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From Guest Blogger Marcus: Going Green at the Grassroots Level–Is It Worth It?

Can a homeowner really benefit from adopting environmentally sustainable habits into their daily living?  The reality is that the average person probably won’t bother to ask this question at all. But if one stops to consider the current trends of

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Do Wind and Solar Offset the Use of Fossil Fuels?

Nuclear energy proponent Dr. Gene Nelson, whose Ph.D. is in biological radiation physics, takes issue with my statement that wind energy offsets fossil fuels, and he certainly has a point.  He writes:

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Some People Find Wind Turbines To Be Ugly

Regarding the aesthetics of wind turbines, Glenn Doty writes: It’s a matter of opinion and taste. For as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve seen windmills on postcards and paintings… expressions of beauty. The sleek towers today look far different

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America’s First Offshore Wind Farm

Here’s some good news that I came across on Facebook just now: From Business Insider: America’s first offshore wind farm launched with GE turbines twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty.  It really does appear that offshore wind is

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From Guest Blogger Matt: Rooftop Wind Turbines

There is a lot of talk about green living nowadays, about energy efficient, sustainable homes, about reducing the consumption of energy by using and reusing natural resources and materials. This is all with the purpose of reducing pollution, waste, and

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From Guest Blogger Jayde Ferguson: Diesel Generators Proving Key to Managing Australia’s Energy Crisis

Australia is experiencing a major energy crisis. Supply limitations and skyrocketing wholesale energy costs mean Federal and State governments are shelling out millions of dollars to keep ailing energy supply networks operating, while implementing emergency measures to sustain critical power

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Portable, Environmentally-Friendly Housing

Have you ever opened up a file that you needed read, just knowing that you were going to find it asinine, and then learn to your shock that it’s actually pretty cool?  That’s what just happened to me.

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: Solar vs. Wind–Which Generates More Power?

With the population growing and pollution spreading, it’s becoming more important for people to have concerns about the environment. Green initiatives are still in motion, so efforts are being made to preserve the planet and its resources. For example, renewable

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Wind Energy ca. 1983

The other day I had a cup of coffee with a venture capitalist who echoed something we’ve all heard repeatedly through the years: the most important ingredient in the success of a start-up is market timing.  Yes, good ideas, seasoned

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Brian McGowan, the Ultimate Renewable Energy DIY Guy

I keep meaning to take an extra day during one of my excursions to the East Coast and hang out with Brian McGowan, hands-on renewable energy guy extraordinaire, who lives near Philadelphia.  Pictured left is a wall of his garage;

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