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Cool Concept in Personal Transportation

If you believe that personal urban transportation has an important future (which I do), here’s a really clever design that looks safe, fun, attractive—and potentially cost-effective.  Readers will note that I support a similar design (on the 2GreenEnergy “clean energy

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What Happens When Everybody and His Dog Goes to Renewable Energy?

Here’s an article on the ever-accelerating progress that solar PV is making, as costs continue to plummet. It certainly makes one wonder about the so-called “utility death spiral,” in which traditional power companies become unable to function, by virtue of

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Discussion of the Costs Associated with Marine Hydrokinetics at the Ocean Energy Show

My major concern about the viability of marine hydrokinetics (MHK) is that there is very little attention paid to the levelized cost of energy that it represents.  Is there a real trajectory for getting it in line with other forms

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Concentrated Solar Power Investors in Spain Muy Agitado

Here’s an article that tells a story that’s playing itself out all over the world – this time, in Spain: Fiery drama and fierce tensions caused by tightening budgets for energy. Nowhere more than Spain, deficits need to be cut. 

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Thanks To Renewable Energy Advocates

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday of the year.  It’s pretty much non-commercial, and it celebrates some of the basic virtues we find in all of us, e.g., the capacity for kindness and appreciation, while providing an opportunity to

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Clean Energy Investors Want Some Level of Certainty

In my quest to understand investors’ reluctance to assert themselves in the renewable energy space, a common theme continues to emerge: uncertainty.  Where no one doubts that demand for oil and coal will continue for some time, and that the

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