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Raise Capital for Your Renewable Energy Business

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If you have a clean energy idea or business that needs funding, please let us know. We at 2GreenEnergy are in daily contact with venture capitalists, angels, hedge fund managers and institutional investors – and perhaps we can help.

The climate for raising investment capital right now isn’t excellent, but it’s clearly improving. The current administration in Washington is making an aggressive commitment toward environmental stewardship. This collaboration of the public sector and private capital has created a platform on which a great number of clean energy technologies – both in power generation and in its efficient use – are moving ahead quickly.

Perhaps an even more telling announcement of the future of renewables is coming from the world’s largest banks. Even though many banks are unable to lend at the rate they had sustained before the “crisis,” virtually every large bank on earth has established an aggressive investment strategy for renewable energy, and has demonstrated its commitment to pursuing that strategy through good economic times as well as bad.

Review Process

Since we set forth on this mission, we at 2GreenEnergy have received and reviewed many hundreds (soon to be counted in the thousands) of business plans that contemplate new ideas for commercializing ideas in renewable energy, electric transportation, and cleantech more generally. This review process is a service that we happily provide free of charge and obligation. Do you have a concept on which you’d like our assessment? Please feel free to click “CONTACT” and send it along.

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