to making a threat?  It’s no different than waving a banner that reads: “If you’re not white, I’m here to harm you.”  Once we realize that and categorize this behavior as the crime that it is, we take a great deal of these people off the street before they ever pick up their cudgels and torches.

As usual, we don’t need new laws, extraordinary solutions, or amazing breakthroughs in ingenuity.  We need common sense, and the swift and fair application of law.

Our kids are watching.  So is the rest of the world (during the moments that they’re not doubled-over, vomiting in disgust).


Lauren Williamson <![CDATA[From Guest Blogger Lauren Williamson: Four Main Benefits of an Eco-friendly Cleaning Service]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=67827 2017-08-17T16:45:22Z 2017-08-17T16:42:49Z ]]> eco-clean-servicesToday is undoubtedly the day and age for going down the eco-friendly path, mainly due to most people’s waking up to the fact that every person needs to have a basic sense of responsibility towards conserving and saving the environment as a whole. In this realm of eco-friendly cleaning, this fact holds just as true.

Even though some people merely consider it a passing trend or a fad, it is clearly a lot more than that. To a great number of people out there, it is actually an extension of how they live their lives on a daily basis. Since most of us happen to be living such fast-paced lives with hardly any time to breathe, forget even clean, we often end up making the wrong decision in this regard.

The hiring of cheap and affordable cleaning services may be a temporary fix, but it will not help in the long run. In fact, making this move will actually have an adverse effect on you and your family’s health. Why? Because a great many of these products create a very unhealthy environment due to them being filled with a lot of harmful toxins in general.

So before you hastily start looking for eco-friendly cleaning companies in Perth, you need to first take a good look and thoroughly understand the overall benefits of hiring an eco-friendly cleaning service.

  • Better air quality: Not only do most eco-friendly cleaning services improve the general quality of the indoor air, but this completely neutralizes any health issues like headaches caused by polluting elements.
  • Natural air cleaning: Although this might come as a bit of a surprise to most of you out there, a lot of green companies do give out a list of recommendations on ways to ensure that your home air is healthy and clean. Certain suggestions include using certain plants with broad green leaves that end up filtering your indoor air, as well as the burning of natural scented oils.
  • Biodegradability and recycling: Most of the cleaning liquids are biodegradable and happen to be provided in recyclable containers. Additionally, they happen to come in high concentrations so that people can dilute them for use.
  • Dry cleaning: Although a lot of people don’t know this, the fact of the matter is that normal dry cleaners happen to use an extremely toxic substance. This is bound to have adverse effects on you and your family. However, in the case of eco-friendly dry cleaning services, simple and harmless carbon dioxide is used for the same function.

By using environment-friendly cleaning services, you are doing a lot more than ensuring than merely the air in your house is kept free from harmful residues and pollutants of every kind. You are also playing your part in making sure that each of us moves towards a healthier living environment in general. Additionally, you are also making sure that no one in your home is subjected to the risk of being exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals that could potentially lead to further sickness and allergies.

With a fairly long list of benefits, it should really not surprise anyone that more and more people are turning to green cleaning services in order to ensure that their homes are cleaned in a safe and efficient manner. After all, the sense of basic responsibility towards your surroundings needs to be ingrained in every single person out there.