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The Adoption Curve for Electric Vehicles

Here’s an article that presents some specious logic associated with electric vehicle adoption.  In particular, the greening of conventional vehicles militates away from, not towards, the adoption of EVs; the payback in fuel consumption for an EV is far more

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Electric Vehicle Adoption — What Do We Really Know?

Chevy Volt Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

The talk I gave at the Electric Vehicle Summit last week is linked here, including the PowerPoint as well as the audio track.  I concluded it with a reminder that, in terms of the EV adoption curve, we don’t really

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International Energy Agency Sets Stiff Target for Electric Vehicle Adoption

The Paris-based International Energy Agengy (IEA) issued this report on electric vehicles recently, which suggests that national governments around the world are competing to be the leader in the new transportation technology of the 21st century, setting ambitious deployment targets

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Electric Vehicle Adoption and Consumer Fears

Chevy Volt

In yesterday’s webinar on electric vehicles (EVs) I used the same metaphor that the author of this article did: no car buyer wants to invest in the auto equivalent of the next Betamax (a standard for videotapes that became obsolete

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