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Fossil Fuels and Externalities

After my stand-alone talk at the International Trade Forum last Friday, I was asked to participate in a panel on the future of the energy industry, where the moderator peppered us with excellent questions on the promises and challenges associated

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A Great Deal of News re: Renewables Energy Will Be Bad Until We Fix This

My fine friend Brian McGowan writes about this article, which offers bad news for the solar industry in Nevada: You know about this right? Yes, I’m aware of it.  But it doesn’t come as any surprise given the way we regulate

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In Healthcare, as in Energy, We Get What We Reward

One of the most gratifying aspects of functioning as the editor of this website is the opportunity to make friends with folks around the world, many of whom work in disciplines that lie outside of clean energy per se. Longtime

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What Hockey Immortals and Renewable Energy Share in Common

When he was asked about the secret of his success, “The Great” Wayne Gretzky replied, “I don’t skate to where the puck is now; I skate to where the puck will be.” Maybe there’s something here for folks trying to

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Energy Efficiency Sounds So Good, But Where Are the Incentives To Make It Happen?

Here’s an article that illustrates a principle I often discuss here: the lack of proper incentives and regulation to get the power utilities to embrace energy efficiency.  As a society, we need to use less energy, but that will only

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More Discussion with Robert Rapier on Climate Change

I just had a very interesting phone conversation with Robert Rapier, one of the world’s most senior observers of the energy industry. We discussed the piece I wrote the other day called Energy, the Environment and Climate Change, which I

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Clean Energy Under Attack

As I’m sure you’re aware, clean energy is under attack from the traditional energy industry; the oil and coal companies are spending a fortune on their PR firms and lobbyists to discredit the competition, i.e., renewable energy. And unfortunately, this

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When Politics Gets in the Way of Sane Energy Policy

I suppose I should have seen this coming, but the traditional energy industry, apparently starting to feel the heat, has recently ratcheted up the volume of its ongoing public relations efforts against the renewables industry.  I had a wonderful conversation

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The Water and Energy Industries Are Closely Connected

Just got back from Los Angeles, have knocked out another interview for my third book (“Renewable Energy – Following the Money”). My conversation today was with David Rose of Wedbush Securities, whom I had met originally through an introduction by

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We Need To Be Hungry for Change in the Food Industry Too

My wife is recovering from surgery on her shoulder, which gives us plenty of time to watch movies. Last night it was “Food, Inc.” – hardly a “feel-good flick,” but incredibly compelling. Guess what? The food industry is really no

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