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Hedge Connection Publication "The Edge" Features Doty WindFuels

Here’s my monthly post for the Hedge Connection, an online link between investors—now called “allocators”—with hedge fund managers.   I contribute articles to their publication called “The Edge,” which is read by a large and growing number of high-level people whose job

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Capturing Carbon in Useful Products

A very bright reader “BreathOnTheWind” (love the name!) comments on my post on carbon sequestration: Somewhere deep in the core of my being I feel that the answer for carbon must be to find a use for it. If carbon

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U.S. Navy Making Fuels from Seawater?

I can’t be the only one who keeps coming across a press release suggesting that the U.S. Navy is successfully making fuel out of seawater.  Here is a conversation I had with a friend in which I explain why this

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Synthetic Fuels vs. Biofuels

It’s good to see progress being made in biofuels, in particular, feedstock that grows well in the desert, irrigated with salt water.  According to this article, Boeing and research partners in the United Arab Emirates have made some considerable breakthroughs

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What’s the Future for Synthetic Fuels?

Wondering about the validity of synthetic fuels?  I’m talking about liquid hydrocarbon fuels created from hydrogen (from electrolyzed water) plus carbon (from point sources of CO2 ) plus excess energy from off-peak wind (or off-peak anything else).  I know you’ll

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Talking Up Synthetic Fuels at the Energy Efficiency Summit

My participation in last week’s Energy Efficiency Summit also enabled me to talk about Doty Windfuels, under the heading of synthetic fuels more generally.  One of the presenters cheerfully reported that one of the graduate students he’s mentoring had outlined

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An Enemy of a Working Energy Policy: Bad Ideas

I spend a fair amount of time writing about how the vested interests in energy (e.g., the oil companies), keep bad ideas in place (e.g., extracting and burning petroleum), at the expense of good ideas (e.g., renewables). But there is,

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Doty Windfuels' Breakthrough in Synthetic Fuels Provides Breath-taking Promise, Fist-clenching Frustration

Well, my trip to see Doty Scientific was certainly worth the drive.  After dozens of conversations and meetings with Dr. Doty and his team at venues all over North America, I finally got a plant tour, and had the opportunity to

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