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Rule of Thumb for 2017: If You and I Care About It, It’s a Political Non-Starter

Since its inception coming up on eight years ago, 2GreenEnergy has attempted to sort out the issues that affect our civilization’s replacement of fossil fuels with renewables, and this, as we made clear at the start, encompasses the interactivity between

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22nd-Page News: Germany Sets Solar PV Record

Right now it’s tough to get excited about anything else than the single most bizarre thing that’s ever happened in U.S. history, i.e., the firing of the FBI Director, the totally incredible reason provided for it, and what appears to

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Airborne Wind

Even since the advent of large-scale commercial wind energy in the 1990s, there has been a certain interest in airborne wind, as illustrated here. In principle, it offers all the benefits of offshore wind, on steroids.  It’s less visible than

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Is Hydrokinetics Coming to Myanmar?  Probably Not

We’ve all seen the plummeting prices of solar, wind, energy efficiency solutions, energy storage and the rest. And while all that’s good, it creates huge stressors on other areas of clean energy technology: hydrokinetics, biomass and geothermal. Having said that,

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplain: Double Green–Ideas to Save Money and the Earth at Home

Our environment is a precious resource that we all know is being rapidly exhausted by conspicuous consumption, and dangerous fossil fuel use. Finding ways to circumvent the trappings created by society that often find us in an endless cycle of

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What the Migration to Renewable Energy Looks Like

A reader notes: Renewable power generation technology faces three inherent problems: transmission, storage, and intermittent generating dynamics. Large scale economically viable storage solves the problems of all three to a major extent. We can but live in hope, and encourage all those

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Nuclear Advocates Are Rabidly Hostile to Renewable Energy—But Why?

To their shame, many pro-nuclear groups spend more of their resources tearing apart the wind and solar industries than promoting their own.  Here’s a great example, a graph that shows that solar and wind are too expensive. But there are

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: Five New Innovative and Energy Efficient Ways to Solve your Home's Heating Problems

Many people use radiators, boilers, air systems, and storage heaters to heat their homes. Although these options are effective, they use a lot of energy throughout the winter. If you have major heating problems, there are five heating alternatives that

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From Guest Blogger Deepi: Converting Biomass Waste Material

Today, pollution is the main issue for environmental degradation, global warming and other environmental issues. To stop that issues and make environment clean and healthy biomass briquette press machine is invented by briquetting machine manufacturers India. They are manufacturing best

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From Guest Blogger Ross James: Finding an Approved Biomass Fuel Supplier

2015 will be here before we know it, and with the new year comes new rules for the renewable energy industry: from spring 2015, all of the biomass fuel used within houses, businesses and any other organisations that are claiming

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