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From Guest Blogger Ronald Wolf: The House of the Future–How Tech Will Help Us Get Green

While a lot of people name awareness as the major issue preventing people from living green, this is not always the case. You see, sometimes people simply forget to turn their lights off, lower the temperature on their thermostat or

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From Guest Blogger Kara Masterson: Greener Homes and Gardens–Four Energy Tips for Homeowners

The average household spends about $2,100 per year on energy. There are things that you can do to cut down on your energy use that will help you save money. You will also be protecting the environment by cutting down

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From Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis: Four Tips For Going Green With Your Home Energy Consumption

Making your home as eco-friendly as possible doesn’t need to be an expensive and time-consuming process. For many families, a few small upgrades will have a major impact on their energy consumption and monthly utility bills. Here is a look

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: How Improved Solar is Making a Huge Impact on the Green Movement

The green movement continues to grow, spurred by innovations in a variety of industries. Continued developments in the automobile, energy and recycling industries lead the way in influencing people to adopt a greener way of life. Many of these developments,

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From Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis: Four Innovative Ways Companies Can Transition from Fossil Fuels to Green Energies

1. Vehicles There are many alternatives to gasoline and diesel even now. There are commercially produced vehicles powered by electricity, solar panels, hydrogen fuel cells, hybrids, and biofuels. Converting a standard gasoline engine to use biofuels is not difficult. The

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From Guest Blogger Lana Hawkins: Solar Energy Use–Six Ways You Can Use Solar Power

Mankind has embarked on a millennial long search for the perfect energy source when our ancestors learned how to rub two stones together to ignite fire. Several thousand years’ worth of carbon emissions later, we might be closer to the

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22nd-Page News: Germany Sets Solar PV Record

Right now it’s tough to get excited about anything else than the single most bizarre thing that’s ever happened in U.S. history, i.e., the firing of the FBI Director, the totally incredible reason provided for it, and what appears to

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From Guest Blogger Wiktoria Jablonska: Albert Einstein–The Father of Solar Cells [infographic]

Solar energy is being regarded as the power source of the future. The existing and emerging technologies that use sunlight to generate electricity are considered the cleanest renewable energy source available. Most importantly, it’s a potential solution to the ongoing

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From Guest Blogger Jayde Ferguson: Diesel Generators Proving Key to Managing Australia’s Energy Crisis

Australia is experiencing a major energy crisis. Supply limitations and skyrocketing wholesale energy costs mean Federal and State governments are shelling out millions of dollars to keep ailing energy supply networks operating, while implementing emergency measures to sustain critical power

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From Guest Blogger Emie-Claude Lamoureux: First Self-Consumption Solar Energy Project in Girona Province, Spain

A small town in Catalonia has financed a self-consumption solar installation through crowdlending services.

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