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Do Offshore Wind Towers Actually Improve Aquatic Habitats?

We need to be extremely skeptical anytime we hear someone say, “Here’s a man-made change I’m going to make into a natural habitat that is actually going to help the native species thrive.” This is normally equivalent to saying, “I

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Some People Find Wind Turbines To Be Ugly

Regarding the aesthetics of wind turbines, Glenn Doty writes: It’s a matter of opinion and taste. For as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve seen windmills on postcards and paintings… expressions of beauty. The sleek towers today look far different

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From Guest Blogger Devin Morrissey: Drones Can Be Used to Protect the Environment

Drones have a lot of negative associations, though owners have found novel ways to use them to protect the environment. Due in large part to the use of drones for military applications, much of the public distrusts drones. In fact,

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Growth of Renewable Energy Far Exceeds Predictions

One of the central themes here at 2GreenEnergy is that the rapid migration to renewable energy is happening right in front of our eyes.  I’m reminded of the UK’s Duke of Edinburgh’s (pictured left) position on wind turbines (“They don’t

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The Man Who Photographs Wind Turbines

I was milling around Wall-Space, a hip new art gallery in Santa Barbara’s “Funk Zone” yesterday, looking at some really cool photography, when the clerk, an amazingly articulate and self-possessed young lady, asked me about my interests.  No sooner had

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Incentives for Wind Energy Coming Back Again

I’m not sure how people in the wind industry react to news like this concerning the Production Tax Credit (PTC); I guess it’s hard to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Personally, I find the continuing flip-flopping of incentives

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Renewable Energy Is a Subject of Passion — Perhaps Too Much

Occasionally I go off by myself for a “happy hour” drink at a local upscale restaurant/bar — a place that’s almost always good for an interesting conversation with the people sitting next to me.  Last evening was no exception: I

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From Guest Blogger R. Hoyal: Renewable Energy Advances In The Tourism Industry

Tourism is an important part of the economy; it creates jobs and brings in outside money to a community. The problem is that by its very nature, tourism can be harsh on the environment as lots of energy and resources

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The Market for MicroWind

Paul from Australia writes: I’d be interested in your views on the microwind market in the U.S., as here in Australia uptake has been generally slow apart from a few `demonstration` sites. To be honest, I believe that the best

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MicroWind — Examining the Marketing Processes

Regular readers at may have noticed the flurry of five quick blog posts over the last week or so on WindStream, a client of ours in the “microwind” space (i.e., small, inexpensive wind turbines).  I thought I’d provide this

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