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Subsidizing Oil Exploration/Extraction

In response to my recent piece calling for an end to subsidies for the oil companies, senior energy analyst Glenn Doty writes:  Actually, while the oil subsidies – like the renewable subsidies – are terribly structured, they are defensible.  Right

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We Need Better Public Transportation — But Can We Afford It?

Here’s an article co-written by environmentalist superstar Bill McKibben that speaks to the need for better public transportation.  The authors point out that transportation generally contributes 27% of the total greenhouse gas emissions.  Since transportation is 98%+ based on gasoline

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Book Launch: “Is Renewable Really Doable?”

It’s time to launch my second book, Is Renewable Really Doable? on The big day: March 15, 2012. I hope you will mark your calendar, and buy the book on that date. To help generate interest in the subject,

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The Movie “Fuel” — Terrific Flick on the Oil Industry

To my shame, it was just now that I watched the movie “Fuel”; here’s a link to the film on YouTube.  I only wish I had the talent to make media so wonderfully accessible, so beautifully immediate in its impact.

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The Tragic Results of Political Compromise in US Energy Policy

US Capitol

The results of political compromise — maybe by definition — are seldom satisfactory to anyone.  But hasn’t this whole process recently gotten worse than ever before?  The healthcare reform bill that the Obama administration put through was the product of a hammer and

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A Thought on Energy Subsidies

If there is a central theme to the Renewable Energy Finance Forums generally, it’s pragmatism.  You can listen to every word from the presenters — as well as from each the other participants as they network on breaks between the

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