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From Guest Blogger Akaahan Terungwa: Five Important Questions (And Answers) You Should Tackle Before Transitioning To Solar

Like it or not, the renewable energy revolution is right here upon us and solar is clearly leading the game. For cynics (and doubting Thomases), the singular fact that Tesla made more money in the last quarter than the entire

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From Guest Blogger Arthur Smith: Most Common Solar Energy Myths Debunked

Solar energy is a huge power resource all over the world, because as of last year solar power generates more than 1% of the electricity demand globally. That is no easy feat to achieve, because power generation market still is ruled

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From Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis: Solar Success–Four Tips For Going Off The Grid

There are many reasons that getting off the grid may appeal to you. Perhaps it’s a national distrust, yearning for a simpler, less stressful life, or a desire to help Mother Nature return to a healthier condition. As unique as

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From Guest Blogger Randy Carlson: Solar Osmosis–a Better Drought Solution for the Southwest

America’s Southwest is running out of water. Reservoirs are drying up, and our population continues to grow. Our cities, our high-value agriculture, our environment and our future all depend on water resources we don’t have. One abundant resource the Southwest

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Solar Power International Is a Learning Experience

Terrific day at the Solar Power International (SPI) show yesterday.  I had the opportunity to take in a 30-minute presentation by an extremely senior analyst at Bloomberg,  though it really wasn’t particularly good news for distributed solar. The over-supply midday

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From Guest Blogger Dixie Somers: Five Green Services to Start Using Right Now

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, you can switch to using green home services that will enable you to create a more eco-friendly living space. Here are five of the top green services you

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From Guest Blogger Meghan Belnap: Five Ways Solar Energy Can Improve Your Business Productivity

In many countries of the world, solar-based power systems have become a lucrative business. You may be thinking that solar power is highly infeasible because it costs too much and is too overelaborate for the small amount of power the

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Insights from a Top-Notch Cleantech Businessman

In the 10 years I’ve known Kansas City-based cleantech businessman Fritz Maffry, I’ve always been impressed with his understanding of the macro issues associated with energy and transportation.  Fortunately, Fritz has the wonderful habit of jotting down his thoughts periodically

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Another Great Concept in Solar Energy on Display at Intersolar

Trying to learn about everything at Intersolar in the day-and-half I spent there is like trying to see everything at the Metropolitan Art Museum or the Louvre in that brief period of time: a really bad idea.  The three enormous

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Greetings from the 2016 Intersolar Show

I’m in one of my (and everybody’s) favorite cities, San Francisco, for the Intersolar show.  It’s hard to overstate how robust and impressive this event has become over the years, as human civilization continues to recognize the value of powering

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