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From Guest Blogger Dixie Somers: Green Tactics Five Tips for Conserving Energy in Your Home

Home energy is costly for consumers. The average American household spends about $2,100 per year on energy bills. Creating a green home truly revolves around the idea of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Reducing energy consumption is an important way to

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From Guest Blogger Dixie Somers: Five Ways to Make Your HVAC System More Energy Efficient

Your HVAC system can provide many years of comfortable heating and cooling for your home. However, to ensure that your system is working at peak efficiency, a number of periodic maintenance tasks are needed. These measures can help to reduce

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From Guest Blogger Anica Oaks: Four Innovative Ways the Healthcare Industry Can Implement Green Practices

  The healthcare industry is one where you would think green practices would already be implemented. However, there are some hospitals and offices that are still doing things that are harmful to the environment. From educating others to ensuring that

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From Guest Blogger Brooke Chaplan: How to Make Your Company Facility More Energy-Efficient in 2017

Making your facility more energy-efficient requires a multi-pronged approach. From the heating and air conditioning to the plumbing, resources can be maximized at every step. These actions offer long-term energy efficiency solutions. Insulation

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: How Bad Plumbing Can Affect the Water Efficiency in Your Home

To many people, it is common practice to always take extra precautionary measures to stay safe during cold seasons. However, did you know that your own drains might be hiding high concentration levels of common bacteria and contaminants? Bad plumbing

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: How Installing a New Roof Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Roofs are one of the most essential items that comprise the structure of your home. Without a sound roof, you’re more than likely to experience problems with heating and cooling your house coupled with high energy bills.

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From Guest Blogger Lizzie Weakly: How Bad Plumbing Can Affect Your Home Efficiency in the Winter

Winters can be beautiful, but these extreme temperature can have an effect on your home in more ways than expected. One aspect that some homeowners overlook is how plumbing and a chilly winter can affect a home. The following should

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From Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis: Eco-Friendly Escrow–Your Guide to Buying a Green Home

Energy-efficient homes are more popular than ever, but buyers should expect to pay more if they aren’t careful. In some markets, green homes are sold for as much as nine percent more than the average home. For those that are

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What the Migration to Renewable Energy Looks Like

A reader notes: Renewable power generation technology faces three inherent problems: transmission, storage, and intermittent generating dynamics. Large scale economically viable storage solves the problems of all three to a major extent. We can but live in hope, and encourage all those

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From Guest Blogger Joel Smith: Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Have you considered an energy audit on your home lately? You might be wondering if it is worth the trouble of having someone come out to audit your home. What does it do? Why is it necessary? What will they

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