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When It Comes To the Environment, China Is BIG

China sits atop the world in most important environmental categories. 

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From Guest Blogger Jordan: China Plans to Scrap Millions of Cars In an Effort to Reduce Pollution

Air pollution has been a pretty serious problem in China for the last couple of decades, as it has been undergoing a process of intensive industrialization. This process has resulted in a significant increase of the number of motor vehicles

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Let’s Develop a Plan To Get Rid of Coal

Tiny particles that penetrate lung tissue called “PM 2.5” come largely as exhaust from burning coal to generate electricity, and have been linked to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths in certain parts of China, where their concentrations are often

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A Toast: To U.S. and China Teaming Up To Build Thorium Nukes

Can you handle a little good news?  This article just in from frequent commenter Colin Brown: It appears that nuclear reactors based on thorium (vs. uranium) may be closer than we think.  There is very little not to like about

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From Guest Blogger “Gate Expectations” — Finding A Place For Eco-Products In A Traditional Business

If you watched a time-lapse video of major cities over the past few centuries, you’d think that construction was the enemy of the environment. You’d see major factories being built, massive concrete conurbations coming together, skyscrapers springing from the ground.

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From Guest Blogger Paul Taylor: Cheaper Solar Panels at What Cost?

As the Chinese government offers subsidies to manufacturers in order to sell the panels for less than cost, cheap solar panels flood the global market making it more difficult for others to compete. As everyone is scurrying to provide more

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2013 World Energy Outlook

Here’s the executive summary of the IEA’s (International Energy Agency) 2013 World Energy Outlook.  No surprise:  it expresses concern about climate change from our unabating reliance on fossil fuels, which represents about two-thirds of our total greenhouse gas emissions.  Although

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Does the Earth’s Crust Contain Enough Stuff to Enable Renewable Energy Dominance?

I’m writing this post from my annual visit to the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Energy Efficiency Summit. As I mentioned, the focus this year is on materials science, and this raises some interesting questions; for instance, if renewable energy

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Pragmatically, Environmentalism Means Dealing with China's Emissions

I wrote recently that it’s possible Lisa Jackson is stepping down from her position as administrator of the EPA because of the imminent approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. In response, frequent commenter Larry Lemmert notes: (What will happen) if

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The Situation with Coal-fired Power Plants in Asia Is Urgent

Below is a graphic that I borrowed from my friends at Energy and Capital (Hi, Jeff Siegel!) illustrating the real problem we face vis-a’-vis coal on the international scene. I’m reminded of an interview I did for a consultant in

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