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With This Level of Impact, Is It Still Correct to Refer to Renewables as “Alternative” Energy?

March of 2017 saw solar and wind contribute more than 10% to the U.S. electricity grid mix for the first time in history (up from 8.6% in March 2016). In a very short period of time, renewable energy has gone

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Conscious and Effective–What New Businesses are Doing to ‘Go Green’

When launching a new business, you need to find a way to make a splash with your target audience and to differentiate yourself from the competition. Going green, or being environmentally friendly, is an excellent way to stand out from

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From Guest Blogger Randy Carlson: Solar Osmosis–a Better Drought Solution for the Southwest

America’s Southwest is running out of water. Reservoirs are drying up, and our population continues to grow. Our cities, our high-value agriculture, our environment and our future all depend on water resources we don’t have. One abundant resource the Southwest

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: Four Reasons to Use Propane to Heat Up Your Office Building

During the winter, many business owners use propane gas to heat various areas in different office spaces since propane is a reliable energy source. If you need devices that are energy-efficient, affordable, and convenient, you’ll benefit from equipping your office

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Green Waste Technology – Three Alternatives to Messy Landfills

As growing populations result in the inevitable larger, messier landfills, more aggressive and viable solutions are being developed and implemented through three major channels: organic recycling, technology, and other creative forms of recycling at every level. While admittedly not totally

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From Guest Blogger Jayde Ferguson: Farming and Generators–Four Uses for Generators and How to Choose the Best

Running a farm can be hard work. From working and living in very remote locations to smaller locations just at the cusp of the city, farm life comes with its own set of unique challenges – ones that require innovative

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Alternative Energy Is Making Some Decent Progress

When was the last time you read a blog post that combined data on alternative energy with notes on English grammar? Here’s a discussion on in which I’m participating: Question: Why has alternative energy failed? First Answer: SolarCity IPOed

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Top Clean Energy Opportunities for Accredited Investors

Over the past six years, I’ve sunk an enormous amount of time and other resources into vetting literally thousands of renewable energy business concepts to winnow out what I believe to be the very best investment opportunities in this arena.

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From Guest Blogger Casey Carter: Climate Change–How a Warming World is a Threat to our Agriculture

Every now and then we being reminded of how our world temperature levels are rising and how, if not checked, will gradually lead to our demise. Scientists, environmentalists and law makers have made policies to try and curb the effects

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From Guest Blogger Blake Meredith: What $11.9 Billion Can Do For The Earth And You | The Innovations Of Elon Musk

Usually, anyone with $11.9 billion spends most of it on the contents of a Neiman Marcus fantasy gifts catalog. Anyone want a custom $475,000 Paris perfume? Yet in the right hands, in the right mind, $11.9 billion can subsidize a

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