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Portable, Environmentally-Friendly Housing

Have you ever opened up a file that you needed read, just knowing that you were going to find it asinine, and then learn to your shock that it’s actually pretty cool?  That’s what just happened to me.

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: Solar vs. Wind–Which Generates More Power?

With the population growing and pollution spreading, it’s becoming more important for people to have concerns about the environment. Green initiatives are still in motion, so efforts are being made to preserve the planet and its resources. For example, renewable

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Wind Energy ca. 1983

The other day I had a cup of coffee with a venture capitalist who echoed something we’ve all heard repeatedly through the years: the most important ingredient in the success of a start-up is market timing.  Yes, good ideas, seasoned

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Brian McGowan, the Ultimate Renewable Energy DIY Guy

I keep meaning to take an extra day during one of my excursions to the East Coast and hang out with Brian McGowan, hands-on renewable energy guy extraordinaire, who lives near Philadelphia.  Pictured left is a wall of his garage;

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From Guest Blogger Anja: UK Sets New Record For Wind Power Production

Investing in renewable energy sources means investing in our future. While 2014 was an excellent year for wind energy, 2015 is already showing great potential. In fact, the newest statistics are indicating an annual market growth of 44 percent and

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From Guest Blogger Pano: Wind Farms for Renewable Energy: Is It Worth Investing in for the UK?

The UK Government has just backed £315 million worth of renewable energy projects and earlier this year it was announced that the UK is on track to hit our green targets. So it’s evident that providing a sustainable energy source

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Wind Energy Resources Vary According to Geography

This morning I awoke to:  Hi, my name is Josh Sowers and I’m a senior at Marais des Cygnes Valley high school (in Kansas). I am writing a essay on wind power and was wondering if I could ask a

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Want To Be a Wind Farm Operator?

No one understood this when I was a kid, but from one person to the next, there are many different preferred learning styles, and identifying the right one can make an appreciable difference in a person’s ability to absorb new

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Take a COOL Guess – the Fun Quiz on Clean Energy.  Today’s Topic: Efficiency in Wind Turbines

Question:  In physics, the Betz Limit is the top theoretic percentage of kinetic energy that can be extracted from a moving fluid, e.g., wind.  It’s based on the fact that, if you took it all, i.e., stopped the wind dead,

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Small Wind Power – An Artistic Stab

Here’s a cute idea in small wind: a set of small, vertical-axis turbines that are designed to look something like a tree. It’s hard to object to an idea like this—except when its creators make wild claims: Claim: It’s quiet

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