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Tidal Energy Has One Key Disadvantage

Here’s a good article for those looking for an introduction to tidal energy, though it sugar-coats the subject of costs. The author writes: “Once it’s installed in the ocean, it functions cost-competitively to other forms of renewable energy.”

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Articles on Tidal Energy

We’ve all had the experience of flipping through an in-flight magazine and finding ourselves utterly incapable of generating even the vaguest interest in any of the articles they contain. We can almost hear the editor ordering the staff journalists to

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Ocean Hydrokinetics: Wave, Tidal, and Current

Here’s a cool little video that I post largely because it serves as a microcosm of human ingenuity.  How many different ways can you invent to solve the same problem (in this case, extracting the kinetic energy out of moving

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When It Comes To Renewable Energy, Everything’s Good for Somebody

It seems sure that virtually every form of renewable energy will eventually wind up playing a role–somewhere.  Just like the U.S. has wind in the Great Plains, solar in the Southwest and biomass in the Deep South, each part of

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A Fond and Sorrowful Goodbye to Tidal Energy

Here’s a question I was asked earlier today.  If the average ocean depth is two miles, and 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, that means that there are tens of millions of cubic miles of water bobbing

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Ocean Energy Is Important, But Faces Stormy Conditions

Here’s another post from the Energy Ocean show in Atlantic City, NJ.  As I mentioned earlier, ocean energy in its various forms, including off-shore wind, tidal, ocean current, wave, and OTEC, lacks the maturity of its cousins in renewable energy, e.g.,

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Ocean Energy Show in Atlantic City, NJ, USA

Just a quick note to let readers know that this Energy Ocean show is really worth-while, and I’m very glad I built an extra day onto my trip to New York to attend it.  The introductory speaker opened the proceedings

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Engineering-related Internship at 2GreenEnergy

I just had a conversation with a college engineering student looking to do an internship at 2GreenEnergy.  I sure hope this works out, as it’s a terrific “win-win-win,” as I like to call it:  a) 2GreenEnergy gets more high-quality content,

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Infographic – All Forms of Energy on Earth Came from the Big Bang

As a part of our ongoing quest to produce “infographics” that lay out the basics of energy, I invite you to check out the chart here, presenting the notion that all the energy we harness and use here on Earth

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Energy Videos for Newcomers

I’ve been preparing to make a few videos for newcomers to the subject of clean energy that answer basic questions on renewable energy, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and the energy-related challenges we face.  I’ll be recording a series of short

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