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From Guest Blogger Bara Sykorova: Geothermal Energy’s Potential to Power the World

The electricity market has recorded a move from a monopolistic regulation-based market to more of a competitive market. The amount of utility providers has increased, as well as the needs and requirements that an ordinary consumer has.

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Examining the Paradigm Shift To Renewable Energy

When I look at photos of U.S. cities taken in the early 20th Century, I like to guess the year before I look at the caption–and I’m almost always correct within a few years.  How?  The ratio of cars to

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From Guest Blogger Simon Stevens: What You Should Think About When Installing Solar Panels

When considering to generate your own energy, solar panels are a popular choice due to the ease of installation, maintenance and you save money whilst reducing your carbon footprint (you can check your carbon footprint here). But before installation, there’s

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From Guest Blogger Emily Folk: How Europe Is Revolutionizing Renewable Energy

In the first half of 2017, Germany set a new record for renewable energy use. The country, which is a longtime clean energy leader, got 35 percent of its energy from renewable sources. On certain especially windy and sunny days,

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Welcome to the Exponential Age

Below is a cool thing I got from a friend.  Note the remarks on electric transportation, renewable energy, and the desalination of water. The basic thrust of all this is exactly what we’ve been saying at 2GE since its inception:

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From Guest Blogger Kara Masterson: How Civil Engineers Are Going Green in 2017

From city planning to industrial design there are numerous ways that engineers are able contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. From making use of re-purposed construction materials that may help to curb waste to utilizing clean renewable energy

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A Contributed Post: Renewable Energy & A Greener Way to Heating

In the United States, sustainable heating is growing in importance. It’s important from both a financial and environmental perspective. Below are a few facts around renewable energy in the US: By 2050 renewable energy could provide up to 80% of

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About the Renewable Energy “Boom”

A commenter notes about the green energy “boom,” The kind of reckless, overly optimistic, excessive spending that typifies a “boom” has largely dissipated, as new (sic) technologies mature. No one ever knowing participates in “reckless, overly optimistic, excessive spending.”

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From Guest Blogger Devin Morrissey: Drones Can Be Used to Protect the Environment

Drones have a lot of negative associations, though owners have found novel ways to use them to protect the environment. Due in large part to the use of drones for military applications, much of the public distrusts drones. In fact,

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: Top Four Reasons Why Solar Is Truly a Power Source for the Future

Every year, more and more people make the switch to renewable energy sources like solar power. In the past few years, solar power has seen so much success that most climate scientists believe it’s the best option when thinking about

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