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Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Doing Great Work

I just got off the phone with Fred Walti, the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, a terrific non-profit whose purpose is to foster the development of cleantech start-ups by offering flexible office space, CEO coaching and mentoring,

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Cold Fusion Is Hotly Controversial

Regarding my piece earlier on cold fusion, my old school friend Duke Brooks writes, “I thought the idea of cold fusion died in the 1990s with Pons and Fleischmann.” Cold fusion, while fantastically controversial, is definitely not dead. To summarize

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Energy Policy Should Be Based on Reason

Perhaps the greatest single threat facing mankind today is our failure to apply reason to effect solutions. In fact, we appear to openly defy and ridicule the findings of our scientific community, writing them off as so many liars and

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Cleantech Competitions Make Meaningful Contributions to Sustainability

Wally Rippel, whom I interviewed for both my last book and current effort, led a team of college kids at Cal Tech in an electric vehicle race against MIT – in the 1960s! That’s not just yesterday, is it? Fortunately

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Cold Fusion — Hoax or Legitimate Science?

Here, 2GreenEnergy Report host George Alger interviews me on cold fusion. While I’m as skeptical as the next guy, I see no reason to throw the concept out the window, and dismiss it as impossible.

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