2GreenEnergy.com Bringing Together Clean Energy Investors with the Strongest Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities2017-03-24T00:30:45Z http://www.2greenenergy.com/feed/atom/ http://www.2greenenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/favicon-1.png craigshields <![CDATA[Imagine the Lives of the Quakers in These Brutal Times]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65377 2017-03-24T00:30:45Z 2017-03-24T00:01:59Z ]]> Imagine the Lives of the Quakers in These Brutal TimesI had the good fortune to spend my K – 12 years at the world’s oldest Quaker school, Penn Charter, founded in 1689.  As the name suggests, the school was put in place by William Penn, the man who will always be most closely associated with this religion of tolerance, peace, contemplation and mutual respect.

Since its inception, the institution has been managed by a group of “overseers,” a stalwart but largely unseen group, who work behind the scenes to ensure that the school operates according to its core beliefs, and consistently turns out well educated, well rounded graduates of solid character.  Although the emphasis is on academic excellence, it was apparent to me and everyone else—even in our kindergarten class (1960)–that the school expected a great deal from each of us in terms of kindness to one another and thoughtfulness about life itself.

Penn himself will forever be remembered as one of the great peacemakers in the history of the Western World.  Using the fundamental Quaker belief that all people are equal under God, he befriended and protected the local indigenous people (the Delaware Indians), never tolerating the Europeans’ tendency to oppress and enslave people who looked and spoke differently than they, and whom they could easily subjugate. This approach of pacifism and compassion lasted well after Penn’s death in 1718, until it was eventually extinguished by the settlers’ insatiable demand for land and other resources, that culminated in the mass slaughter of the American Indians in the 19th Century and other more recent atrocities.

Here comes the reason for this post: I feel profoundly sympathetic for these aforementioned overseers. Think about this: their charter prohibits their taking a uniform political stand for or against any U.S. president or political party, but they manage a peace-loving organization in a world in which the Trump administration, day by day, is aggressively dismantling everything they stand for: quality education for all, diplomacy, compassion, peaceful relationships in general and nuclear nonproliferation in particular, human equality, respect for science, and environmental stewardship.

Yes, nonviolence and silence are two entirely distinct things, and Quakers, over the centuries, have been quite bold in their assertions about the immorality of war.  But when it comes down to specifics of politics, the school leaders must remain mute, and though I live 2,500 miles away now, I can almost feel the waves of frustration pulsing across the continent, and striking a resonant chord within me as a Penn Charter graduate.

Since I’m not constrained by the bylaws of Penn Charter or any other institution, I have the luxury of speaking my mind, and so I’ll do that:  Let us all pray for a quick and smooth end to this international nightmare, and a swift return to the principles that, at one time, really did make this nation great—those that include so many of the Quaker tenets: decency, equality, and compassion.

Lillian Connors <![CDATA[From Guest Blogger Lillian Connors: An Introduction to Earth-Friendly Metal Paint]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65176 2017-03-21T21:29:58Z 2017-03-23T21:08:37Z ]]> Earth-Friendly Metal PaintTaking care of the environment has become every person’s duty ever since the rise of global warming effects and industrialization that is polluting the Earth. From water and electricity consumption, to the type of car you drive, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the fragile state our planet is in. What kind of material we expose our surroundings to is no different, and if you haven’t heard about eco-friendly paint by now, it’s about time it made its way into your life. The Earth will certainly be thankful. 
Why is Conventional Paint Bad?

Before we get into the details about eco-friendly paint, let’s shed some light on the problems surrounding the conventional paint. Have you ever noticed that you get slightly dizzy, nauseous or your head starts to hurt when you inhale paint fumes while trying to spruce up your bedroom or renew the kitchen paintjob? These symptoms come as no coincidence, and they could have some long-term effects.

Traditional paints constitute of chemical compounds such as formaldehyde, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. These compounds are hazardous both for the environment as well as people, especially if reaches our lungs, enters the water supplies or starts leaking into the soil.

