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To the Surprise and Chagrin of Some, The Movement Towards Social and Environmental Justice is Happening

Readers who don’t read the comments to these blog posts are missing out on some ferociously entertaining and edifying conversations.  Here, a cynic taunts a political activist with a note suggesting that there is little interest in sustainability and environmentalism:

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From Guest Blogger "Edison Bulb": The Great Green Fleet–US Navy Embraces LED Lights for Energy Efficiency

The US Navy has made the lucrative and energy-conscious decision to implement LED lighting in all future ships, including those currently under construction. Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Ray Mabus made this announcement as part of an ongoing initiative to

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From Guest Blogger Dr. Bulb: It’s Not Easy Being Green . . . Or Is It?

Growing concern for the environmental stability of our planet has motivated many conscientious consumers to look for ways to save energy at home. Typical advice includes turning off your electronics when you aren’t using them and taking out the recycling.

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From Guest Blogger Dr. Bulb: The Dark Truth About LED Lighting

Recent reports commissioned by the US Department of Energy and Osram Sylvania indicate that LED is slowly but surely becoming the preeminent technology in new lighting applications. This is great news for the environment, due to the efficiency of LED

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Writing a Bit Every Day: Highly Recommended

It’s the 125th birthday of American science fiction/fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft, who said: “I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams.” This is noteworthy

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Sometimes We Can Only Stand In Awe of Superior Intelligence

I ask my guest bloggers to confine their monologues here to items that pertain to clean energy—or perhaps to sustainability more generally—and I try to do the same, but sometimes I’m so blown away with something in another arena that

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From Guest Blogger Blake Meredith: What $11.9 Billion Can Do For The Earth And You | The Innovations Of Elon Musk

Usually, anyone with $11.9 billion spends most of it on the contents of a Neiman Marcus fantasy gifts catalog. Anyone want a custom $475,000 Paris perfume? Yet in the right hands, in the right mind, $11.9 billion can subsidize a

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Sure, the U.S. Congress Is Corrupt, but It Gets Steadily Worse from There

When I lament the issues with our government, it’s normally to note that corruption, i.e., the fact that law-makers vote in lock-step with the interests of those who have given them enormous campaign contributions, and the will of the people

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From Guest Blogger Ann Shirley: How to Build the Most Energy Efficient Home

When planning for a new home or a next phase, one of the most important considerations should be the overall cost of ownership. It can be easy to overlook the cost of utilities when you fall in love with a

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Nuclear Energy: Achieving Realism and Balance

A nuclear energy scientist from a group of which I’m a part writes: (It wasn’t hard to see how) we came to agreement that a proven technology should be developed ASAP to produce abundant, clean energy, reduce existing health risks,

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