Powerful Opposition to Renewable Energy Is Not Losing Strength

Here’s an article for those trying to keep track of the ongoing fight against the migration to renewable energy.  For those 40% – 45% of 2GreenEnergy readers who reside outside the U.S. who may be scratching their heads, trying to make some sense of this, here’s a brief summary: we have a powerful faction here that is radically opposed to progress in the energy sector. It’s funded by the wealthiest people in our fair land, and its purpose is to destroy anything that would cause a shift away from fossil fuels. Its failed attempt to repeal several states’ renewable portfolio standards over the past couple of years has given way to what it sees as a more attractive target: net metering policies and distributed-generation solar “freeriders.”  

Though they’re not going down easily, the faction will eventually lose — that much is certain — as the American people slowly come to learn the truth.  What’s unclear is how much damage to human health and the environment will be sustained in the meanwhile.  And here’s the truly scary part: the faction simply doesn’t care. 

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One comment on “Powerful Opposition to Renewable Energy Is Not Losing Strength
  1. Steven Andrews says:

    This is another side of renewable energy that brings us into a dirty battle field = survival.
    The “enemy” is using all the heavy weapons, all the tricks and scams, every last punch they have to “win” the battle, but it’s really as you say: they will lose. The sad part of it is that we are ALL going to lose.
    I think that the biggest industry and on earth (oil) should be investing in renewable energy and bringing it up to par with fossil fuels, they have the capital, they have the infrastructure, they have the people, they could own a big part of it already!
    We all know that peak oil has past us, and that oil won’t last as long as they insist; we know that fossils will not be able to supply 100% of demand for every type of energy.
    The Bible says that Pride cometh before destruction, and that is what is going to happen.
    Mahatma Ghandi also said that first they ignore you, but in the end, you win.

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