Further, people – like professional decorators and home painters – who are regularly exposed to conventional paints have a 40% higher chance of developing lung cancer. Having that in mind, it comes as no surprise that traditional paint is detrimental to the health of anyone surrounded by it, which can be seen in the number of allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Additionally, the process of paint production is hazardous to the Earth, resulting in 30 l of toxic waste generated for every liter of paint made. Bear in mind that this is the petrochemical industry which uses unsustainable resources that damage the Earth and contribute greatly to the emission of greenhouse gasses, further aggravating the problem of global warming.

How Can Eco-Paint Save the Day?

While anything truly eco-friendly is very difficult to find, one thing is for sure – eco paints have less chemical compounds than traditional paints or they might be completely free of them. There is no clearly drawn line that separates the requirements for ecological paints and traditional paints, but the way they are manufactured can be very different so make sure to read the label carefully. Ecological paints can be derived from sustainable, ethical sources and can contain raw ingredients based on organic materials.

Probably one of the best aspects of ecological paint production is that it comes from environmentally friendly sources and that the waste produced during manufacturing is turned into compost. So, whether you are painting the inside of your house or you’re working on renewing metal surfaces like fences and security bars, be sure to find a lasting eco-friendly paint that will preserve the material, making it shiny and vibrant.

How to Use Ecological Paint

Let’s say that you need to re-paint your garage door. What you want to do is use eco metal paint, and follow the process that comes before its application. You cannot simply add paint to a corroded surface.

First of all, you will need to determine what type of metal you are trying to paint. For instance, ferrous metals are susceptible to rust and deterioration while galvanized metals are treated against rust, but both have their specific needs when it comes to painting. When painting ferrous metals, you will need to remove any and all rust from the surface and prime it for painting, while galvanized metal has an oily coating that you have to wash off in order to allow for the paint to adhere.

Additionally, there are various items made of metal that require a unique approach. Wrought iron patio furniture is typically exposed to the outdoor elements and it should be painted with quality metal paint that provides furniture with much-needed protection, in addition to being safe for the environment.

Eco-paint is not easy to come by as the market is completely dominated by conventional paint manufacturers, so your best chances of finding the product you need is by going online. There you can find special deals and search for paints that will fit your ethical standards, and you will be able to paint to your heart’s content without exposing yourself or the environment to any danger.

craigshields <![CDATA[Solar-Powered Motor]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65367 2017-03-23T00:19:24Z 2017-03-22T23:21:54Z ]]> Solar-Powered MotorSomeone on Facebook writes:  This (see video) is probably the Best Solar Powered Motor! We can look forward to using this technology in the Automobile Industry as well.  What’s your say?

There are a few things you need to understand:

• The power derived from solar PV is proportional to the surface area exposed.

• The Earth receives about 1000 Watts / square meter.

• PV is about 20% efficient, meaning that we get 200 Watts / square meter = about 1/4 horsepower (less inefficiencies, which will be significant.)

• There is some math (that I’ll leave out) associated with the fact that most of the incident sunlight strikes the motor at various oblique angles.

The net of this is that a machine of this type that could generate 100 horsepower would sit on several acres, rendering it supremely impractical to power a car.   Sorry.





craigshields <![CDATA[U.S. Meeting Paris Accord Targets–This Week Anyway]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65361 2017-03-22T17:56:08Z 2017-03-22T17:56:08Z ]]> U.S. Meeting Paris Accord Targets--This Week AnywayGood news.  Ironically, the U.S. is currently on track to meet its targets associated with the Paris Accord on climate.  Note the emphasis on “currently”; based on what’s happening in the EPA, the U.S. clearly has no intention on staying on course—or even acknowledging that such a course exists.

Here’s what senior energy analyst Glenn Doty wrote:

Trump and Pruitt just made it legal for the coal companies to dump coal ash into rivers.  We’ll see a large scale uptick in cancer and heavy metal poisoning for the next few years, and once we manage to rid our government of GOP officials we’ll get back to enforcing clean water rules… but for the next few years the coal ash will just flow out to sea, and we’ll have a lot more sickness and death. The coal barons will see a slightly higher profit as the industry dwindles.

