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GeoEngineering the Oceans

I’m part of a discussion group that is largely composed of scientists whose main concern is the vast damage that our society continues to wreak upon the environment.  One of the benefits I derive from this is the ability to

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Ernie Moniz To Lead the U.S. Department of Energy

It’s hard to know what to make of this week’s unanimous Senate vote, confirming Ernie Moniz as the new U.S. Energy Secretary, replacing the outgoing Steven Chu.  If you’re a fan of a sustainable energy policy, it’s certainly not a

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Talking Up Eos Energy Storage at the Energy Efficiency Summit

I’m taking a break from the activities at this, the second and last day of the University of California at Santa Barbara’s annual Energy Efficiency Summit to write this short note. My friends at Eos Energy Storage would have been

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Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future

I try to attend the annual University of California at Santa Barbara Summit on Energy Efficiency, now in its 4th year.  This year’s meeting will focus on “Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future.”  I plan to “join the Institute for Energy

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I Come To Thank Chu, But Not To Praise Him

Here’s yesterday’s press release from ACORE (American Council on Renewable Energy) regarding the resignation of Dr. Steven Chu from his post as U.S. Secretary of Energy.  Note that it differs from the article I wrote on the subject, in that

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Discussion on Renewable Energy, Externalities, Sustainability, Etc.

Here’s a conversation I’m having with a friend that readers may find interesting: Craig: I said something that I regret in our talk on the phone yesterday.  In particular, I said that “clean coal doesn’t exist.” As a broad fact,

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Powerhouse China and The Renewable Energy Race — By Guest Blogger Kathy

“China missed the first industrial revolution, missed the computer revolution, and the biology revolution – they want to be a leader in the green revolution,” said Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy. (Scientific American, “Is ARPA-E Enough to Keep the U.S.

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China — Helping to Bring in Wind Power

Landzhou, China

What’s not to like about a $1.5 billion wind project covering 36,000-acre and generating the power for 180,000 homes in western Texas? For one, it rubs our nose in the fact that China is one of many countries that out-invests

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