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Like Big Energy, Big Food Needs to Shoulder Responsibility for Its Effects on Society

Frequent commenter Frank Eggers writes in response to my recent piece in which I railed on the food industry.  I suggested that Big Food – or Big Anything – needs to shoulder some responsibility for the effects that its actions

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You’ll Never See Another Nuclear Power Plant Commissioned in the US

Frequent commenter/author Frank Eggers writes on my piece on subsidies for nuclear: Nuclear power has been demonstrated to be far safer than fossil fuel power. Coal plants cause health problems that, while severe, are difficult to pinpoint because generally they

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Energy Storage Vital To Attaining High Penetration for Renewables


Frequent commenter Frank Eggers is right as rain with his comments on my recent solar thermal piece in which he writes: Superior (technology) would not solve the problem resulting from the fact that the sun is not always shining. ….

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Replacing Fossil Fuels — by Guest Blogger Frank Eggers

Oil Well

Introduction Although this paper has been written primarily to deal with energy concerns in the United States of America, much of the information will be useful for other countries also. Regardless of whether we are concerned about global warming, we

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