Sad stuff.  Lots of work to be done to turn this around.

craigshields <![CDATA[The Soon-To-Be-Overturned Clean Power Act]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65358 2017-03-22T17:54:37Z 2017-03-22T17:43:47Z ]]> The Soon-To-Be-Overturned Clean Power ActThose living outside the U.S. may be a bit flummoxed by America’s posture on climate change mitigation, and, in particular, overturning one of the previous administration’s signature achievements, the Clean Power Act that would shutter the dirtiest of our coal-fired power plants and prohibit the construction of new ones.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes out of your day and check out this article from today’s New York Times, discussing this dramatic change of position on coal, which is 100% certain to increase the number of cases of cancer and deaths from ingestion of heavy metals. 

Opinion: Deliberately destroying the planet and the health of everyone and everything on it is evil.  If you challenge the use of the word “evil” here, it’s hard to know what you reserve it for.

There is one amusing aspect of this, however.  From the article:  The message they are sending to the rest of the world is that they don’t believe climate change is serious. It’s shocking to see such a degree of ignorance from the United States,” said Mario J. Molina (pictured), a Nobel Prize-winning scientist from Mexico who advises nations on climate change policy.

LOL.  If you’re shocked to see ignorance emanating from the U.S., you haven’t been paying attention.

craigshields <![CDATA[A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to  Environmental Catastrophe]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65354 2017-03-22T17:47:11Z 2017-03-22T17:28:10Z ]]> A Funnel Thing Happened on the Way to  Environmental CatastropheEven with all the ignorance and indifference to human suffering that are the hallmarks of the current administration here in the U.S., economics appears to be winning the day, ushering in massive amounts of wind energy at the expense of coal.

That’s the reason economics is sometimes referred to as “the mother discipline, ” i.e., nothing else really matters with regard to the proliferation or demise of a certain technology.

From the introduction to Bullish on Renewable Energy:

I’m reminded of the econ 101 class I took freshman year, where our professor lovingly referred to economics as the “mother discipline,” meaning, of course, that this is the arena in which all practical concerns are resolved.  “In what field do you plan to major, Mr. Shields?” he called on me at random the first week of class, startling me slightly.  “Ah, physics, sir,” I responded.   “Splendid, Mr. Shields.  I’m sure that, at some point in your life, you’ll contribute some excellent new ideas to that fascinating subject.  But do you know what will determine whether those ideas ever see the light of day in the real world, outside your office walls?”  I simply nodded and smiled.  He had made his point without the need for either of us to verbalize the answer to his question.

Of course, if there are additional pressures in favor of a certain area of commerce, e.g., people’s interest in doing the right thing, so much the better. But ironically, clean energy is going to prosper regardless of our civilization’s regrettable lack of concern for saving itself from environmental ruin.

craigshields <![CDATA[True Patriots Should Heed the Call of Renewable Energy]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65346 2017-03-22T17:49:32Z 2017-03-22T17:16:37Z ]]> True Patriots Should Heed the Call of Renewable EnergyBy now, a few important things have been established about the U.S. economy:

• Due to falling demand, jobs in coal mining are not coming back, regardless of the completeness with which environmental regulations are gutted.

• Jobs in solar and wind energy are growing at a much faster pace than the economy as a whole. 

• The rest of the world is applying a full-court press to the challenges posed by fossil fuel consumption.

Here’s an article that documents the $19 trillion boost to the world economy associated with the migration to renewables.  The only question is this: will the federal government be a help or a hindrance in carving out a high percentage of these jobs for Americans, or will it remain a slave to the oil companies and block the road to prosperity?

In truth, there is no answer to that question that is set in stone;  it’s up to us, the governed, to make the call.

Let’s get this one right.  Let’s not let one bad decision (November 8th, 2016) cause us to make another one now.

I think it was Miles Davis who said, “The success or failure of the performance of a piece isn’t a function of the first mistake;  it’s a function of what happens immediately after the first mistake.”

