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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: Three Ways to Keep Your Roof and Solar Panels Safe in Snow

Having solar panels on your roof can allow you to sit back and enjoy decreased energy costs while being more environmentally-friendly. However, when the cold winter months roll around, it can be a time of worry as you’re unsure what

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From Guest Blogger Ash: Three Ways to Green Up Your Home

Whether we realize it or not, one of the greatest threats in the world today is climate change. Leon Billings and Thomas Jorling, widely regarded pioneers of the “Golden Age” of environmental policy, state, “Today, there is a widely accepted

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From Guest Blogger Jayde Ferguson: Diesel Generators Proving Key to Managing Australia’s Energy Crisis

Australia is experiencing a major energy crisis. Supply limitations and skyrocketing wholesale energy costs mean Federal and State governments are shelling out millions of dollars to keep ailing energy supply networks operating, while implementing emergency measures to sustain critical power

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From Guest Blogger Ronald McCarthy: Tech Companies Amongst the First on the Green Energy Path

The green movement is not new; it started in the 19th century right after the industrial revolution and its related environmental degradation. It was a time when growth and innovation went hand in hand with chemical waste and pollution. The

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From Guest Blogger Emily Jones: Investing in Home Electricals – Save Money on your Energy Bills, and Make your Home Greener

Energy use in your home is the first port of call for you to reap the benefits of energy efficiency. As the demand rises for consumers to live green and save money at the same time, energy efficient product manufacturers

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From Guest Blogger Mary Mathis: Why Hydronic Underfloor Heating Is a Boon for the Green Environment

In winters, the floors need to be heated up to a certain temperature, to enable people walk comfortably over these floors, even without carpets. But the room heaters merely heat the air of the room and not the floors. So

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From Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis: Green Home–Roofing Options That Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Your roof can play a key role in making your entire home more efficient. This can help you keep the thermostat down in the winter and the air conditioner off for longer periods of time in the summer. What are

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: Green Government–Four Ways Public Policy Plays a Massive Role in Green Projects

Public policy plays a huge role in shaping what we do and how we do it as a community. It’s also a good indicator of the values and concerns of society or a specific community. Here are four ways public

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From Guest Blogger Randy Carlson: Solar Osmosis–a Better Drought Solution for the Southwest

America’s Southwest is running out of water. Reservoirs are drying up, and our population continues to grow. Our cities, our high-value agriculture, our environment and our future all depend on water resources we don’t have. One abundant resource the Southwest

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From Guest Blogger Ron Robbins: The Sneaky Way You’re Using Energy

We do a lot of things in the hopes of reducing our carbon footprint. We purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs, carpool to work, use programmable thermostats, take shorter showers and look for energy star electronics to make sure our homes

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