Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Business Services

Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Business Services

At Your Service

Put Craig Shields’ track record of business/marketing success – and his understanding of sustainable products and services – to work for YOUR benefit.

Craig and his team have conducted over 800 innovative projects for clients in these enterprise accounts – and for much smaller (e.g., venture-capitalized start-ups) as well. After decades of awards and – more importantly – documented, fact-based results, he stands ready to work for you.

For $1000 plus travel expenses, Craig will come on site for a one-day interactive shirt-sleeves session with you and your team.

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Consulting and Program Management on Large Renewables Projects

Large commercial and utility-scale solar and wind projects require considerable expertise that spans many disciplines – from establishing feasibility and ROI through working out grid ties and PPAs, raising capital and project execution. 2GreenEnergy brings together a team of seasoned experts within the complex set of subjects related to engineering, project financing services, and project management with respect to both wind and solar. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to the critical issues that mean the difference between success and failure.

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Engineering Analyses

2GreenEnergy clients often want independent analyses of their ideas from the standpoint of pure science. To that end, our physicists and engineers stand ready to perform reviews of drawings, calculations, or, in many cases, extremely rough ideas, articulated verbally or in email.

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Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, and SEO

Most of the business models we review at 2GreenEnergy represent disruptive technology innovation — transformative new solutions in transportation, power generation, and energy efficiency. Though this is generally exciting, it comes with its own set of challenges: What’s the best way to introduce the concept to a world that is overwhelmed with noise and tends to resist change? How does one deal successfully in an environment in which powerful vested interests are likely to feel threatened by solutions that may make old operating models obsolete? 2GreenEnergy offers a unique approach and capability to building the entire business/market infrastructure: the early adopters, the industry analysts, the trade publications, sales channels, support/aftermarket, the mainstream media, and finally, the target customer market as a whole.

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Raising Investment Capital

We at 2GreenEnergy have aligned ourselves with some of the most proven and respected venture capitalists, angels, and institutional investors focusing on clean tech. While it is no secret that we live in a challenging-environment for capital formation, 2GreenEnergy has established a reputation of bringing quality projects to the table, and our investors are eager to review the projects we submit to them.

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Writing Grant Proposals and Business Plans

Success in writing grant proposals and business plans intended for investors requires a combination of characteristics that normally don’t go together in the human species: meticulous attention to administrative detail, a lucid and compelling writing style, and rock-solid understanding of the clean tech space – a subject that’s undergoing substantial change every few months. When we realized the difficulty we faced in finding that rare breed of person with strengths in these disparate areas, we worked hard to overcome the challenge – and we’re extremely happy with the results we’ve achieved: a small but extremely senior team with an impressive track-record of results.

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