Let’s regain our composure and move boldly on.

dixiesomers <![CDATA[From Guest Blogger Dixie Somers: Five Innovations in Green Dentistry]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65332 2017-03-22T18:17:56Z 2017-03-22T01:01:59Z ]]> Earth-Friendly Metal PaintGreen techniques are beginning to make their way into all aspects of your world, and dentistry is no exception. While green dentistry may be a newer term, it includes numerous practices that some dentists have been using for many years. Many of these dentists are members of the Eco-Dentistry Association and practice some if not all of the following habits in their offices.

Digital Radiography

Traditional dentistry called for the use of physical radiographic films taken in huge rooms with the use of lead and silver that are disseminated into the surroundings. However, green dentists use digital radiography instead to reduce these chemicals and to decrease the amount of physical space needed to store these films. Today’s digital X-rays are also far superior to traditional X-rays.

Adhesion Dentistry

When repairing teeth and using fillings, the traditional dentist turned to silver amalgam fillings. Not only were these fillings an eyesore for in your mouth, but they also produced plenty of chemical waste. Green dentists choose to use safer materials, such as composites or porcelain, which not only look better for you but also decrease the chance of heavy metal waste making it into the water.

Fewer Chemicals

While chemical and heavy metal use in the mouth has decreased, chemical use throughout the dentist’s office is also changing. Green dentists try to use biodegradable sanitizers for hard surfaces and choose steam sterilization over chemical sterilization for metal tools. This keeps the air and the water supply clean.

Reusable Linens

Instead of using paper gowns and napkins, green dentists choose reusable linens that can be thoroughly sanitized with hot water and steam. Headrest covers and other supplies are often washed and dried in energy-star rated appliances.

Innovations at the Reception Desk

The green dentist ensures that it is more than the examination rooms that are environmentally friendly. Key changes at the reception desk and throughout the office will save money, paper, electricity, water and waste. For example, these offices routinely recycle paper and other materials, use water sparingly, use motion sensors on CFL lights and store patient records on computers rather than in paper files.

Keep in mind that there is a spectrum of green practices that your dentist may embrace. Some dentists may be “light” green while others may be “dark” green and highly environmentally aware. Choose the dentist with whom you feel the most comfortable and who practices safe and effective techniques that are backed by science.

craigshields <![CDATA[Data Is Playing a Big Role in Driving Clean Energy ]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65328 2017-03-21T17:51:50Z 2017-03-21T17:45:46Z ]]> Data Is Playing a Big Role in Driving Clean Energy As we’ve often discussed here, information and communications technology (ICT) is one of the main drivers of the rapid migration to renewable energy.  There are hundreds of different reasons for this, but here’s one that you’ll find the moment you walk into one of the huge events on solar energy, e.g., Intersolar and Solar Power International: an incredible wealth of data on the suitability of each rooftop in the U.S. for solar panels.  This includes information like the (ever changing) height of the trees (and thus potential for shadows) associated with each home in the U.S.

Here’s an article on Google’s website that collects data on solar rooftops, called Project Sunroof.  Since its inception two years ago, it has grown from coverage of just a few states to all 50, i.e., 60 million rooftops across the country.







craigshields <![CDATA[Bill McKibben and the Bioneers Know What It Takes To Win Humankind’s Most Important Battle]]> http://www.2greenenergy.com/?p=65321 2017-03-21T17:31:02Z 2017-03-21T17:31:02Z ]]> Bill McKibben and the BioneersThough this portrait might suggest otherwise, Bill McKibben may be the least militaristic person you’ll ever meet.  He’s dedicated his entire adult life to establishing a sustainable way of life for everyone here on Earth, both now and into the future.  But he’s no punk when it comes to estimating what it means to win the war against climate change, with both its technological and, more importantly, political hurdles.

Here’s McKibben, addressing a recent meeting of the Bioneers, a 27-year-old organization dedicated to natural solutions of the problems facing humankind.